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Memory Banda (2017)

Memory Banda (born September 24, 1996) is a Malawian children's rights activist who has drawn international attention for her work in opposition to child marriage.


  • I am standing here today and declaring that we can end child marriage in a generation. This is the moment where a girl and a girl, and millions of girls worldwide, will be able to say, I will marry when I want.
    • TEDWomen 2015. May 2015 [1]
  • Girls' voices and women's voices are beautiful, they are there, but we can not do this alone. Male advocates, they have to jump in, to step in and work together. It's a collective work. What we need is what girls elsewhere need : good education, and above all, not to marry whilst 11.
    • TEDWomen 2015. May 2015 [2]

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