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Merlin Devere Tuttle (born August 26, 1941) is an American zoologist, ecologist, and wildlife photographer. He is an expert on bats and the author of several popular books on bats.


  • Populations of some North American insectivorous bats are known to have declined markedly in many areas over the past 20 years or more ... The causes and rates or extent of decline rarely are well documented.
    • (January 1979)"Status, Causes of Decline, and Management of Endangered Gray Bats". The Journal of Wildlife Management 43 (1): 1–17. DOI:10.2307/3800631.
  • It's very simple: We fear most what we understand the least.

The Secret Lives of Bats (2015)[edit]

  • My trap consisted of two six-by-five aluminum frames with hundreds of vertical fishing lines strung between them. It looked like a harp, but with adjustable legs to support it a few feet off the ground and a canvas bag hanging below to hold captured bats. This device, which I had recently invented, was capable of catching thousands of bats per night, enabling me to sample and release large numbers without harming them.

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