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Metro is a Polish musical with music by Janusz Stokłosa, lyrics by Agata and Maryna Miklaszewska, choreographed and directed by Janusz Józefowicz. In 1992 English version of the musical premiered on Broadway at the Minskoff Theatre.

Song lyrics[edit]

  • But not me: I won’t give in
    They can lead: but I will never follow
    Take it all: take all of it you can
    Have your fill of all they make you swallow
  • But not me
  • The days pass you by
    You’re running in place
    Tomorrow is wearing
    Your yesterday’s face
  • But not me
  • So many people so many different races
    So many tongues and religions came to be
    They couldn’t share the tower to the heavens
    They tore it down and let it crumble to the sea
  • Babel
  • Give me a cause that I can fight for
    Give me a wrong I can do right for
    Give me some laws that don’t abuse me
    Rules that won’t confuse me
  • Bluzwis
  • A deal is a deal; not a one that he calls off
    Question his ethics and he’ll cut your balls off
    All that he lives for is money
  • Boogie
  • How I crave you: your face is perfection
    But desire is mixed with dejection
    Though I’ve wooded you: obsessively pursued you
    It was not in my plan my lusting for a man
  • In God we trust, Jan addressing Benjamin Franklin’s image on $100 banknote.
  • Spanish are lazy; Russians are crazy
    Germans will beat you; after they lose
    Chinese will duck you; Frenchmen will f*** you
    Jews all have talent; too bad they’re Jews
  • Labels
  • Pale star of morning
    Unto your care
    My soul I offer
    Here my prayer
    Goddess of silver
    Please hear my plea
    Mistress of fortune
    Come to me
  • Litany
  • When you’re waiting at a station between here and there
    At a point between your dreams and your survival
    Tunnels cross; tracks can take you anywhere
    To change your life between departure and arrival
  • Metro
  • I’ve loved and seen love die
    Life goes on, people change, and I no longer cry
    Doors are closed, left behind
    Still I hold you in my mind
  • Only in my dreams
  • Behind a window, I stand and watch the people
    The kind of window that I can never break
    No matter how I try to push my heart against it
    It keeps on bending with every move I make
    Beyond the window, the world goes on without me
    Life goes by me while here I… stay
  • Window
  • The money, the money
    what I won’t do for the money
    for money, for money
    I’d gladly sell you my soul
  • The wheel of Fortune