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A 2007 stamp commemorating Justice Mehr Chand Mahajan

Justice Mehr Chand Mahajan (23 December 1889 in Nagrota, Kangra district – 1967) was the third Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of India. Prior to that he was the Prime Minister of the state of Jammu and Kashmir during the reign of Maharaja Hari Singh and played a key role in the accession of the state to India. He was the Indian National Congress nominee on the Radcliffe Commission that defined the boundaries of India and Pakistan.


  • Practically the whole of our Muslim military and police has either deserted or has not behaved in a proper manner. The help that you kindly promised has not arrived and we are surrounded on all sides.
    • Mehr Chand Mahajan to Sardar Patel, Missive dated 23-10-1947, in S. Brelvi, the saviour of Srinagar, Organiser, 18-8-1996. also quoted in Elst, K. (2010). The saffron swastika: The notion of "Hindu fascism". p 729., and quoted in numerous other books.

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