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Metro is a 1997 action-comedy film about a wisecracking hostage negotiator. When his friend and fellow police officer is assassinated by a dangerous jewel thief, he is prepared to do just about anything to bring the killer to justice.

Directed by Thomas Carter. Written by Randy Feldman.
San Francisco's top police hostage negotiator is about to get more than he ever bargained for.taglines

Inspector Scott Roper[edit]

  • [on watching a foreign film] My eyes still hurt from reading that movie.
  • [seeing the old red truck provided by the police department] Aww. C'mon, man! Who am I? Red Foxx? I can't roll in that shit!

Michael Korda[edit]

  • You know, there's a saying in Naples: When you think you're fucking them, they're fucking you.


Kevin: I've got two words for you: seek help.
Scott: And I've got two words for you: exacta.

Scott: [trying to open an impound car, talking about his ex-girlfriend] She's going out with some baseball player called Greg Barnett.
Sam: Damn that boy can hit... and throw... and run...
Scott: [pissed off at Sam's comments] Damn... why don't you just get some pom poms and start yelling Greg... Greg... Greg. Fuck him!

Scott: Okay, stop right there. Close your eyes.
Kevin: Okay.
Scott: Tell me what you see.
Kevin: I see a scumbug behind the counter with a sawed-off. Nine-millimeter tucked away in his waistband. There's a female hostage down in front of the cereal rack... with a red polka-dot dress. Another hostage three feet to her right, with blue jeans and a checkered shirt. A male hostage down, green shirt, white pants, in front of the candy rack. There's a female scumbug behind me with a gun tucked away in her shirt... trying to pass herself off as a hostage. And there's a special on toilet paper, 4 for $1.29. That's a lot of toilet paper.


  • San Francisco's top police hostage negotiator is about to get more than he ever bargained for.
  • Life is a negotiation.


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