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Michael William Edward Roberts (December 6, 1902December 13, 1948) was an English poet, writer, critic and broadcaster, who made his living as a teacher.


  • The poet is always concerned with achieving a balance between the inner and the outer world;it is his business to hold in a single thought reality and justice.
    • Two Alternatives? in ' T E Hulme ',Carcanet Press,Manchester, 1982
  • A good work of art reveals something that is in reality.A new metaphor,a new myth,a new type of character,all these reveal a feature of reality for which we previously had no name.
    • Hulme and Modrern Poetry' in ' T E Hulme ',Carcanet Press,Manchester, 1982
  • A church that exists in the midst of a non-Christian social order is liable to be influenced through assimilation or reaction by the false ideas of the age..The problem is to cast out the infection and to do this with proper humility.To stand aloof is no remedy,but a form of pride.
    • Religion and Critique of Satisfaction in ' T E Hulme ',Carcanet Press,Manchester, 1982

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