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Michael Avenatti

Michael John Avenatti (born February 16 1971) is an American attorney and entrepreneur.


  • These are facts you would find out as an attorney in the first 30 minutes of a meeting with a client, this is not that complicated of a situation. Did The President know about the $130,000 payment? When did The President know about it? Did The President know about the agreement? Did The President reimburse it and how did The President reimburse it? I mean I don't understand what's so complicated about that unless you're trying to hide things.
  • I know some of you may disagree with me. The answer to Donald Trump, you may say, is to do just the opposite of Donald Trump. Being noble, being kind, being classy. And I am all for each of those things, but tonight, with our country under an unprecedented assault by a con man who fights only for himself and degrades the vulnerable and the powerless and regular hardworking people day in and day out, I believe that we must honestly ask ourselves ... [in the Democratic] party whether those we fight for can afford our gentleness.
  • I think there's a huge appetite within the [Democratic] party for a fighter, i think the party has yearned for a fighter -- a fighter for good, if you will -- for a significant period of time. And for many, I'm probably seen as that individual.

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