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Merlin (TV Series) (2008-2012) is a TV-series, broadcast on the British television channel BBC1. The show's premise was to loosely retell the Arthurian legends in a family friendly format.

Season 1[edit]

The Dragon's Call [1.1][edit]

(Mary Collins has taken the appearance of Lady Helen and is dining with Uther)
Lady Helen: (about Arthur) Poor child. It can't have been easy to grow up without a mother.
Uther: No.
Uther: Hasn't been easy.
Lady Helen: I'm sure. Perhaps if you found someone? If you remarried? I'm sure you'd have the pick of any lady in the kingdom.
Uther: Well, perhaps I'll find love again, but I'm afraid it's too late to replace Arthur's mother.
Lady Helen: Yes. It's certainly too late for Arthur.

Gaius: What did your mother say to you about your gifts?
Merlin: That I was special.
Gaius: You are special. The likes of which I've never seen before.
Merlin: What do you mean?
Gaius: Well... magic requires incantations, spells that take years to study. What I saw you do was... elemental. Instinctive.
Merlin: What's the point if it can't be used?
Gaius: That I do not know. You are a question that has never been posed before, Merlin.
Merlin: Did you ever study magic?
Gaius: Uther banned all such work twenty years ago.
Merlin: Why?
Gaius: People used magic for the wrong ends at that time. It threw the natural order into chaos. Uther made it his mission to destroy everything from back then, even the dragons.
Merlin: What, all of them?
Gaius: There was one dragon he chose not to kill. He kept it as an example. He imprisoned it in a cave deep beneath the castle where no-one can free it.

Merlin: Hello? Gaius? (He spots Gaius standing and clears his throat. Gaius is startled and falls.)
Gaius: Whoa!
(Merlin uses magic to move a bed. Gaius falls on the bed. He stands up and looks at Merlin.)
Gaius: What did you just do?
Merlin: Ehm.
Gaius: Tell me.
Merlin: I ... I ... I have no idea what just happened.
Gaius: If anyone has seen that ...
Merlin: Oh no, that was .. that was nothing to do with me, that was.
Gaius: I know what it was. I just want to know where you learned how to do it.
Merlin: No I..
Gaius: So how is it that you know magic.
Merlin: I don't.

Gaius: :(after Merlin uses magic to save him from a fall) Where did you study? Answer me!
Merlin: I've... I've never studied magic or been taught.
Gaius: Are you lying to me, boy?
Merlin: What do you want me to say?
Gaius: The truth!
Merlin: I was born like this.
Gaius: That's impossible!

Arthur: I warn you, I've been trained to kill since birth.
Merlin: Wow. And how long have you been training to be a prat?
Arthur: You can't address me like that.
Merlin: Sorry. How long have you been training to be a prat, my lord?

(Merlin has been put in the stocks for standing up to Arthur)
Gwen: I saw what you did. It was so brave.
Merlin: It was stupid.
Gwen: Well, I'm glad you walked away. You weren't going to beat him.
Merlin: Oh, I could beat him.
Gwen: You think? Because you don't look like one of these big muscley kind of fellows.
Merlin: Thanks.
Gwen: No, no. I'm sure you're stronger than you look. It's just... Arthur's one of these real rough, tough save-the-world kind of men and well...
Merlin: What?
Gwen: You don't look like that.
Merlin: (beckoning her closer) I'm in disguise.
Gwen: (laughing) Well, it's great you stood up to him.
Merlin: You think so?
Gwen: Arthur's a bully and everyone thought you were a real hero.

Uther: Let this serve as a lesson to all. This man, Thomas James Collins, is adjudged guilty of conspiring to use enchantments and magic and- pursuant to the laws of Camelot- I, Uther Pendragon, have decreed that such practices are banned on penalty of death. I pride myself as a fair and just king, but for the crime of sorcery there is but one sentence I can pass.
(Uther raises his hand and Thomas is executed)
Uther: When I came to this land, this kingdom was mired in chaos but, with the people's help, magic was driven from the realm. So I declare a festival to celebrate twenty years since the Great Dragon was captured and Camelot freed from the evil of sorcery. Let the celebrations begin!
(There is a loud scream from the crowd)
Mary Collins: There is only one evil in this land but it is not magic. It is you! With your hatred and your ignorance! You took my son. But I promise you, before these celebrations are over, you will share my tears. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, and a son for a son!

Uther: Why are you not joining us at the feast?
Morgana: I just don't think chopping someone's head off is cause for a celebration. That poor mother...
Uther: It was simple justice for what he'd done.
Morgana: To whom? He practiced magic. He didn't hurt anyone.
Uther: You were not around twenty years ago. You have no idea what it was like.
Morgana: How long are you going to keep punishing people for what happened then?
Uther: Until they realise there is no room for magic in my kingdom.

Hunith: (voice-over; her letter to Gaius) My dear Gaius, I turn to you for I feel lost and alone and don't know who to trust. It is every mother's fate to think her child is special and yet I would give my life that Merlin were not so. Ours is a small village and he is so clearly at odds with people here that if he were to remain, I fear what would become of him. He needs a hand to hold, a voice to guide, someone that might help him find him a purpose for his gifts. I beg you, if you understand a mother's love for her son, keep him safe, and may God save you both.

The Great Dragon: (voice-over) No young man, no matter how great, can know his destiny. He cannot glimpse his part in the great story that is about to unfold. Like everyone, he must live and learn. And so it shall be for the young warlock arriving at the gates of Camelot. A boy that will in time father a legend. His name... Merlin.

The Great Dragon: None of us can choose our destiny, Merlin. And none of us can escape it.

Valiant [1.2][edit]

Devlin: With your swordcraft and this shield, I guarantee you'll win.
Knight Valiant: Show me how it works.
Devlin: Certainly. (He says a spell and the snakes on the shield come to life) When you're competing in the tournament, you pin your opponent under the shield. The snake strikes; your opponent will be paralyzed. (He hands the shield to Valiant) The snakes are now under your command. They will do anything you tell them to do.
Knight Valiant: Anything?
Devlin: Just say the word.
Knight Valiant: Kill him. (A snake strikes and kills Devlin)

Merlin: I save Arthur from being killed and end up as a servant. How is that fair?
Gaius: I'm not sure fairness comes into it. You never know, it might be fun.
Merlin: What, you think mucking out Arthur's horses is going to be fun? You should see my list of duties.
Gaius: We all have our duties, even Arthur.
Merlin: It must be so tough for him, with all the... girls and the glory.
Gaius: He is the future king. People expect so much of him. He's under a lot of pressure.

Gwen: I guess you know what to do with the helmet.
Merlin: Yeah. Yeah, that was the only bit I figured out. How come you're so much better at this than me?
Gwen: I'm a blacksmith's daughter. I know pretty much everything there is to know about armour, which is actually kind of sad.

Merlin: (after preparing Arthur for combat) I think you're all set.
Arthur: Aren't you forgetting something?
Merlin: What?
Arthur: My sword?
Merlin: Oh, yeah. Sorry. You'll be needing that.

Uther: Knights of the realm, it's a great honour to welcome you to the tournament at Camelot. Over the next three days, you will come to put your bravery to the test, your skills as warriors and, of course, to challenge the reigning champion - my son, Prince Arthur. Only one can have the honour of being crowned champion and he will receive a prize of one thousand gold pieces. It is in combat that we learn a knight's true nature, whether he is indeed a warrior or a coward. The tournament begins!

Knight Valiant: Knight Valiant of the Western Isles, my lord.
Uther: I saw you fighting today. You have a very aggressive style.
Knight Valiant: As my lord said, to lose is to be disgraced.
Uther: I couldn't agree more.

Morgana: They all seem rather impressed by Knight Valiant.
Arthur: They're not the only ones.
Morgana: You're not jealous, are you?
Arthur: I don't see that there's anything to be jealous of.

Gaius: It's most odd. Look at this. See these two small wounds? Looks like a snake bite.
Merlin: How could he be bitten by a snake? He was injured in a sword-fight.
Gaius: His symptoms are consistent with poisoning. Slow pulse, fever, paralysis.
Merlin: Can you heal him?
Gaius: If it's a snake bite, I'll need to extract venom from the snake that bit him to make an antidote.
Merlin: What happens if he doesn't get the antidote?
Gaius: Then I'm afraid there's nothing more I can do for him. He's going to die.

Merlin: I've just seen one of the snakes on Valiant's shield come alive. He's using magic.
Gaius: Are you sure?
Merlin: The snake ate a mouse. One swallow, straight down. Ewan was fighting Valiant when he collapsed. It must have been one of the snakes from the shield. I have to tell Arthur.
Gaius: Is there any chance you might be mistaken?
Merlin: I know magic when I see it.
Gaius: Perhaps, but have you any proof?
Merlin: Don't you believe me?
Gaius: I fear you'll land yourself in trouble. How will you explain why you were in Valiant's chambers?
Merlin: That doesn't matter! He's using magic to cheat in the tournament.
Gaius: But you can't go accusing a knight of using magic without proof. The king would never accept the word of a servant over the word of a knight.
Merlin: So what I say doesn't count for anything?
Gaius: I'm afraid it counts for very little as far as the king is concerned. That's the way it is.

Merlin: You talk to Gaius, you can see the puncture wounds in Ewan's neck where the snake bit him. Ewan was beating him. He had to cheat.
Arthur: Valiant wouldn't dare use magic in Camelot.
Merlin: Ewan was pinned under Valiant's shield. No one could see the snake bite him.
Arthur: I don't like the guy but that doesn't mean he's cheating.
Merlin: Gaius is preparing an antidote to the snake venom. When Ewan's conscious, he'll tell you what happened. If you fight Valiant in the final, he'll use the shield. It's the only way he can beat you. Look at it! Have you ever seen any snakes like this in Camelot? I know I'm just a servant and my word doesn't count for anything. I wouldn't lie to you.
Arthur: I want you to swear to me what you're telling me is true.
Merlin: I swear it's true.
Arthur: Then I believe you.

Uther: You have no proof to support these allegations. Have you seen Valiant using magic?
Arthur: No. But my servant...
Uther: Your servant? You make these outrageous accusations against a knight on the word of your servant?
Arthur: I believe he's telling the truth.
Knight Valiant: My lord, am I really to be judged on some hearsay from a boy?
Merlin: I've seen those snakes come alive!
Uther: How dare you interrupt! Guards!
(The guards come forward and seize Merlin)
Knight Valiant: My lord...
Uther: Wait.
Knight Valiant: I'm sure he was merely mistaken. I wouldn't want him punished on my account.
Uther: You see? This is how a true knight behaves. With gallantry and honour.
Knight Valiant: My lord, if your son made these accusations because he's afraid to fight me, then I will graciously accept his withdrawal.
Uther: Is this true? Do you wish to withdraw from the tournament?
Arthur: No!
Uther: Then what am I to make of these allegations?
Arthur: Obviously there has been a misunderstanding. I withdraw the allegation against Knight Valiant. Please accept my apology.

Arthur: I believed you. I trusted you and you made me look a complete fool.
Merlin: I know it didn't go exactly to plan...
Arthur: Didn't go to plan? My father and the entire Royal Court think I'm a coward. You humiliated me!
Merlin: We can still expose Valiant.
Arthur: I no longer require your services.
Merlin: You're sacking me?
Arthur: I need a servant I can trust.
Merlin: You can trust me!
Arthur: And look where it got me this time. Get out of my sight!

Arthur: I thought I told you to get out of my sight.
Merlin: Don't fight Valiant in the final tomorrow. He'll use the shield against you.
Arthur: I know.
Merlin: Then withdraw. You have to withdraw.
Arthur: Don't you understand? I can't withdraw. The people expect their prince to fight. How can I lead men into battle if they think I'm a coward?
Merlin: Valiant will kill you! You fight, you die.
Arthur: Then I die.
Merlin: How can you go out there and fight like that?
Arthur: Because I have to. It's my duty.

Gwen: Is it true what you said about Valiant using magic? (Merlin nods) What are you going to do?
Merlin: Why does everyone seem to think it's down to me to do something about it?
Gwen: Because it is! Isn't it? You have to show everyone that you were right and they were wrong.

Merlin: Where are you? I just came to tell you, whatever you think my destiny is, whatever it is you think I'm supposed to do, you've got the wrong person! That's it. Goodbye.
The Great Dragon: If only it were so easy to escape one's destiny.
Merlin: How can it be my destiny to protect someone who hates me.
The Great Dragon: The half cannot truly hate that which makes it whole. Very soon, you shall learn that.
Merlin: Oh, great. Just what I needed. Another riddle.
The Great Dragon: That your and Arthur's path lies together is but the truth.
Merlin: What is that supposed to mean?
The Great Dragon: You know, young warlock, this is not the end. It is the beginning.
Merlin: Just give me a straight answer!

Morgana: Has your father apologized yet for not believing you?
Arthur: He'll never apologize. I hope you're not disappointed Valiant's not escorting you.
Morgana: Turns out he wasn't really champion material.
Arthur: That was some tournament final.
Morgana: Tell me about it. It's not every day a girl gets to save her prince.
Arthur: I wouldn't say I needed exactly saving. I'm sure I would have thought of something.
Morgana: See, you're too proud to admit you were saved by a girl!
Arthur: Because I wasn't.
Morgana: You know what? I wish Valiant was escorting me.
Arthur: Me too. Then I wouldn't have to listen to you.

