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Michael Coleman Talbot (September 29, 1953May 27, 1992) was an American author of several books highlighting parallels between ancient mysticism and quantum mechanics, and espousing a theoretical model of reality that suggests the physical universe is akin to a hologram based on the research and conclusions of David Bohm and Karl H. Pribram. According to Talbot Extrasensory perception, telepathy, and other paranormal phenomena are a product of this holographic model of reality.


The Holographic Universe (1991)[edit]

  • Consider for example the past-life memories of people under hypnosis. Whether these are actual memories of previous lives or not has yet to be proved, but the fact remains, the human inconscious has a natural propensity for generating at least apparent memories of previous incarnations. In general, the orthodox psychiatric community ignores this fact. Why?
    • p 295

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