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Melvyn Bragg in 2010

Melvyn Bragg, Baron Bragg FRS, FBA, FRSA, FRSL, FRTS (born 6 October 1939) is an English broadcaster and author, best known for his work with the BBC and for presenting the The South Bank Show (1978–2010). Since 1998 he has presented over 500 weekly episodes of the BBC Radio discussion programme In Our Time.


Two Thousand Years—The First Millennium: The Birth of Christianity to the Crusades (as quoted in Watchtower)
  • I OWE Christianity a debt, and so, I believe, does the world we have lived in for the last 2000 years.
  • Christianity also owes me an explanation... For the bigotry, the wickedness, the inhumanity and the wilful ignorance which has also characterized much of its history.

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