Arthur: I wanted to say, I made a mistake. It was unfair to sack you.
Merlin: No, don't worry about it. Buy me a drink and we'll call it even.
Arthur: I can't really be seen to be buying drinks for my servant.
Merlin: Your servant? You sacked me.
Arthur: Now I'm rehiring you. My chambers are a complete mess. My clothes need washing, my armour needs repairing, my boots need cleaning, my dogs need exercising, my fireplace needs sweeping, my bed needs changing and someone needs to muck out my stables.

The Mark of Nimueh [1.3][edit]

Arthur: You should stay here.
Morgana: I'm coming with you.
Arthur: No.
Morgana: Scared I'll show you up?
Arthur: Father would slam us both in chains if he knew I endangered you.
Morgana: Good thing he doesn't know about it, then.
Arthur: I'm telling you, Morgana. Turn back. You could get hurt.
Morgana: So could you, if you don't get out of my way.

Morgana: Merlin, I wanted you to know your secret's safe with me.
Merlin: My secret?
Morgana: Come on. Don't pretend. I know what you did.
Merlin: You do?
Morgana: I saw it with my own eyes.
Merlin: You did?
Morgana: I understand why you don't want anyone to know.
Merlin: Well, obviously...
Morgana: I won't tell anyone. You don't mind me talking to you about it?
Merlin: No. It's... you have no idea how hard it is to keep this hidden.
Morgana: Well, you can continue to deny it but... I think Gwen's a very lucky woman.

Uther: I've never heard of an Afanc before.
Gaius: It's conjured from clay by powerful magic. The type that can only be invoked by an ancient sorcerer. One who has the power to mirror the spirit of life. I found this at the water source. (showing a piece of the Afanc's egg) It bears the mark of Nimueh.
Uther: No.
Gaius: We must be vigilant, sire.
Uther: Will I never be rid of her?

Uther: What's happened to him?
Gaius: I don't know, sire. It's the second case I've seen today.
Uther: Why didn't you report it to me?
Gaius: I was attempting to find the cause.
Uther: What did you conclude?
Gaius: I don't think it's time to hurry to conclusions. The scientific process is a long one.
Uther: Why do you conceal it from me?
Gaius: Sire, I have seen nothing like it. The victims are dying within twenty-four hours and it's spreading fast.
Uther: What is the cause?
Gaius: I think we should say the cause, the most likely cause, is sorcery.
Uther: (taking Arthur aside) You must find who did this.
Arthur: I will, father.
Uther: Conduct door-to-door searches. Increase your presence in the town. Double the guards on all the gates and lend the physician your servant.
Arthur: Merlin?
Uther: I'm going to need Gaius to find a cure. He needs all the help we can give him. If Gaius is right, believe me, the city will be wiped out. This is the kind of magic that undermines our authority, challenges all we've done. If we cannot control this plague, people will turn to magic for a cure. We have to find this sorcerer and quickly.

Arthur: Tell Gaius my father wants to see him now.
Merlin: Gaius, I...
Gaius: I heard.
Merlin: Why could he just tell you himself?
Gaius: Because that's the way it is. You're a servant.
Merlin: If he knew who I was, what I've done...
Gaius: You'd be a dead servant.

The Poisoned Chalice [1.4][edit]

Uther: Arthur, you are my only son and heir. I can't risk losing you for the sake of some serving boy.
Arthur: Because his life's worthless?
Uther: No, because it's worth less than yours.

Morgana: [to Arthur] And what kind of king do you think Camelot would want? One that would risk his life for a lowly servant, or one that does what his father tells him to?

Morgana: Okay, let the bragging begin. How did you manage it?
Arthur: I'm not sure. All I do know is that I had help... Someone knew I was in trouble and... sent a light to guide the way.
Morgana: Who?
Arthur: I don't know. Whoever it was, I'm only here because of them.
Morgana: I'm glad you're back. [Morgana walks away]

Lancelot [1.5][edit]

Merlin: Look at him, Gaius. Does Lancelot not deserve this moment?
Gaius: I never said he didn't, but destiny and desserts are not the same thing. You played God, Merlin. You set him on a path of your choosing. Tonight might have brought him triumph but who knows what the future holds?
Merlin: Yeah. I don't know what it said on your invitation but on mine it said 'celebration'.

Merlin: You know what? I think our Sir Lancelot might have eyes for you, Gwen.
Gwen: Don't be silly.
Merlin: So what if he did? Would it really be so bad?
Gwen: He's not really my type.
Merlin: Oh, there's a surprise. Sometimes, Guinevere, I wonder if you'd know what your type was if it was standing right next to you.
Gwen: You're probably right.
Merlin: So, come on, just for the sake of argument. If you had to: Arthur or Lancelot?
Gwen: But I don't have to and I never will.
Merlin: You are no fun, Gwen.

Arthur: Grumant's the third to fail this month. How am I supposed to defend Camelot with rubbish like that?
Merlin: Well, I think I might be able to help.
Arthur: You? You haven't the faintest idea what it takes to be a knight. Courage. Fortitude. Discipline.
Merlin: No. No, of course I don't. But I do know someone who does.
Arthur: Yeah?
Merlin: He saved my life.
Arthur: That's blown it for starters.
Merlin: No, no. He's really good. Honestly.
Arthur: That's great, Merlin. I'm sure he's terrific but you forget the First Code of Camelot.
Merlin: The what?
Arthur: The First Code. Only those of noble blood can serve as knights. So, unless your friend is a nobleman...
Merlin: Oh, he is a nobleman.
Arthur: Is he?
Merlin: Absolutely.
Arthur: Very well, bring him to the training ground tomorrow and make sure he brings his seal of nobility.

Merlin: You're not a nobleman by any chance, are you?
Lancelot: A nobleman? No. Good lord, no. Why do you ask?
Merlin: It's just that...
Gaius: The First Code of Camelot states that only those of noble blood can serve as a knight. Uther created the knights to protect this kingdom from those who would wish to destroy it. He knew that he would have to trust each of his knights with his life, so he chose them from the families that had sworn allegiance to him.
Merlin: Nobility.
Gaius: And thus the First Code of Camelot was born, and ever since that day only the sons of noble families have served as knights.
Merlin: That is not fair!
Gaius: Fair or unfair, that's the way it is. I'm sorry, Lancelot. Truly I am.

Merlin: Why do you want to be a knight so much?
Lancelot: When I was a boy, my village was attacked by raiders from the Northern Plains. They were slaughtered where they stood. My father, my mother, everyone. I alone escaped. I vowed that day that never again would I be helpless against the face of tyranny. I made swordcraft my life. Every waking hour since that day, I devoted to the art of combat. When I was ready, I set forth for Camelot. And now it seems my journey ends. Everything I fought for, wasted.
Merlin: Hear my words. Whatever it takes, I will make this right.

Lancelot: Ever since I was a child, I've dreamed of coming here. It's my life's ambition to join the knights of Camelot. I know what you're thinking. I expect too much. After all, who am I? They have their pick of the best and bravest in the land.
Merlin: Lancelot...
Lancelot: Yes?
Merlin: They are going to love you.
Lancelot: They are?
Merlin: Yes! I've seen you in action. You could shame the great Arthur himself.
Lancelot: I hardly think so.

Merlin: He's trying out for the knights.
Gaius: The First Code of Camelot has never been broken for any man. What have you done, Merlin?
Merlin: OK, I bent the rules a little. But the rules were wrong. They're unfair.
Gaius: You bent the rules. Using magic?
Merlin: It was nothing, honestly. More of a trick than actual magic.
Gaius: Your magic is not a toy, Merlin. It's not for you to use or abuse as you see fit.
Merlin: I know, I know.
Gaius: Then why did you do it?
Merlin: I owe Lancelot my life. I'm paying for that debt the only way I can by giving him the opportunity he deserves.

Gwen: I think it's great Merlin's got you this chance. We need men like you. Well, not me, personally but, you know, Camelot. Camelot needs knights. Not just Arthur and his kind but people like you and me.
Lancelot: Well, I'm not a knight yet, my lady.
Gwen: And I'm not a lady.

(Merlin visits Lancelot who is imprisoned in the dungeons)
Merlin: I don't know what to say to you, Lancelot.
Lancelot: You're not to blame.
Merlin: Yes, I am. I pushed you. I made you lie.
Lancelot: The choice was mine. My punishment is mine to bear and mine to bear alone.
Merlin: I wish there was something I could do.
Lancelot: There is. You can stop blaming yourself.

Merlin: Is it true? The griffin can only be killed by magic?
Gaius: Yes, Merlin, I'm certain of it. If Arthur rides out against it, he'll die.
Merlin: He must be stopped. Uther must see reason.
Gaius: Where magic is concerned, our king is blind to reason, and yet... magic is our only hope.
Merlin: You're not suggesting...
Gaius: (nodding) It is your destiny, Merlin. The true purpose of your magic.
Merlin: You saw it, Gaius. I can't go up against that thing.
Gaius: But if you do not, Arthur will surely perish.
Merlin: No, no. This is madness. I don't have magic that powerful. There must be another way.
Gaius: This is the only way.
Merlin: Do you even care what happens to me? 'Oh, just do this, Merlin. Do that, Merlin. Go and kill the griffin, Merlin, I'll just sit here and warm my feet by the fire!'
Gaius: Merlin! Merlin, you are the only thing I care about in all this world. I would give my life for you without a thought. But for what? I cannot save Arthur. It is not my destiny. You know that.
Merlin: I'm sorry.
Gaius: I don't know what else I can say.
Merlin: I'll say it for you. We have two hours to find a way to kill that thing.

(Arthur visits Lancelot who is imprisoned in the dungeons)
Arthur: I should have known. How could I have been so stupid? You don't sound like a knight. You don't even look like a knight!
Lancelot: I'm sorry.
Arthur: I'm sorry too. Because, Lancelot, you fight like a knight. And I need... Camelot needs...
Lancelot: The creature?
Arthur: We could not kill it. I've never faced its like.
Lancelot: I faced it myself, sire, some days past. I struck it full square. I wondered how it endured.
Arthur: There are those who believe this creature, this griffin, is a creature of magic. It's only magic can destroy it.
Lancelot: Do you believe this?
Arthur: It doesn't matter what I believe. Use of magic is not permitted. Knights must prevail with steel and sinew alone.
Lancelot: Sire...
Arthur: There's a horse waiting outside.
Lancelot: Thank you. Thank you, sire.
Arthur: Lancelot, take it and never return to this place.
Lancelot: No, no... please... It's not my freedom I seek. I only wish to serve with honor.
Arthur: I know.
Lancelot: Then let me ride with you, sire.
Arthur: I cannot. My father knows nothing of this. I release you myself but I can do no more. Now go, before I change my mind.

Lancelot: I'm sorry to disturb you, my lady.
Gwen: Lancelot. What are you doing here?
Lancelot: I have no time to explain. I need weapons, armor, the best you've got.
Gwen: What's this all about?
Lancelot: Arthur stands in mortal peril. I must do what I can to protect him. It's my duty, knight or not.
Gwen: You really believe that, don't you?
Lancelot: Yes, my lady.
Gwen: Lancelot, I don't believe I've ever met your like before.
Lancelot: Guinevere, if I should not return...
Gwen: Don't go, Lancelot. Please.
Lancelot: But go I must.

Merlin: They'll restore your knighthood, of course they will. You killed the griffin.
Lancelot: But I didn't kill the griffin. You did.
Merlin: That's ridiculous.
Lancelot: 'Brechdan An Weal'. I heard you. I saw you. Don't worry. Your secret's safe with me, but I cannot take the credit for what I did not do. There'll be no more lies, no more deceit.
Merlin: What are you going to do?
Lancelot: The only thing I can do. (Lancelot attempts to enter the chamber but is stopped by guards)
Uther: What is this?
Lancelot: (to the guards) Let me speak.
Uther: Wait. I will hear him.
Lancelot: Forgive me, sire. I have come to bid you farewell.
Arthur: What is this, Lancelot?
Lancelot: I lied to you both and now there is conflict between you. I cannot bear that burden, as you should not bear mine. I must start again, far from here, and maybe one day fate will grant me another chance to prove myself a worthy knight of Camelot.
Arthur: But, Lancelot, you've already proved that to us.
Lancelot: Well, I must prove it to myself. (bows) Your Highness. (bows) Prince Arthur. (Lancelot leaves the chamber)

Arthur: I confess it, sire. I released him and I'll take the consequences but surely Lancelot's actions change things!
Uther: His actions change nothing. He broke the Code!
Arthur: He lay down his life for me! He served with honor.
Uther: I see you feel strongly about this, Arthur. Under the circumstances, a pardon perhaps...
Arthur: No. Not good enough, father. You must restore Lancelot to his rightful place as a knight of Camelot.
Uther: Never. The law is the law. The Code bends for no man!
Arthur: Then the Code is wrong!

(Merlin and Gaius watch Lancelot leave Camelot)
Merlin: Perhaps you were right, Gaius. Perhaps I should have never got involved.
Gaius: No, Merlin, I was wrong. Lancelot needed you and you needed Lancelot. Your destinies were entwined.
Merlin: Will he ever return?
Gaius: That I cannot say.
Merlin: Til next time then, Sir Lancelot.

A Remedy to Cure All Ills [1.6][edit]

Gaius: It's all ridiculous. I didn't save Uther. You did.
Merlin: No, no. For once, I'm happy for someone else to take the credit. You were prepared to sacrifice your life to save me.
Gaius: Where do you get that from?
Merlin: I thought...
Gaius: No. I didn't do anything. You saved me and you saved Uther. Maybe you are a genius.
Merlin: You think so?
Gaius: Well, almost. One day.

