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Meitei civilization (or, Manipuri civilization, Meetei civilization, Kanglei civilization) was a civilization that flourished in the Imphal valley of the present day Manipur state of India. It was, is and will be the prestige of the Meitei people (Manipuris). It was through Meitei language (alias Manipuri language) used as a primary medium of arts, literature, philosophy, sports that the very civilized culture prospered and the foundation of modern day Manipur was shaped.


  • The greatness of Manipuri is thus a reflection of the height of civilisation of its speakers. ... As a speech of a well advanced people, Manipuri has already made notable contributions to the Indian culture and literature.
    • Glimpses of Manipuri Language, Literature, and Culture. (1970). India: Manipuri Sahitya Parishad.
  • Moirang had a peculiar relationship with the Meiteis, who needed to appease and appropriate its pride, independence, and richness of lore into the corpus of Meitei civilization.
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  • Poireiton is looked upon as the harbinger of Meitei civilization and evolution. The fire he brought with him has been still burning in Andro, a village of the Meitei aboriginals.
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  • Lai Haraoba stands supreme, have successfully preserved the essence of the Meitei civilization and world-view.
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  • Hakchang saba describes the birth and growth of the child and the subsequent processes of agriculture and house construction, symbolising the offering of Meitei civilization and culture to the lais.
    • Parratt, S. N., Parratt, J. (1997). The Pleasing of the Gods: Meitei Lai Haraoba. India: Vikas Publishing House. page no. XIV, 186
  • Meitei women have been the solid bastion of traditional Meitei culture and civilization.
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  • The Laiharaoba is the bedrock on which the entire Meitei civilization rests.
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  • Credit should be given to the ancient Meitei civilization of Manipur to identify the Southern Zeliangrong area by the political Subjugation of the Southern section of the community and the construction of a road by the British, between Manipur and Cachar in the West.
    • Kabui, G. (2004). The History of the Zeliangrong Nagas: From Makhel to Rani Gaidinliu. India: Spectrum Publications. page no. 1
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