Gaius: Has anyone ever told you you're a genius?
Merlin: You certainly haven't.

Edwin: (to Uther) It seems the drugs I gave you have taken hold. Your body is now paralyzed. Now, open your eyes, my lord. I want my face to be the last face you ever see. You took my childhood from me and now, finally, I take my parents' revenge. Within a few hours, the beetle will eat into your brain and you will suffer- as they suffered. And I long to hear you scream as they screamed the night you gave the order for the fires to be lit. With your death, magic will return to Camelot.

Gwen: I don't want you to go. I don't trust Edwin. There was no blood in Morgana's ear. He put it there. He did something to her, I know he did.
Gaius: You need to be careful who you say that to.
Gwen: I'm saying it to you, because you can do something about it.
Gaius: I can't.
Gwen: But you think the same, don't you? He's evil.
Gaius: It's not that simple.
Gwen: So you're going to turn your back on us.
Gaius: I have no choice. I'm sorry, Gwen.
Gwen: In life you always have a choice. Sometimes it's easier to think that you don't.
Gaius: Well then, my choice is to leave.
Gwen: Then I'll miss you. Good bye, Gaius.

Gaius: Uther's right. It's time I stepped down.
Merlin: What are you doing?
Gaius: I cannot stay when there's no longer a use for me.
Merlin: You're not leaving?
Gaius: I believe it's for the best.
Merlin: Then I will come with you.
Gaius: Merlin, you're like a son to me. I never expected such a blessing so late in life.
Merlin: And you are more than a father to me.
Gaius: Then as a father, I must tell you, you must remain here. Camelot is where you belong.
Merlin: But you belong here too.
Gaius: Not any more. Merlin, you must promise me you will not waste your gifts.
Merlin: My gifts mean nothing without you to guide me.

The Great Dragon: How old a man can become and yet change so little.
Gaius: You have not changed either.
The Great Dragon: Twenty years. Almost a lifetime to make the short journey back to where you began.
Gaius: I'm not here for myself.
The Great Dragon: The boy?
Gaius: You know about Merlin?
The Great Dragon: You have struggled against his destiny but you can no more prevent it than he can.
Gaius: So it is true then?
The Great Dragon: Oh yes. He and the young Pendragon one day will unite the land of Albion.
Gaius: But he is in danger.
The Great Dragon: No, it is my jailer who stands in peril.
Gaius: Must Uther be sacrificed for the boy?
The Great Dragon: Their time cannot come until his is past.
Gaius: But is that time now?
The Great Dragon: (chuckling) That is of your choosing.
Gaius: I will not choose between them.
The Great Dragon: Then turn a blind eye. That is, after all, your talent.

The Gates of Avalon [1.7][edit]

Gaius: (about Morgana) She must never find out the truth.
Merlin: Why not? She had a premonition that helped save Arthur's life.
Gaius: And it could cost her her own. If Uther ever found out, things would never be the same again. It must remain a secret.
Merlin: Is she like me? Can she use magic?
Gaius: No one's like you, Merlin.
Merlin: But she has the gift?
Gaius: For her sake, I hope not.

Uther: When you failed to show up for patrol this morning, I feared you'd eloped with Sophia in a fit of passion.
Merlin: I wish he had, because then I wouldn't be stood in front of you looking like an idiot. Again.
Uther: This is becoming a near daily occurrence with you.
Merlin: But there was a mistake, and I would not say it was anyone's fault... not really... You could say it was mine.
Uther: Could somebody tell me what happened?
Merlin: Well...
Uther: Somebody with a brain.
Arthur: After Sophia left, I wanted to take my mind off her so I went for a hunt.
Morgana: So killing things mends a broken heart?
Arthur: No, but it's good fun. Merlin was meant to inform you that I wouldn't be back til later today.
Uther: Have you some kind of mental affliction?
Merlin: Probably.
Gaius: I'm looking into it, sire.
Uther: Well, I hope for our sake you find a cure or we'll find ourselves with a food shortage on our hands.
Merlin: Food shortage?
(Cut to Merlin in the stocks, being pelted with rotten fruit)

Merlin: Arthur?
Arthur: What happened? Where am I?
Merlin: Can you remember anything?
Arthur: (sitting up in bed) Oh, my head. There was a girl. Sophia. She... I asked my father something about her... I asked him... What was I thinking?
Merlin: Well, we did wonder. Especially when you eloped with her last night.
Arthur: I did what?
Gaius: Merlin had to bring you back to Camelot.
Arthur: I don't recall any of this.
Gaius: It must have been some blow.
Arthur: What blow?
Merlin: Well, when I caught up with you, I couldn't persuade you to return. You were beyond reasoning. So I had to make you.
Arthur: You managed to knock me out?
Merlin: Yep. With a lump of wood.
Gaius: He only did it to bring you back safely.
Arthur: No-one can know about this. Any of it.

Merlin: You would think the appeal of pelting the same person with fruit would wear off after a while, but oh no.

Merlin: Your father's bestowing a knighthood on one of your men this morning.
Arthur: I'm giving it a miss.
Merlin: Won't your king mind?
Arthur: Not if you cover for me again. By the way, thanks for yesterday. I heard you ended up in the stocks. Bad luck.
Merlin: They were throwing potatoes at me. It's only supposed to be rotten fruit!
Arthur: I'm not sure there's any hard and fast rules. But, if it's any consolation, I think it was worth it.
Merlin: It went well?
Arthur: Great. Fantastic. She's incredible.
Merlin: Don't worry. I'll find a way to get you out of it.
Arthur: Make sure you don't end up in the stocks this time.
Merlin: I won't. I think I'm starting to get the hang of this whole deception lark.
(Cut to Merlin in the stocks, being pelted with rotten fruit and potatoes)

Uther: Where's my son?
Merlin: I'm not sure where he is. I think... there's been a mistake. But it's not his fault. Arthur's, I mean.
Uther: Stop gibbering and tell me where he is.
Merlin: It's probably... no, it's definitely my fault.
Uther: Where is Arthur?
Merlin: He's not here.
Uther: I can see that.
Merlin: Arthur wasn't sure of his orders so he asked me to check with the guards and see if he was riding out this morning and, well, I may have forgotten.
Uther: You forgot?
Merlin: I'm sorry, my lord. I am sure he would have been here- had I told him.
Uther: If this was a time of war, I would have you flogged.
Merlin: And since it's not, we'll let it go just this once?
(Cut to Merlin in the stocks, being pelted with rotten fruit)

(Morgana and Gwen watch Arthur riding off with Sophia)
Gwen: You're sure it's her?
Morgana: I could never forget that face.
Gwen: You should speak to the king.
Morgana: And tell him what? That I can see the future?
Gwen: If you think Arthur's life is in danger...
Morgana: You know how he'd react.
Gwen: You're his ward. He wouldn't harm you!
Morgana: He hates magic more than he cares for me.
Gwen: That's not true.
Morgana: Would you care to put it to the test?

Arthur: I'm taking Sophia out for a ride today. You know, show her around.
Merlin: Where do I come into this?
Arthur: Well, I'm supposed to be on patrol with the guard and my father this morning, so... I need you to cover for me.
Merlin: What, and lie to the king? No. No way. No, he'll see right through me. He'll have me in the stocks quicker than you can say 'rotten tomatoes'.
Arthur: Merlin, I need you to do this for me.
Merlin: I am a terrible liar. I start sweating, my vision blurs, my brain stops working...
Arthur: Well, no change there then. Look, I promised Sophia I'd take her out, and if I don't turn up, it'll blow my chances.
Merlin: You like her, then.
Arthur: Yeah! What's not to like? I want to spend some more time with her but I need to get my father off my back. I can't order you to lie to the king, but I'll be a friend for life if you do.
Merlin: (after a pause) Go on, then. You don't want to keep her waiting.

Arthur: Make sure you put her in a decent room.
Merlin: The one next door's empty.
Arthur: The one next door's fine. Excellent, in fact. (Merlin gives him a look) Shut up, Merlin.
Merlin: What? I didn't say anything!
Arthur: You didn't have to. I want to make it clear that my intentions towards Sophia are completely honourable. Put her in a room on the other side of the castle. It's warmer. More comfortable.
Merlin: Of course. She is very... beautiful.
Arthur: Yes, she is.
Merlin: And if your intentions are honourable...
Arthur: Oh, they are. Most definitely.
Merlin: Then what's the problem with her staying next door?
Arthur: There isn't one. You've convinced me. Put her in the room next to mine.

Arthur: We're supposed to be hunting. It requires speed, stealth and an agile mind!
Merlin: So, you're able to get by in two out of three, then.

The Beginning of the End [1.8][edit]

Great Dragon: The young warlock. No doubt you're here about the Druid boy.
Merlin: How did you know?
Great Dragon: Like you, I hear him speak.
Merlin: Why does he call me Emrys?
Great Dragon: Because that is your name.
Merlin: I'm pretty sure my name's Merlin. It always has been.
Great Dragon: You have many names.
Merlin: Do I? How does the boy know who I am? I've never even met any druids.
Great Dragon: There is much written about you that you have yet to read. You should not protect this boy.
Merlin: Why? He has magic. He's just like me.
Great Dragon: You and the boy are as different as day and night.

Morgana: I feel like I've put you in danger without stopping to ask how you feel about it. I'm sorry.
Gwen: I know how it feels to face the threat of execution and I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

Mordred: (telepathically to Merlin) Goodbye, Emrys. I know that some day, we'll meet again.

(Merlin lies on his bed; Mordred contacts him telepathically)
Mordred: Emrys. Emrys. Where are you, Emrys? Emrys, help us. Please. They're coming. I'm scared, Emrys. They'll kill me. Don't do this. Don't ignore me. I know you can hear me. I thought you were my friend. We are the same. I don't want to die. Emrys. Emrys! EMRYS!
(Merlin bolts off the bed)

Gwen: You're risking so much for this boy. You don't know anything about him. You don't even know his name!
Morgana: There's a bond between us.
Gwen: Stronger than the bond you have with Uther?
Morgana: It's like nothing I've ever felt before. Perhaps I was always meant to help him.
Gwen: How can that be?
Morgana: I don't know. I can't explain it.

Gaius: I assume it's the plight of the druid boy that's causing your forehead to wrinkle like a lizard's elbow.
Merlin: Would you let something terrible happen if it meant you'd stop something even worse happening in the future?
Gaius: I suppose it depends on what the terrible and even worse things were.
Merlin: One of them's bad. Really bad. And the other... it's unthinkable.
Gaius: Sounds as if you've already made your decision. You can only do what you believe to be right, Merlin. I just hope it doesn't involve putting yourself in terrible danger.
Merlin: For once, you don't have to worry. I'm going to do nothing.

Excalibur [1.9][edit]

Gwen: So how does it feel to be servant to the crowned prince of Camelot?
Merlin: Washing his royal socks will be even more of a privilege.
Gwen: You're proud of him really, even though you complain about him constantly.
Merlin: I am not.
Gwen: You are! I can see it in your face!
Merlin: Those socks are very clean, of course I'm proud of them.

Gaius: Are you not fond of old crypts?
Merlin: I wouldn't be seen dead anywhere else.

Uther: I should have known.
(Nimueh appears before him)
Nimueh: It is more than I hoped for, Uther. Soon, Arthur will be slain. And you have sent him to his death.
Uther: Haven't you had your fill of revenge?
Nimueh: Haven't you! You began this war when you threw me from the court and slaughtered my kind.
Uther: You brought that on yourself with the evil you practiced.
Nimueh: I was your friend, Uther. You welcomed me here.
Uther: And you betrayed that friendship.
Nimueh: I did as you asked! I used the magic you so despise to give your barren wife the son you craved.
Uther: Don't you ever speak of her in that way! Ygraine was my heart. And you took her from me!
Nimueh: She died giving birth to your son! It was not my choice. That is the law of magic. To create a life there had to be a death. The balance of the world had to be repaid!
Uther: You knew it would kill her.
Nimueh: No, you're wrong! If I had foreseen her death and the terrible retribution you'd seek, I would never have granted your request.
Uther: I wish you hadn't.
Nimueh: You wish you didn't have a son? Well, your wish will come true soon enough.
Uther: I will not let you take him!
Nimueh: That is your choice. I have watched so many people I love die at your hands, Uther Pendragon. is your turn.
(There is a rattle at the window and the flames of the candles go out. When Uther turns back, Nimueh has gone.)

Gwen: Merlin, what are you doing here?
Merlin: I've come to ask a favor.
Gwen: Yes?
Merlin: I'm not sure how to ask it.
Gwen: Ask, Merlin. You know I'd grant you anything. (pause) I mean, not anything. Obviously not anything. What is it you want?
Merlin: I've come to ask for a sword. The strongest sword your father's ever made.
Gwen: What for?
Merlin: To save Arthur.

The Moment of Truth [1.10][edit]

Hunith: You'd better be going.
Merlin: I don't have to go.
Hunith: Yes you do.
Merlin: If anything were to happen to you...
Hunith: I know where to find you. You have to go, Merlin. You belong at Arthur's side. I've seen how much he needs you, how much you need him. You're like two sides of the same coin.
Merlin: I've heard someone say that about us before. I'm going to miss you.
Hunith: I'm going to miss you too. When you left, you were just a boy. Now look at you. I'm so proud of you. When the time is right, the truth will be known. Until then you must keep your talents hidden. It's better for everyone.

(Merlin conjures a whirlwind to defeat Kanen's men. Arthur kills Kanen in battle but William takes a crossbow bolt to save Arthur's life.)
William: That's twice I've saved you.
Arthur: Twice?
William: It was me. I'm the one who used the magic.
Merlin: Will, don't...
William: It's alright, Merlin. I won't be alive long enough for anyone to do anything to me. I did it. I saw how desperate things were becoming. I had to do something.
Arthur: You're a sorcerer?
William: Yeah. What are you going to do? Kill me?

Hunith: He must care for you a great deal.
Merlin: Arthur would do the same for any village. That's just the way he is.
Hunith: It's more than that. He's here for you.
Merlin: I'm just his servant.
Hunith: Give him more credit than that. He likes you.
Merlin: That's because he doesn't know me. And if he did, I'd probably be dead by now.

Arthur: Have you always slept on the floor?
Merlin: Yeah. The bed I've got in Camelot's luxury by comparison.
Arthur: It must have been hard.
Merlin: Hmm. It's like rock.
Arthur: I didn't mean the ground, I meant... for you. It must have been difficult.
Merlin: Not really. I didn't know any different. Life's simple out here. You eat what you grown and everyone pitches in together. As long as you've got food on the table and a roof over your had, you're happy.
Arthur: Sounds... nice.
Merlin: You'd hate it.
Arthur: No doubt. Why did you leave?
Merlin: Things just... changed.
Arthur: How? (Merlin pauses) Come on. Stop pretending to be interesting. Tell me.
Merlin: I just didn't fit in anymore. I wanted to find somewhere that I did.
Arthur: Had any luck?
Merlin: I'm not sure yet.

Hunith: They shouldn't be here, especially the Lady Morgana. Isn't she the king's ward?
Merlin: Not that you'd know it. She's the only person I know who isn't frightened of him.
Hunith: It won't make any difference to Kanen that they're women.
Merlin: I know. But I couldn't talk them out of coming. (He touches the bruise on Hunith's face) I'm going to make him pay for what he did to you.
Hunith: Promise me you'll be careful. No-one can find out about you.
Merlin: They won't. They never do.

Gaius: You've got the food I prepared for you?
Merlin: Yes.
Gaius: Careful with the wine. You know what you're like. One whiff of a barmaid's apron and you're singing like a sailor.

Gwen: I've packed some armour for you.
Merlin: I won't be able to carry all that.
Morgana: You won't have to. We're coming with you.
Merlin: What do you mean?
Gwen: You're going to need all the help you can get. I can mend armour and sharpen swords.
Morgana: And I know how to fight.
Merlin: But you... you can't. I mean, why would you?
Gwen: If it was the other way round, you'd help us. You already have. You saved my life.
Morgana: And you helped me get the druid boy out of Camelot. We owe it to you. Both of us.

Arthur: I'm sorry. If it were up to me, we'd be on our way there now.
Merlin: Well, you tried. And thank you for getting an audience with the king.
Arthur: I wish that Camelot was able to help people regardless of how far away they lived.
Merlin: I'm going back to Ealdor.
Arthur: Of course.
Merlin: It's been an honour serving you.
Arthur: You'll be coming back?
Merlin: She's my mother. I have got to look after her before anyone else. You understand?
Arthur: I'd do exactly the same. Well... you've been terrible. Really. I mean it, the worst servant I've ever had.
Merlin: Thank you, sire.

Merlin: I trust Arthur with my life.
Will: Is that so? So he knows your secret, then? Look, face it, Merlin you're living a lie. Just like you were here. You're Arthur's servant, nothing more. Otherwise you'd tell him the truth.

Gwen: (about Arthur) "Why do you think he came here?"
Morgana: "The same reason we did: Merlin. Arthur may act like he doesn't care, but he wouldn't be here if he didn't."

(Merlin is helping Arthur put on a vest.)
Morgana: You still not learned how to dress yourself?
Arthur: You don't have a dog and fetch the stick yourself. No offence, Merlin.
Merlin: None taken.

Hunith: Prince Arthur, you didn't finish your breakfast.
Arthur: Didn't I?
Morgana: Come on, eat up.
(Arthur pretends to eat it.)
Arthur: Mmmmm.
(Arthur hands the bowl off to Gwen.)
Arthur: Right. Let's get going. We need wood, and lots of it.
Merlin: Of course.
(Gwen finishes Arthur's breakfast and hands the bowl to Hunith.)
Gwen: Arthur said it was lovely.

The Labyrinth of Gedref [1.11][edit]

Arthur: You need to spend less time worrying about unicorns and more time worrying about rats.

Arthur: [takes a mouthful of Merlin's stew] What kind of meat is this? It has a very strange texture...
Merlin: It's pork.
Arthur: This isn't pork. It's far too stringy, what is it, it's... ummm... [realizes] It's rat, isn't it?
Merlin: [nods] Try not to think about it.
Arthur: [pauses looking revolted, then has an idea] Look at me, I'm being rude! Here I am stuffing my face with this delicious rat, when you're hungry too! Come on... [stands and gestures to Merlin] take a seat...

Morgana: I hate to ask but I was... wondering if you had anything to eat..
(Merlin and Arthur, who have been eating rat stew, look at each other and smile)

Merlin: Listen to me!
Arthur: You know me, Merlin, I never listen to you.

Arthur: I had no idea you were so keen to die for me.
Merlin: Trust me, I can hardly believe it myself.

Merlin: Where did you get the water to make the tea? *takes a sip*
Gaius: Fortunately for the both of us you forgot to empty your bath yesterday.
Merlin: *spits it back out* You're making tea from my bath water?
Gaius: It's not so bad. Perhaps a little bit...soapy.

Arthur: You think this is funny.
Merlin: ...Moderately.

Merlin: I know you don't have to listen to me -
Arthur: Glad we agree on something

To Kill the King [1.12][edit]

Gwen: Sire...
Arthur: Guinevere, I... want you to know that your job is safe and that your home is yours for life. I guarantee you that. I know that under the circumstances, it's not much but, erm... anything you want, anything you need, all you have to do is ask. I am sorry.
Gwen: Thank you, Sire.

Uther: And he'll be found guilty. Because that's what he is!

Morgana: Only a madman hears the truth as treason.

Le Morte D'Arthur [1.13][edit]

Arthur: Ah, Merlin.
Merlin: How are you?
Arthur: Good.
Merlin: I'm pleased.
Arthur: Yes, I owe it all to Gaius.
Merlin: I need to talk to you.
Arthur: You still haven't got it yet, have you? I decide when we need to talk.
Merlin: Not today.
Arthur: I sometimes wonder if you know who I am.
Merlin: Oh, I know who you are.
Arthur: Good.
Merlin: You're a prat. And a royal one.
Arthur: Are you ever going to change, Merlin?
Merlin: No, you'd get bored. Promise me this, if you get another servant, don't get a bootlicker.
Arthur: If this is you trying to leave your job...
Merlin: No. I'm happy to be your servant, till the day I die.
Arthur: Sometimes I think I know you, Merlin. Other times...
Merlin: Well, I know you. and you're a great warrior. One day you'll be a great King.
Arthur: That's very kind of you.
Merlin: But you must learn to listen as well as you fight.
Arthur: Any more pointers?
Merlin: No. That's it. Just... don't be a prat.

Merlin: We haven't done all the things we're meant to do!
Gaius: That is the lament of all men.

Gwen: You're not going to die, Arthur. I'm telling you. Because I know that one day, you will be King. A greater king than your father could ever be. It's what keeps me going. You are going to live to be the man I've seen inside you, Arthur. I can see a Camelot that is fair and just. I can see a king that the people will love and be proud to call their sovereign. For the love of Camelot... you have to live.

Nimueh: Gaius the hero.

Merlin: (To Nimueh) You should not have killed my friend.

Season Two[edit]

The Curse of Cornelius Sigan [2.1][edit]

[Arthur has fallen off his horse due to an unbuckled girth]
Cedric: [returning the horse to Arthur] Would you like me to fit the girth properly, sir?
Arthur: Thank you.
Cedric: It's an honour to be of service to the prince.
Arthur: An honour, do you hear that Merlin?
Cedric: Allow me the honour [begins to brush Arthur's clothes] of brushing your clothes down.
Arthur: [whispers, looking pointedly at Merlin] The honour!

Cornelius Sigan: [to Merlin, regarding Arthur] He does not deserve your loyalty. He treats you like a slave!
Merlin: That's not true.
Cornelius Sigan: He cast you aside without a moment's thought!
Merlin: That doesn't matter!
Cornelius Sigan: But it must hurt so much to be so put-upon, so over-looked, when all the while you have such power!
Merlin: That's the way it has to be!

Cornelius Sigan: Together we can rule over this land, Arthur will tremble at your voice, he will kneel at your feet!
Merlin: I don't want that.

Uther: We must learn our lessons from these terrible events, Gaius.
Gaius: Indeed, Sire.
Uther: They prove beyond doubt I was right. Magic is evil; it is our greatest threat. [pause] I have grown complacent, Gaius.
Gaius: I wouldn't say that, sire.
Uther: We must renew our efforts. We must ensure that all sorcerers and their followers are eradicated from this kingdom.
Gaius: Of course, sire.

Merlin: I just want Arthur to trust me, and to see me for who I truly am.
Gaius: He will.
Merlin: When? Everything I do is for him, and he just thinks I'm an idiot.

The Once and Future Queen [2.2][edit]

[Arthur is practising his jousting with Sir Leon; as they ride towards one another, the glare from Sir Leon's armour blinds Arthur, leaving him defenceless, but Sir Leon does not attack. Arthur dismounts.]
Arthur: Why did you pull out? I was wide open, you could’ve unhorsed me!
Sir Leon: I was fearful that I might injure you, sire.
Arthur: You had the advantage, you can’t afford to hesitate!
Sir Leon: I wouldn’t’ve done if I were facing a different opponent. You are the future king, my lord.
Arthur: You jousted against me in the tournament last year, are you saying you let me win?
Sir Leon: [hesitates] No, my lord.
Arthur: [turns to the other knights, who shuffle uncomfortably] It doesn’t matter who I am! I do not expect any special treatment from you, from any of you! Is that understood?

Merlin: (cleaning Gaius's leech tank) This is horrible. This is truly disgusting.
Gaius: Than maybe next time you'll think twice about lying to me. You have something on your face.
(Merlin puts his hand to his face and discovers several leeches)

Arthur: We’ve received reports that a beast has been sighted roaming the forest near the northern borders.
Uther: What’s the nature of this beast?
Arthur: Well, it is said to have the body of a lion, the wings of an eagle, and the… face of… a bear.
[Merlin struggles not to laugh.]
Arthur: I believe it has been conjured by sorcery.
Uther: Then we must destroy it.
Arthur: I’ll leave for the northern borders in the morning.
Uther: But you’ll miss the tournament!
Arthur: As much as I want to compete, my duty to Camelot comes first.
Uther: You’re right of course.
[Arthur looks at Merlin, who is still fighting hard not to laugh.]

Gaius: Where do you get the idea you can sit around all day and do nothing?
Merlin: Do you think I sit around and do nothing?! I haven't had a chance to sit around and do nothing since the day I arrived in Camelot, I'm too busy running around after Arthur - do this Merlin, do that Merlin - and when I'm not running around after Arthur, I'm doing chores for you and if I'm not doing that, I'm fulfilling my destiny - do you know how many times I've saved Arthur's life? I've lost count - do I get any thanks? No - I have fought griffins, witches, bandits, I have been punched, poisoned, pelted with fruit, and all the while I have to hide who I really am because if anyone finds out, Uther will have me executed. Some times I feel like I'm being pulled in so many directions I don't know which way to turn!

The Nightmare Begins [2.3][edit]

[Arthur notices that Merlin is cleaning his chainmail]
Arthur: I thought I told you to do that yesterday?
Merlin: I didn’t have time, I was cleaning your stables.
Arthur: That’s strange, because a little bird told me you were somewhere else.
Merlin: Mucking out the stables is strange and a talking bird isn’t?
Arthur: Merlin, what’ve we said about you trying to be funny?
Merlin: I shouldn't.

Aglain: What would you like to know?
Morgana: Why I can see the future in my dreams. Why I’m able to start fires with my mind.
Aglain: People who’re able to do this are few and far between. You have a gift.
Morgana: Is it magic?
Aglain: Of a kind, yes. But it will be many years before you’re able to understand it fully, let alone use it. This isn’t something to be afraid of.

Morgana: Merlin.
Merlin: My lady. [He enters] I wanted to check you were okay.
Morgana: I’m fine. What was said at the woods…
Merlin: You can trust me, Morgana, I won’t tell anyone.
Morgana: Thank you, Merlin. I know now who I really am, and it isn’t something to be scared of. Maybe one day people will come to see magic as a force for good.
Merlin: It’s good to have you back.

Arthur: This has to stop. The king would have your head if he found out. There’s no point denying it.
Merlin: Denying what?
Arthur: Your affections for the Lady Morgana.
Merlin: [laughs] Right.
Arthur: Take a bit of advice from someone who knows about women.
Merlin: If such a person existed, I would.
Arthur: Stick to girls who are more… how can I put it… on your level.
Merlin: Thanks.
Arthur: She can’t be your friend, let alone anything else.
Merlin: Yeah, I know.
Arthur: [pats him on the back] You can’t hide anything from me, Merlin. [walks away]
Merlin: [laughs, then becomes serious] Wouldn’t dream of it.

Merlin: What's wrong? You can trust me Morgana. You know you can.
Morgana: [she shakes her head] I'm scared Merlin. I don’t understand anything anymore. I need to know what's happening. Please.
Merlin: Gaius will be back soon. He’ll be able to help.
Morgana: He won't. He’ll just give me more remedies and they won't do any good. It's magic Merlin.
Merlin: What?
Morgana: I'm your friend. You know I wouldn’t make this up.
Merlin: Of course.
Morgana: You believe me. You think it's magic too. Please Merlin, I just need to hear someone say it so I don’t have to keep feeling like I'm imagining it.
Merlin: I really wish there was something I could say. [she leaves] Morgana, Morgana wait.

Merlin: She's not a witch! She's my friend!

Mordred: (Telepathically) Hello, Morgana.
Morgana: Did you hear that?
Aglain: We don't always need to speak to communicate.

(During the battle, Merlin is scanning the camp and he sees Mordred. Mordred sees him.)
Mordred: (Telepathically) Hello, Emrys.
(Mordred runs off)

Merlin: She's my friend!
The Great Dragon: She cannot be trusted!

Lancelot and Guinevere [2.4][edit]

Morgana: You look troubled, Gwen.
Gwen: Oh, I’m fine.
Morgana: You’re very secretive these days; I’m beginning to think there’s a man involved.
Gwen: When do I get to meet any decent men?

Morgana: How can you be so heartless? Gwen is the most kind, loyal person you would ever meet and she’s been more than a friend to all of us! And you would leave at the mercy of those animals!
Arthur: Morgana.
Morgana: Have you no shame? Do you think of no one but yourself?
Arthur: Morgana –
Morgana: I knew you were many things Arthur Pendragon, but I didn’t know you were a gutless coward!
Arthur: Morgana! Perhaps if you would stop shouting at me for one second, you would notice that I am packing.

Arthur: The ransom was supposed to be delivered to the Vale of Dinaria; if they’re holding Gwen anywhere, it has to be there. Which means we can save a day’s riding if we cut through the tunnels of Andor.
Merlin: Oh, no. I know that face, I’m not going to like this am I? What’s in the tunnels?
Arthur: They’re infested with Wilddeoren.
Merlin: What are Wilddeoren?
Arthur: They’re like giant – [gestures with hands, and then sees Merlin’s expression and brings his hands much closer together] – baby rats.
Merlin: Baby rats? They don’t sound so bad –
Arthur: They feast on human flesh.
Merlin: Maybe we should go over the mountains…

[after Merlin realises Arthur did not know if the berries would hide them from the Wilddeoren]
Arthur: I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have risked your life like that.
Merlin: Well. They do say love makes you do strange things…
Arthur: What are you talking about?
Merlin: Why can’t you just admit your feelings for Gwen? [Arthur starts to walk away] It’s so obvious! A blind man could see it! Is it really that hard to admit you like her? Just say it!
Arthur: I can’t. How can I admit that I think about her all the time? Or that I care about her more than anyone? How can I admit that I don’t know what I’ll do if any harm comes to her?
Merlin: Why can’t you?
Arthur: Because nothing can ever happen between us! To admit my feelings, knowing that… hurts too much.

Lancelot: (to Gwen) I would die for you a thousand times.

Merlin: Look on the bright side: you’ve still got me!
Arthur: Is that supposed to cheer me up?
Merlin: Thought it might.
Arthur: You really are a complete idiot, aren’t you Merlin?

Beauty and the Beast (Part 1) [2.5][edit]

[Merlin has shown Lady Catrina and Jonas into a luxurious bedroom. Catrina and Jonas are now alone]
Lady Catrina: [disgusted] Well I can't sleep here! This whole place stinks of cleanliness!

Beauty and the Beast (Part 2) [2.6][edit]

[Lady Catrina has turned back into a troll. Jonas brings her a present]
|Lady Catrina: [sniffs] What's that, then? What is that smell?
Jonas: A treat.
[Lady Catrina rubs her hands with glee. Jonas produces a bucket of horse-manure]
Jonas: To celebrate. Fresh from the stables.
[Lady Catrina starts to eat the manure]
Lady Catrina: Ooooh, Jonas. You do know how to treat a lady!

(Gaius, Sir Leon, and a number of Knights have called a meeting to tell Uther about Queen Catrina)
Uther: I didn't know we were due a court meeting.
Gaius: Well, we just wanted to make sure you knew, just in case it passed you by. You do know, your wife is a troll, sire?
Uther: What?
Gaius: Well, what with the warts and the -
Sir Leon: The smell.
Gaius: The smell. She also appears to have a set of fangs.
Sir Leon: I wouldn't call them fangs. More like tusks.
Gaius: Yes, they are more like tusks. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing. We just thought you should know.
(Gaius and Sir Leon smile)
Uther: The next person to insult Queen Catrina, will be charged with treason and executed.
(Gaius and Sir Leon's smiles fade)

Arthur: (to Merlin) You have to get out of here, my father has ordered me to arrest you.

Arthur: Well, despite appearances Merlin isn't stupid.

Merlin: (whispering) Arthur! Arthur!
Arthur: (jumps out of bed, grabbing a sword, unable to see the source of the voice) Who's there?!
Merlin: (pops his head out from under bed, grinning) Merlin!
Arthur: (jumps) Ahh!... (lowers sword) You're back.
Merlin: (still grinning) I never left!
Arthur: You mean to say..
Merlin: Yes!
Arthur: You've been under there, this whole time.
Merlin: (smile vanishes) No! Of course not, no!
Arthur: (points sword at him in a threatening manner) cause if you were...
Merlin: I wasn't, I swear!

Arthur: Merlin.
Merlin: (turns)
Arthur: I want you to know that, I never doubted you.
Merlin: (looks doubtful)
Arthur: Alright maybe I did, but it's your own fault. You've a suspicious air about you. Shifty. Like you've for something to hide...
Merlin: (look of innocence) I am an open book.
Arthur: I don't believe that for a second.

The Witchfinder [2.7][edit]

Uther: It cannot continue.
Arthur: I will hunt down those responsible, father; I promise they will not escape unpunished.
Uther: No. Stronger methods are called for. [pause] Send for the Witch Finder.
[startled whispers]
Gaius: Sire! Is it necessary to resort to such measures?
Uther: The Witch Finder is a trusted ally, Gaius – his help will be invaluable.
Gaius: Of course.

Aredian: Do you smell it? Do you smell it, Uther?
Uther: Aredian.
Aredian: It’s all around us, the foul stench of sorcery. It’s infected your great city like a contagion.
Uther: I welcome you to Camelot, Aredian. Thank you for making such haste to be here.
Aredian: Well let’s hope I’m not too late, mm? For every hour counts in the war against sorcery. Unchecked, it spreads like a disease; seeks out the young and the old, the weak and the able, the fair and the foul of heart alike. You have grown lazy, Uther. You’ve grown idle. Your once noble Camelot is rotten to the core. You stand on the brink of dark oblivion.
Arthur: I am at your disposal, Aredian. The knights will aid you in any way they can.
Aredian: You must be Arthur.
Arthur: I must be.
Aredian: You’re a great warrior – the finest this kingdom has ever known.
Arthur: Thank you.
Aredian: So you won’t be offended when I say that I shall have no need of you, or your knights. The subtle arts of sorcery can only be fought by yet subtler means, methods honed over decades of study. Methods known only to myself.

Merlin: I don’t know what to say.
Gaius: You don’t have to say anything.
Merlin: Yeah, I do… the amulet isn’t mine either.
Gaius: Then how did it get there?
Merlin: Aredian.
Gaius: Aredian?
Merlin: There’s no other explanation.
Gaius: But why?
Merlin: It doesn’t matter why, all that matters is if I can prove he planted it you’re saved –
Gaius: No. You must let this go.
Merlin: No? But you’re falsely accused, I have a chance to prove that, I must take that chance –
Gaius: No, Merlin, you must not!
Merlin: I don’t understand. Do you want to die?
Gaius: No – but neither do I want you to die. And die you surely will if you get too close to Aredian. He will trap you, Merlin. He will manipulate you and without ever meaning to you’ll incriminate yourself.
Merlin: But –
Gaius: You must let this go.
Merlin: ...I must let you go... (eyes bright with tears)
Gaius: (nods gravely)

Gwen: Arthur! Arthur! Arthur, you’ve got to stop this!
Arthur: I can’t Gwen, you know I can’t.
Gwen: Merlin has proof that Gaius is innocent.
Arthur: My father’s already passed sentence, there’s nothing I can do.
Gwen: You can do the right thing, Arthur Pendragon! You can show some faith in a loyal friend or you can stand by and watch an innocent man die!
Arthur: Guinevere –
Gwen: You did it once before to my father; are you really willing to let it happen again? And you can stop looking at me like that, I know I’m only a servant – I thought you were a prince, so start behaving like one!

Gaius: (to Uther) You see foes where there are friends, you see sorcerers where there are servants! I am not the first to be falsely accused of magic and not all have been as lucky as I.

The Sins of the Father [2.8][edit]

Merlin: Uther won’t forgive you if he finds out you’ve collaborated with a sorcerer.
Arthur: What if my father’s attitude to magic is wrong?
Merlin: You really think that?
Arthur: Perhaps it’s not as simple as he would have us believe. Morgause is a sorcerer, she’s caused us no harm. Surely not everyone who practices magic is evil?

Arthur: I'm not a child.
Uther: You are my child.

Arthur: I am indebted to you, Merlin. I had become… confused. It is once again clear to me that those who practice magic are evil and dangerous – and that is thanks to you.
(Merlin tearing up, on hearing this)
Merlin: Glad I could help.

Merlin: Arthur's thanking me, Uther's grateful, you're proud... I've never been this popular!
Gaius: I'm almost certain it won't last.
Merlin: Just let me enjoy the moment.

Arthur: What if my father is wrong. That not all magic is evil.

Arthur: And what would you know about magic, Merlin?
Merlin: Nothing.

Arthur: If I don't show up it might be because I don't know where I'm going.
Morgause: The path you must follow will become clear to you.

Arthur: Merlin, what are you doing? Lower the rope!
Merlin: There is no more rope!!!
Arthur: ...Merlin. Do not. Let go. Of the rope.
Merlin: (Struggles for a few moments but then looses his grip, falling back. He looks at the window in alarm, and a few moments later there is a loud crash.)

Morgana: I feel as though I somehow know Morgause.
Gaius: I don't know how.

The Lady of the Lake [2.9][edit]

Merlin: Breakfast. [makes his way to the door to leave.]
Arthur: [sits up] Oi! Where's the meat, cheese?
Merlin: That’s the new breakfast menu.
Arthur: [picks up food] This isn't enough!
Merlin: We've got to keep you in shape.
Arthur: I'm fighting fit!
Merlin: We want to keep you that way!
Arthur: Merlin! [He throws food at him] Is there somewhere you have to be?
Merlin: Of course not.
Arthur: Good. Because I've got some chores for you to do.

Freya: You can't always trust people.
Merlin: I know. That’s why I left home.
Freya: Where is home?
Merlin: Ealdor – it’s a small village – few fields, couple of cows, nothing special.
Freya: My home was next to a lake surrounded by the tallest mountains. In the winter the storms whipped up the water into waves – we thought they were going to crash down and take away all the houses, but in the summer, wild flowers and light, it was like heaven.
Merlin: Sounds perfect.
Freya: It was.
Merlin: Was?
Freya: My family died.
Merlin: You’ve been on your own ever since? [she nods] You're not on your own anymore. I'm going to look after you. I promise.
Freya: You can't look after me. No one can.
Merlin: I don’t think you understand. [takes her hand in his] I've never known anyone like you.

The Great Dragon: (to Merlin) I have lived for over a thousand years. Do not believe that you can lie to me.

Merlin: You really don't realize how special you are, do you?
Freya: You aren't scared of me?
Merlin: Being different is nothing to be scared of. [They kiss, a single tear running down Merlin's cheek]

Merlin: We're going to get you out of here, out of Camelot.
Freya: How?
Merlin: Get you some clothes, disguise you. What's wrong?
Freya: It's just, I'm going to miss you.
Merlin: No, you won't because I'm going to come with you.
Freya: What?
Merlin: I told you, I'm going to look after you.
Freya: You can't, don’t say that.
Merlin: It's not what you want?
Freya: Merlin, you have a good life here. My life is... I have to keep moving, always looking over my shoulder, people chasing me.
Merlin: Then we'll go somewhere where nobody knows us, somewhere far away. [pause] You haven’t given me your answer.
Freya: I want that more than anything. [both smile] Where will we go?
Merlin: Somewhere with mountains.
Freya: A few fields.
Merlin: Wild flowers.
Freya: A couple of cows.
Merlin: And a lake.
Freya: And a lake.

Merlin: I am so sorry for what that sorcerer did to you.
Freya: Merlin, you have nothing to be sorry for.
Merlin: There must be something I can do, someway to save you.
Freya: You’ve already saved me, you made me feel loved.
Merlin: I don’t want you to go.
Freya: One day, Merlin, I will repay you. I promise. [her eyes close]
Merlin: Freya. [he hugs her body to him]

Arthur: Something's been upsetting you, hasn't it.
Merlin: Maybe.
Arthur: Was it when I threw water at you?
Merlin: Wasn't very nice.
Arthur: It was a bit unfair... Like when you called me "fat".
Merlin: Why was that unfair?
Arthur: Cause I am not!
Merlin: (just smirks)
Arthur: ...(without warning grabs Merlin in a headlock, rubbing the top of his head with his fist) Still think I need to get in shape?
Merlin: (struggling to get away) No, no no no!
Arthur: (releases him)
Merlin: (laughs)
Arthur: That's better.

Merlin: I'm Merlin, by the way.
Freya: I'm Freya.

Merlin: You're not on your own anymore. I'm going to look after you, I promise.

Freya: Why are you so good to me?
Merlin: Because I can't help it, cause I- (smiles bashfully) I like you.

Gaius: I understand how it feels Merlin.
Merlin: You could never understand. Do you know how it feels, to be a monster? To be afraid of who you are?

Gaius: Where's the girl?
Merlin: She's gone. She's dead.

Sweet Dreams [2.10][edit]

Arthur: I need your help in.. expressing, my feelings.
Merlin: ...of course.
Arthur: Well? How do I express my feelings?
Merlin: Oh! Oh I see, right. Uhm. Feelings.
Arthur: Feelings.
Merlin: Girls.
Arthur: Girls.
Merlin: Flowers?

Vivian: It's written in the stars, Vivian and Arthur, a love throughout time, a love... stronger than time, a love...
(Merlin knocks Vivian unconscious with magic)

Merlin: I may have caused a problem. Although, it wasn't entirely my doing.
Gaius: What now Merlin?
Merlin: Arthur's in love.
Gaius: And how did you cause that?
Merlin: That bit isn't my fault, the other bit is.

Merlin: I have proof.
Arthur: Proof?
Merlin: You kissed her. In the tent. (says this smugly)
Arthur: Merlin.
Merlin: Yes?
Arthur: What happened in the tent?
Merlin: mnhm?
Arthur: Speak of it again and I'll kill you.
Merlin: ...right.

The Witch's Quickening [2.11][edit]

(Mordred is guiding Alvarr to Morgana's chambers, telepathically, to which Merlin can hear him and the voices meld)
Mordred: This way! (echoes) Not far now. (echoes) Morgana's chambers. (echoes)

Merlin: You know what they say, good food takes time to prepare.
Arthur: And this taste sensation took exactly how long?
Merlin: Nearly five minutes.
Arthur: Really? Five minutes?
Merlin: You need that long you see. To let it thicken.

The Great Dragon: (to Merlin) The old prophecies speak of an evil alliance between Mordred and Morgana. Together they will bring great evil. This alliance must be stopped. Whatever the cost.

(During the battle, Merlin sees Mordred running away. To stop him using The Crystal of Neahtid, Merlin uses magic to release a branch which trips up Mordred. Mordred turns and sees Merlin.)
Mordred: (Telepathically) I shall never forgive this Emrys. And I shall never forget.
(Mordred runs off)

Morgana: From this day forward I do not know you. From this day forward, I disown you.
Uther: You will go to your chambers!
Morgana: And you Uther, you will go to hell.

Gaius: There is no power on this earth that can know all possible futures. Even the crystal.
Merlin: But what I saw... it was so real.
Gaius: It was real. But it was just one reality. The future is as yet unshaped, it is we that shape it. It is you, Merlin, and the decisions you make, The actions you take. Remember that.

The Fires of Idirsholas [2.12][edit]

[Merlin and Arthur are discussing how to hide an unconscious Uther.]
Merlin: Why don't we disguise him?
Arthur: That might just work..
Merlin: We can dress him as a woman.
Arthur: That, on the other hand...
Merlin: We can dress him as a servant.
Arthur: THAT'S better.

Arthur: If I need a servant in the next life...
Merlin: Don't ask me.

(Merlin goes to see The Great Dragon, who is pretending to sleep)
Merlin: Hello! Oh, no. Not you too. Come on. I know you're listening.
The Great Dragon: I don't need to listen to you, Merlin. You always say the same thing; 'Help me'. However you fail to help others. You failed to heed my words before. Camelot's fall is nigh, and there is nothing you can do about it.
Merlin: I swear on my mother's life, that I will free you. (hesitant)
The Great Dragon: Careful what you say, Merlin! You care for your mother more than your own life. I believe this is a promise you'll keep. You will need more than words to break this magic. It takes powerful magic to create this disease, but to maintain it, you need a vessel. You must eradicate the source of the disease. Only then will the spell be broken.
(Merlin knows the vessel is Morgana and leaves)

(Merlin is in turmoil after poisoning Morgana)
Gaius: You did the right thing.
Merlin: How can you say that? She was your friend too.
Gaius: Yes. However, I fear that unlike you, she has decided not to use her gifts for good.

Morgana: (to Merlin) You're a good friend.

Morgana: (Morgana falls and a soldier closes in on her, preparing to strike her down with its sword) Merlin!
Merlin: (looks back at the sound of her voice, but after a long moment he continues on without her, leaving her to die)
Morgana: (looking at his retreating figure desperately) Please!

Merlin: Here, have some water. (holds his waterskin out to Morgana)

The Last Dragonlord [2.13][edit]

Merlin: You mentioned, you spoke of Ealdor. You took refuge with a woman.
Balinor: That was a long time ago.
Merlin: I grew up there.
Balinor: Ealdor?
Merlin: Yes. I know the woman.
Balinor: Hunith? She's still alive?
Merlin: Yes, she’s my mother.
Balinor: She married. That’s good.
Merlin: She never married. I'm your son.
Balinor: I don’t know what it is to have a son.
Merlin: Or I a father.

Arthur: Merlin, if I die, please..
Merlin: What?
Arthur: The dragonlord today. I saw you. [pause] One thing I tell all my young knights - no man is worth your tears.
Merlin: Yeah. You're certainly not.

Arthur: Are you really going to face this dragon with me?
Merlin: I'm not gonna sit here and watch. I know it's hard for you to understand how I feel, but... I care a hell of a lot about that armour. I'm not gonna let you mess it up.

Gwen: You shouldn't have risked your life.
Arthur: I wasn't going to let anything happen to you.

Balinor: There is a place called Ealdor.
Merlin: Yes.
Balinor: I had a life there. A woman... A good woman. Ealdor is beyond Uther's realm but still he pursued me. Why would he not let me be? What was it that I had done, that he wanted to destroy the life I'd built, abandon the woman I loved? He sent Knights to kill me. I was forced to come here... to this. So... I understand how Kilgharrah feels. He's lost every one of his kind, every one of his kin. You want to know how that feels? Look around, boy. Let Uther die. Let Camelot fall.
Merlin: You want everyone in Camelot to die?
Balinor: Why should I care?
Merlin: What if one of them was your son?
Balinor: I don't have a son.
Merlin: And if I told you...
Arthur: Merlin... Merlin... [coughs]

Balinor: When you face the Dragon... remember... be strong. A dragon's heart is on its right side, not its left.
Merlin: I can't do it alone.
Balinor: Listen to me. You are my son. I've seen enough in you to know you will make me proud.

Merlin: I felt him there with me, Gaius.
Gaius: He will always be with you.
Merlin: I hope so.
Gaius: Merlin, I know I can never compare with your father, but for what it's worth... you've still got me.
Merlin: Well, I suppose I'll just have to make do.

Arthur: You're a riddle, Merlin.
Merlin: A riddle?
Arthur: Yes, but I've grown to quite like you.

Merlin: (picks up a sword)
Arthur: What are you doing?
Merlin: I'm coming with you.
Arthur: Merlin, chances are I'm going to die.
Merlin: Yeah, yeah, you probably would if I wasn't there.
Arthur: Right.
Merlin: Do you know how many times I've had to save your royal backside?
Arthur: Well, at least you've got your sense of humour back.

Season 3[edit]

The Tears Of Uther Pendragon, Part 1 [3.1][edit]

Merlin: Do you think we should be going after them?
Arthur: You are such a girls' petticoat.

Gaius: This is madness. She has been missing for more than a year now. When are you going to stop?
Uther: When Morgana is found.

Merlin: I've been on a horse all day!
Arthur: What, is your little bottom sore?
Merlin: Yes. It's not as fat as yours.
Arthur: You know, you've got a lot of nerve for a wimp.
Merlin: Well I may be a wimp, but at least I'm not a... dollop-head.
Arthur: There's no such word.
Merlin: It's idiomatic!
Arthur: It's what?
Merlin: You need to be more in touch with the people.
Arthur: Describe dollop-head?
Merlin: In two words?
Arthur: Yeah.
Merlin: Prince Arthur.

Merlin: What do you think Uther will do to me?
Gaius: Let's just wait and see what tomorrow brings.

Morgana: I know what you did. You tried to poison me!
Merlin: I didn't want to.
Morgana: It's all right Merlin, I understand. You were just trying to protect your friends. I would have done the same.
Merlin: Really?
Morgana: I was so naïve, Merlin. I don't think I really understood what I was doing. But believe me, I have seen the evils in this world. I have seen first-hand what it is that Uther fights against. You don't know how much I regret everything that I've done! I just- I hope that you can forgive me.
Merlin: I am so sorry for everything you've been through. It's good to have you back. [They both smile.]

Uther: You should sit.
Morgana: No, no. That's all that I've done for the past year, sit. And pray that you hadn't given up one me.
Uther: Never!
Morgana: I don't know why, I wouldn't blame you.

Morgana: [To Uther] I promise you, that in the future I will give you the love and respect you deserve.

Morgause: The tears of Uther Pendragon have only begun to fall.

Uther: Standing here, seeing so many happy faces... it almost seems like a dream. I can tell you, I have not felt like this in a long time.
Arthur: What, drunk?
Uther: Drunk with happiness!

Morgana: You don't know, how much I regret everything that I've done. I just, hope that you can forgive me.
Merlin: I'm so sorry for everything that you've been through. It's good to have you back.

Morgause: And the boy, Merlin?
Morgana: Merlin?. He believes I've changed. Soon he will see exactly how much.

Arthur: Yes well you are the expert of fighting with your eyes closed.
Merlin: You didn't see what I did when we rescued Morgana.
Arthur: Because you were hiding behind a tree.
Merlin: No, I was not.
Arthur: (raises eyebrows) I'm not going to use the blindfold, I'm just going to fight like Merlin here. (holds sword in both hands, knees together, eyes shut and whimpering) I'm Merlin, don't hurt me, don't hurt me!

Morgause: Why does a lowly servant continue to risk everything for Arthur and for Camelot?
Merlin: (tied up)
Morgause: You know the answer but your not telling me, why?
Morgause: Come on, time an again you put your life on the line. There must be a reason.
Merlin: I believe in a fair and just land.
Morgause: And you think Arthur will give you that?
Merlin: I know it.
Morgause: And then what? You think you'll be recognized Merlin, is that it? All this so one day you can be a serving boy to the king?
Morgause: No... there's something more... something you're not telling me isn't there.
Merlin: I told you.
Morgause: Well, you can take your secret to your grave.

The Tears of Uther Pendragon, Part 2 [3.2][edit]

Merlin: It is your fate to be the greatest King Camelot has ever known, and your victory today will be remembered for every age until the end of time.
Arthur: There are times, Merlin, when you display a sort of - I don't know what it is. I want to say- it's not wisdom. But yes, that's what it is. Don't look so pleased, the rest of the time you look like a complete idiot.

The Great Dragon: [about Morgana] She is the darkness to your light, the hatred to your love.

Gwen: You should have more faith in yourself.
Arthur: What are the people saying?
Gwen: They are glad you have taken charge.
Arthur: I've committed them to a siege. There are going to be casualties, Gwen.
Gwen: I trust you Arthur, more than Uther, more than any man. Worry is not a wise council. Forget everything else. You have to do what you believe is right.

Merlin: Look at what you've got.
Arthur: What?-
Merlin: You... and me.
Arthur: Merlin, what exactly are you going to do?
Merlin: I'm going to be at your side - like I always am, protecting you.
Arthur: God help me.

Morgana: You should leave now while you still can.
Merlin: Morgana, please, I'm begging you. Women and children are dying. The city will fall.
Morgana: Good.
Merlin: No, you don't mean that.
Morgana: I have magic, Merlin. Uther hates me and everyone like me. Why should I feel any differently about him?
Merlin: You of all people could change Uther's mind. Doing this, using magic like this, will only harden his heart.
Morgana: You don't have magic, Merlin! How can you hope to understand?
Merlin: I do understand, believe me. If I had your gifts I would harness them for good- that's what magic is [for;] that's why you were born with these powers.
Morgana: You don't know what it's like to be an outsider! To be ashamed of how you were born; to hide who you are. Do you think I deserve to be executed because of who I am?
Merlin: No. This doesn't have to be like this. We could find another way.
Morgana: There is no other way.
[Merlin attempts to get the rod, but Morgana protects it and they start sword fighting]
Merlin: What are you going to do? Kill me?
Morgana: You don't think I can?
Merlin: Then, if you're going to do it, make it quick.

Goblin's Gold [3.3][edit]

Gwen:[Has just discovered Arthur with donkey ears] What's happened to you?
[Arthur brays incoherently, gesturing to his ears]
Gwen: Did Gaius do this to you?
[Arthur brays affirmatively]
Gwen: He's a goblin!
[Arthur brays 'duh!']

Merlin: Arthur's a donkey.
Gwen: He has the ears of a donkey. And the voice. H-he's braying.
Merlin: [nods] He's braying, yeah. [Clears his throat then laughs]
Gwen: [laughs a bit] It's not funny, Merlin.
Merlin: No. No no, Arthur is a donkey, what's funny about that? [laughs more]
Gwen: He looked so pitiful! I've never seen Arthur look like that.

Gaius: I can see deep into your heart. It is cold, cold as stone. You play at being Uther’s loving ward. You play it so well you’ve fooled him but you don’t fool me. You would see Uther dead and Camelot destroyed.
Morgana: Why would you say such a thing?
Gaius: Because it’s the truth. There is evil in your heart.

Gwaine [3.4][edit]

Arthur: You know what you need after a hard day's hunt?
Merlin: Sleep.
Arthur: A nice cold tankard of mead.
Merlin: Mead. [Disbelievingly]
[Merlin shakes head, and follows on horse]

Arthur: [Adjusting horse straps] There's no better place to measure the mood of your people, than the local tavern.
Merlin: This is one of those moments where I tell you something isn't a good idea and you ignore me, isn't it?
Arthur: You're learning Merlin slowly, but, you're learning. [Pause] Now remember, in here, you're not my servant, I'm just a simple peasant like everyone else.
[Merlin nods skeptically, turns]
Merlin: The simple part's right.
Arthur: What?
Merlin: I said the sun is very bright.
Arthur: [looks around] Yeah, yeah it is.

Serving Lady: Afternoon, what'll it be?
Arthur: Ah...
Serving Lady: Mmm, you're a handsome fellow.
Arthur: Well, you wouldn't be the first to say it.
Serving Lady: Oh no, sorry, I was talkin' about your friend here.
Arthur: Him? [Looking at Merlin incredulously]
Merlin: Thank you!
Arthur: [Flatly] Two tankards of mead, please.
Merlin: I was wrong. Coming here was a great idea.

[Thug comes in and threatens serving lady]
Arthur: Take your hands, off her.
[Thug turns and throws punch (Arthur dodges)]
Thug: I'm gonna make you pay for that.
Merlin: [at table, laughs] I'd like to see you try.
[Thug turns, calls in more thugs]
Arthur: [through clenched teeth] You had to open your big mouth, didn't you, Merlin?
Gwaine: [walks up to thug] You two have got yourselves in a bit of a pickle, haven't you?
Arthur: You should get out of here while you have the chance.
Gwaine: You're probably right. [takes drink, offers tankard to thug, smiles, punches thug in the face] [bar fight ensues]

[Merlin ducks behind counter]
Gwaine: Pass the jug. [Merlin grabs jug, Gwaine takes drink, turns, and punches a thug]
Gwaine: What do they call you then?
Merlin: Merlin.
Gwaine: [Shake hands] Gwaine, pleasure to meet you. [Merlin begins to yell "Watch out!" Gwaine turns and smashes the jug in the face of opponent, turns to Merlin]
Gwaine: Such a waste, huh?

[Gwaine struggles against armed guards]
Gwaine: [To the king] Nobility is defined by what you do, and not by who you are, and these men ... are anything but.

The Crystal Cave [3.5][edit]

Arthur: You look like a startled stoat.
Merlin: Yeah? Well, at least I don't look like a bone idle...toad. Let's go.
Arthur: Are you saying I look like a toad?
Merlin: Yeah, and maybe one day you'll magically transform into a handsome prince...just magic's outlawed, that'll probably never happen. Come on, let's go.
Arthur: Merlin! [Merlin turns] I'm the one who gives the orders, remember?
Merlin: Yeah. [pause] You ready? Let's go.

The Changeling [3.6][edit]

Merlin: I've brought you your ceremonial sword.
Arthur: Is that for me to fall on?
Merlin: Hopefully not. What's wrong?
Arthur: You wouldn't understand, Merlin. You have no idea what it's like to have a destiny... you can't escape.
Merlin: Destinies are troublesome things. You feel trapped? Like your whole life has been planned out for you and you've got no control over anything and sometimes you don't even know if what destiny has decided is really the best thing at all.
Arthur: How come you're so knowledgeable?
Merlin: I read a book.
Arthur: And what would this book tell you? Should I marry her?
Merlin: It's not really my place to say, sire.
Arthur: I'm asking you, it's your job to answer.
Merlin: If you really want to know what I think? I think you're mad. I think you're all mad. People should marry for love, not convenience. And if Uther thinks an unhappy king makes for a stronger kingdom, then he's wrong because you may be destined to rule Camelot but you have a choice... as to how you do it.

Elena: I hope in time we will both find the love we deserve. Until then, if you ever feel like being beaten in a horse race, you'll know where to find me.

The Castle of Fyrien [3.7][edit]

Arthur: I thought I told you to ride for Camelot?
Gwen: You may be a prince, but I don't always have to do what you tell me to.

Arthur: You know what your problem is? All talk, and no trousers!

Morgana: What do you want, Merlin?
Merlin: Arthur sent me. He wanted me to make sure that you were OK.
Morgana: How very thoughtful of him.
Merlin: Well, he cares for you, you know. And Gwen too. They're your friends, Morgana. They've always been loyal to you.
Morgana: Why are you telling me this?
Merlin: Because I don't understand how anyone would want to hurt their friends.
Morgana: No, you just poison them. You'd do well, Merlin, to stay out of things that do not concern you.
Merlin: Oh, but they do concern me, because they're my friends too, and I'll do whatever it takes... to protect them.
Morgana: I would expect nothing less.

The Eye of the Phoenix [3.8][edit]

Morgana: You look troubled, sire.
Uther: He is sole heir to the throne, Morgana.
Morgana: Don't worry. I'm certain a Pendragon will rule over Camelot for a long time to come.

Grettir: Who is it that wishes to cross my bridge?
Arthur: A knight... on a quest to find the trident of the Fisher King.
Grettir: Then you must be Courage.
Arthur: No, I'm Prince Arthur of Camelot.
Grettir: I'm Grettir. I have to say, you're not as short as I thought you would be. Before I let you pass, I'll give you a little advice. As Courage, there are two more things you will need to complete your quest - Strength and Magic.
Arthur: I don't condone the use of magic.
Grettir: You'd be wise not to dismiss it so freely. The rules in the land you are heading to are quite different to those in the world you know.
Arthur: [unnerved] Thank you for your help.

[Wyverns roar in the distance]
Merlin: What was that?
Gwaine: A pheasant.
Merlin: A pheasant?
Gwaine: A very big one.

Arthur: Now, I'm sure if we can just reach in here... [insects crawl out], we'll be able to find something to release the door.
Gwaine: Go on, then. Don't be such a princess. This is your quest, after all.

Love in the Time of Dragons [3.9][edit]

Merlin: Did you go out last night?
Gaius: Yes, I had to get some herbs.
Merlin: Herbs...?
Gaius: A... A new supplier just arrived.
Merlin: Right... Do your suppliers normally kiss you?
Gaius: You followed me. How dare you!

Queen of Hearts [3.10][edit]

Arthur: By the sacred laws vested in me... I pronounce you, Guinevere, Queen of Camelot.

Merlin: How did Uther know where to find you?
Arthur: I don't know, you were the only person who knew where we were.
Merlin: I didn't tell him.
Arthur: Oh, maybe something you said gave it away.
Merlin: I didn't say anything.
Arthur: You know, Merlin, you couldn't keep a secret if your life depended on it!
Merlin: You'd be surprised!
Arthur: What's that supposed to mean?
Merlin: ... Nothing.

Arthur: [to Gwen] I will always love you!

(Old) Merlin: And you, oh I've heard how you...mistreat your servants! They do everything for you but they don't have any thanks! You are an arrogant prat, with the brain of a donkey and a face of a toad!


Arthur: [Enters prison cell] It's time. [Guards grab Merlin.]
(Old) Merlin: Wait!
Arthur: What is it?
(Old) Merlin: There...are...other crimes I wish to confess. [Chuckles]
Arthur: [Looks puzzled] What difference does it make? You're...about to be burnt at the stake, we can't execute you twice.

Arthur: Merlin? Where's the sorcerer?
Merlin: He went... He went that way.
Arthur: Sound the warning bell, search the entire palace. I want him found. Are you telling me, you let him run straight past you?
Merlin: He was... too fast for me.
Arthur: He's a doddery old man! This is what happens when you spend all day in the tavern.
Merlin: What?!
Arthur: Perhaps mucking out my horses will help sober you up.

The Sorcerer's Shadow [3.11][edit]

Arthur: The only rule is- there are no rules.

Merlin: How are you feeling?
Arthur: Confident.
Merlin: You're sure?
Arthur: Yes.
Merlin: The last time this tournament was held, [whispers] three men died.
Arthur: Really?
Merlin: That was just on the first day.
Arthur: Thank you for that, Merlin.
Merlin: Then on that second day...
Arthur: Let's just get through the first.
Merlin: You're right- because that's when the most people die.
Arthur: Merlin?
Merlin: Yes?
Arthur: Shut up.

Morgana: This is a contest like no other- it is open to all commers, including our reigning champion the King! There are no rules- no weapons are banned. The last man standing takes the prize. Let the tournament begin!

Gili: I've never killed a man before. I just wanted to feel... what it was like. To be respected. Point is, I'm not a killer. This isn't me.
Merlin: You need to withdraw.
Gili: I'm going to.

Merlin: I thought you weren't going to fight.
Gili: You've seen the way people are now- they're showing me respect. You don't know what it's like for me-
Merlin: I do.
Gili: No. No one does.
[Merlin mutters an incantation which produces a small fire in his hand.]
Merlin: It's lonely... to be more powerful than any man you know and have to live like a shadow. To... to be special and have to pretend that you're a fool. I know how it feels... I understand.

Arthur: What am I going to do, Merlin? If I fight my father tomorrow, the way I can, I'll show him up, I'll humiliate him in front of his people. Or worse, I could even wound him or kill him.
Merlin: He's not going to back down, is he? He's determined to prove himself. If he doesn't win.
Arthur: You don't have to put up with the gloating. Do you have any idea what is feels like to live with a man who constantly thinks he's the best?
Merlin: Mmh, it's a bit irritating...

Uther: I have followed your progress with a sword since you were a boy. I know your abilities better than anyone. I am eternally grateful. I hope that when you are King and have sons of your own, that they will afford you the same honour. Indeed, the most satisfying outcome of the tournament is that Arthur's actions have shown me that he is now truly ready to be king.

The Coming of Arthur (Part One) [3.12][edit]

Arthur: You will be ready by sunrise, won't you, Merlin?
Merlin: If I don't know where we're going, how do I know what to pack? Will it be hot, will it be cold, will it be wet, will it be dry?
Arthur: Don't be such a girl, Merlin, we're not going on holiday.
Merlin: Holiday, what's a holiday?

Merlin: You don't know where we're going?
Arthur: No, Merlin, I know where we're going. I just can't tell you, that's all.
Merlin: Right, 'cause if you do you'll have to kill me, I suppose.
Arthur: Immediately and without hesitation.
Merlin: ...Great. It'll be a surprise, I love surprises, who doesn't love a good... surprise?

Gwen: Is it true that they attack at dawn?
Morgana: I'm afraid so.
Gwen: And there is no word from Arthur?
Morgana: Nothing.
Gwen: Then all is lost. We'll be massacred, every last one of us!
Morgana: Not everyone has to die.
Gwen: What do you mean, not everyone?
[Morgana starts to walk towards Gwen]
Morgana: Those that defy them, those that choose to fight- they will surely die. Those who do not resist, those that choose to welcome change, they will have a future here. Everyone has a choice, Gwen.
Gwen: You know I have always been loyal to you, Morgana, and I always will be.
Morgana: Then have no fear. No harm will come to you- I can promise you that.

Cenred: Are you threatening me?
Morgause: Trust me, Cenred, when I am threatening you, you'll know about it.

Gwaine: Back in the arena, I had you bang to rights, did I not?
Arthur: That... was just a game.
Gwaine: Oh, a game? Right. I won that game, did I not?
Arthur: No, you didn't. One more minute...
Merlin: One more minute and you both would have been dead! Neither of you won. Your plan was a half-baked disaster and if it was not for that fire, we would all be pushing up daisies.

Arthur: Actually, we were on a quest.
Merlin: We're looking for the Cup of Life. [Arthur slaps him on the head] What?!
Arthur: What part of the word "secret" did you not understand?
Merlin: It's... Gwaine.
Gwaine: Gentlemen, gentlemen. It seems - whatever it is that you're after - you could use a little help.

Morgana: [to Uther] I am your daughter, after all.

Geoffrey of Monmouth: By the power invested in me, I crown thee, Morgana Pendragon, Queen of Camelot.

The Coming of Arthur (Part Two) [3.13][edit]

Arthur: Merlin, for once, leave me in peace. Please.
Merlin: I understand. Your father lied to you about Morgana - I don't know why, I'm sure he had his reasons - but now is not the time for that. He is still your father. He needs you. Camelot needs you.
Arthur: I've known her all my life. How could she do this to us?
Merlin: I can't answer that. But you have a duty to your father, to your people... You can't give up on them now.
Arthur: We cannot defeat an immortal army.
Merlin: We don't know until we try.

Arthur: Here. Come and join me. [Everyone stops what they are doing and sits down around the Round Table.] This table belonged to the Ancient Kings of Camelot. The Round Table afforded no one man more importance than the other. They believed in equality above all things, so it seems fitting that we revive this tradition now. Without each of you, we would not be here. My father has languished in prison too long. Tomorrow, I make my bit to rescue him. Are there any around this round table who will join me?"
Lancelot: [Lancelot rises] You taught me the values of being a Knight, the code by which a man should live his life, to fight with honour, for justice, freedom, and all that's good. I believe in the world you will build.
Elyan: Even though I was a commoner and a nobody, you were willing to lay down your life for me, Arthur. It is now my time to repay you.
Sir Leon: have fought alongside you many times. There is no other person I would rather die for.
Gwaine: I think we've no chance- but I wouldn't miss it for the world.
Percival: Your enemies are my enemies.
Gaius: If you need an old man...
Gwen: You know the answer.
Arthur: Merlin?
Merlin: No, I don't really fancy it.
Arthur: You don't have a choice, Merlin.
Merlin: [Stands up, smiles at Arthur, and nods.]
Arthur: I want to thank you all for staying with me in Camelot's hour of need. I'll do something my father wouldn't approve of. [He knights Lancelot, Gwaine, Percival, and Elyan.]
Arthur: Tomorrow when you fight, you can stand proud, knowing you are members of the most noble army the world has ever known.

Lancelot: What are you planning? And don't even think about lying--I know you too well.
Merlin: It's too difficult to explain.
Lancelot: Tell me.
Merlin: Morgana has the Cup of Life. If I can find it and empty the blood within it, the army will be destroyed and Morgana will be powerless.
Lancelot: Aren't you forgetting something? It's guarded by an immortal army.
Merlin: Aren't you forgetting something- I have magic.
Lancelot: Doesn't make you immortal.
Merlin: No.
Lancelot: You know Merlin, you're the one Arthur should knight. You're the bravest of them all and he doesn't even know it.

Merlin: [Looking at Freya's image in the waters of Avalon.] No.... Freya?
Freya: I missed you.
Merlin: No-
Freya: Merlin, we don't have long.
Merlin: Is it really you?
Freya: [Nods slightly and smiles] I swore that one day I would repay you. Now is the moment.

Elyan: Gwaine? Are you alive?
Gwaine: [From inside the tunnel] What do you think? [The knights smile, relieved and Gwaine steps out of the tunnel] And that's Sir Gwaine to you.

Season 4[edit]

The Darkest Hour (Part One) [4.01][edit]

Morgause: I do not belong to this world. There is nothing left for me here, now. Please, sister, let my parting be my final gift to you.

[About Uther]
Gaius: It's been a year since Morgana betrayed him. His heart is broken and his spirit is gone. Are you joining us for the feast tonight?
Gwen: I don't think so. I need to stay with the King.
Gaius: You're very good to him, Gwen.
Gwen: I don't do it for him. I do it for Arthur.

The Cailleach: I am the Cailleach, the Gate Keeper to the Spirit World. You have torn the veil between the worlds. [A Dorocha screams from the tear in the worlds behind the Calilleach]. The Dorocha- they are the voices of the Dead, my child. Like the Dead, they are numberless. You are right to be afraid, Morgana, your enemies will woe this day and all the destruction it brings, but you must be prepared. Tearing the veil between these two worlds has created a new world, and you will not walk through it alone. The one they call Emrys will walk in your shadow. He is your destiny and he is your doom.

Gwen: Will you grant me a favour?
Lancelot: Anything.
Gwen: Look after him. Bring him home.
Lancelot: I will protect him with my life. You have my promise.
Gwen: Thank you.

Arthur: Merlin, do you need your comfort blanket?
Merlin: What do you mean?
Arthur: You're making me edgy.
[Horse whinnies]
Arthur: That's a horse.
Merlin: Maybe it sensed something.
Arthur: Yes, that you're a clotpole.
Merlin: That's my word.
Arthur: Yeah, and it suits you perfectly.

Merlin: You're not scared?
Arthur: Oh, I am, Merlin. Maybe more than you.

Merlin: It's my destiny to protect Arthur.
Gaius: How? Your magic is powerless against the Dorocha.
Merlin: Then I must sacrifice myself in his place.
Gaius: No.
Merlin: My life has been marked out by destiny. If this is meant to be... I'm not afraid. I will gladly die, Gaius, knowing that one day... Albion will live.
[They hug.]

[About the Dorocha]
Sir Gwaine: We are literally chasing shadows.

Merlin: My magic is useless against them. I've tried. I've never felt so powerless. Something deep inside... and when it came for me, I felt this emptiness... I couldn't breathe. I'm scared.
Gaius: Merlin. It's all right. It's not your fault.

Arthur: You're a brave man Merlin, between battles.

Merlin: You all right?
Arthur: It's cold.
Merlin: Right.
Arthur: You're not feeling it?
[Merlin shakes his head.]
Arthur: You know, Merlin- you're braver than they give you credit for.
Merlin: Really, was that so difficult?
Arthur: That was stupid.
[They both laugh.]
Arthur: You know, they say the darkest hour is just before the dawn.
Merlin: It's pretty dark right now.
Arthur: It won't be long, now.

Arthur: All the things I've faced...I've never worried about dying.
Merlin: I don't think you should now.
Arthur: Sometimes you puzzle me.
Merlin: You never fathomed me out?
Arthur: ...No.
Merlin: I always thought, if things had been different, we would have been good friends.
Arthur: Yeah.

The Darkest Hour (Part Two) [4.02][edit]

Arthur: [About Merlin dying] This is my fault... and I'm sorry.
Merlin: [Struggles to talk] Take me with you... please.
Arthur: You'd die, Merlin.
Merlin: You don't understand... please, Arthur.
Arthur: Do you ever do as you're told?
Merlin: I have to come with you.
Arthur: Merlin...
Sir Lancelot: We need to leave.

Sir Gwaine: Do you hear that?
Sir Leon: Bees?
Sir Gwaine: Food!

Sir Leon: You're quiet.
Arthur: That's what happens after three days listening to Gwaine.
Sir Leon: [Smiles at the joke before turning serious again] You did the right thing, you know? Merlin couldn't continue with us.
Arthur: I should've saved him.

Sir Gwaine: Remind me again why we're wearing this disgusting paste?
Arthur: Wilddeoren are completely blind. They rely totally on their sense of smell. Gaia berries will mask our scent.
Sir Gwaine: What are the chances of us not seeing a wilddeoren?
Arthur: None.

Sir Lancelot: [Confused at Merlin's recovery] You're meant to be... dying.
Merlin: Sorry.

Agravaine: [about Guinevere] She's a servant. A spirited one perhaps, but a servant nonetheless.
Morgana: No, you're wrong. I have dreamt the future, and in it, that 'servant' sits upon my throne. I would rather drown in my own blood than see that day.
Agravaine: Then we must make sure it never comes.
Morgana: I couldn't agree more. We must make sure she never sees another dawn.

Sir Elyan: Do you know what we're going to face on the Isle of the Blessed?
[Arthur nods]
Sir Elyan: Do you want to tell me?
Arthur: The burden is mine and mine to bear alone.
Sir Elyan: Look around, Arthur. We would fight 1,000 armies with our bare hands for you. You are never alone. We stand together. Come on, I'll take over. You need some rest.
Arthur: [Passes him the torch] Thank you.

Merlin: You don't have to continue on this journey with me, you know?
Sir Lancelot: [Chuckles] Try and stop me.
Merlin: Why? Because you're a knight, you feel honour-bound?
Sir Lancelot: You wouldn't understand. It doesn't make any sense to me either.
Merlin: Gwen?
Sir Lancelot: I made her a vow I would keep Arthur safe.
Merlin: You don't have to worry. I'll keep him safe.

Merlin: [About Gwen] You still think about her?
Sir Lancelot: No. Arthur's a better man than me.
Merlin: I'm sorry.
Sir Lancelot: Why? He loves her... and she's happy.

The Great Dragon: [To Merlin] Who is your friend?
Sir Lancelot: I am Lancelot.
The Great Dragon: Of course, Sir Lancelot. The bravest and most noble of them all.
Sir Lancelot: I'm not sure that is true.
The Great Dragon: We shall see.

Merlin: Arthur intends to sacrifice himself to heal the veil. It is my destiny is to protect him, you taught me that.
The Great Dragon: Merlin, you must not do this.
Merlin: I have no choice. I must take his place.
The Great Dragon: From the moment I met you, I saw something that was invisible. Now it is there for all to see.
Merlin: A lot of what you see, old friend... is what you taught me.
The Great Dragon: It will be an empty world without you, young warlock.

Sir Lancelot: When we get to the Isle of the Blessed, do you really intend to sacrifice yourself?
Merlin: What do you want me to say?
Sir Lancelot: I look at you and I wonder about myself. Could I knowingly give up my life for something?
Merlin: You have to have a reason. Something you care about. Something that's more important than anything.

[Gwaine takes off his boots and socks]
Sir Elyan: [Gagging] Has something died?
Sir Gwaine: Why am I always the butt?
Sir Leon: Can't think.
[Sir Elyan and Sir Leon get up and sit down on the other side of the fire with Arthur and Sir Percival]
Sir Gwaine: Pick on Percival.
Sir Percival: Why me?
Sir Elyan: He washes.
Sir Leon: [Gesturing to where Sir Gwaine's sock has caught fire] And he doesn't set fire to his socks.
Sir Gwaine: [Grabbing the sock and trying to extinguish the flame] Ah, no!

Arthur: Lancelot? How's Merlin?
Sir Lancelot: Bad news... [Sighs deeply] He's still alive.
[Merlin shows up behind him. Arthur laughs, relieved, Merlin smiles too]
Sir Gwaine: Merlin!
[The knights welcome Merlin and Sir Lancelot]
Arthur: [Puts his hand on Merlin's shoulder] Good to see you, Merlin.
Merlin: Yeah, good to see you too.

Merlin: It's going to be fine. Everything will be all right.
Arthur: I'm just tired.
Merlin: You don't have to sacrifice yourself.
Arthur: I have to save my people.
Merlin: I will take your place.
Arthur: Merlin...
Merlin: What is the life of a servant, compared to that of a prince?
Arthur: A good servant's hard to come by.
Merlin: I'm not that good.
Arthur: True.

Arthur: Look after Guinevere. I want her to be happy in her life. She deserves that.
Merlin: Don't worry. I'll make sure.

The Cailleach: So, Emrys, you choose to challenge me after all. Will you give yourself to the spirits to save your prince?
Merlin: It is my destiny.
The Cailleach: Perhaps. But your time among men is not yet over, Emrys, even if you want it to be.
[Lancelot walks towards the veil, looks back at Merlin and smiles. The Dorocha scream. Lancelot turns around and walks through the veil.]
Merlin: No! No! No!

Arthur: [Before Sir Lancelot's funeral pyre'] I want to pay tribute to Sir Lancelot. We owe him a great debt. But it is not just his deeds that we will never forget. It is his courage, his compassion, his unselfish heart. He was the most noble knight I will ever know. He gave his life for all of us.

Gwen: [To Arthur, crying] He didn't sacrifice himself for Camelot. I asked him to look after you and he promised me with his life. He was true to his word.

The Wicked Day [4.03][edit]

Merlin: Oh! Did you see that?
Arthur: It's a man throwing sticks in the air.
Merlin: What's wrong? It's your birthday! A huge feast is being held in your honor. You've got dancers, jugglers and acrobats to entertain you. ... It must be a terrible burden.
Arthur: Perhaps I'm less easily impressed than you.
Merlin: I'm really looking forward to it.
Arthur: Because you have the mind of a child. [Arthur leaves the room]
Merlin: Well, I'm still more intelligent than you.
Arthur: I heard that.

Merlin: You're telling me you weren't even a little bit scared?
[Arthur is starting to become affected by the sedatives in the apple]
Arthur: Of course I wasn't. I'm a warrior. You learn to control your fear, to...[He partly crashes into a wall]
Merlin: You looked scared.
Arthur: It's good to see my father enjoying himself. He went a little quiet towards the end there. Perhaps I should go see him.
Merlin: Are you sure that's a good idea? You can barely stand up.
Arthur: Are you saying I'm drunk?
Merlin: No, I'm just saying, you shouldn't be wandering around the palace.
Arthur: And why is that?
Merlin: You're not wearing any trousers.
[Arthur looks down and sees that Merlin is right]
Arthur: Good point. [pulls up his pants and walks out the door]

[Uther has been mortally wounded.]
Uther: It’s my time.
Arthur: No, you can’t die!
Uther: I know you will make me proud as you always have. You will be a great king.
Arthur: I’m not ready.
Uther: You’ve been ready for some time, Arthur.
Arthur: No, I need you!
Uther: I know I’ve not been a good father, I put my duty to Camelot first. I’m sorry.
Arthur: Don’t say that...
Uther: But know this, Arthur, I have always loved you.

Arthur: All I know for sure is that I’ve lost both my parents to magic. It is pure evil and I’ll never lose sight of that again.

Arthur: Merlin. It's a new day. [Merlin rises.] You've been here all night?
Merlin: I didn't want you to feel that you were alone.
Arthur: You're a loyal friend, Merlin.

Aithusa [4.04][edit]

Borden: We could bring this noble creature back to life!

(Merlin has just been caught trying to steal the key from Arthur)
Arthur: What on earth are you doing?
Merlin: Er... checking for woodworms.
Arthur: Before breakfast?
Merlin: That is when the worms are most active.
Arthur: Get out.

Borden: Tell me, Merlin, would you say you're a good liar?
Merlin: When I need to be.
(Borden punches him in the face and knocks him out at the door to the castle vaults, while he escapes)
Borden: You're gonna need to be!


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