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Michelle Gomez in 2015

Michelle Gomez (born 1966) is a Scottish actress, most noted for appearing in The Book Group playing Janice McCann and Green Wing playing Sue White.


  • I was trying to explain that this is actually a proper job but just feeling terribly ridiculous as real doctors and real patients were wheeled past," Gomez says, "There are moments when you think: what am I doing with my life?
    • An interview with Foxtel magazine.
  • I thought, wow, those people are showing off like me, that’s what I do at home. I can do that and get paid. That was my first realisation that maybe I wasn’t going to be a secretary or a postwoman or a lollipop woman. I did have a moment of thinking I liked the lollipop woman idea. But can you imagine? I would be like, ‘F**king move your car!’ I don’t think that would work.
    • An interview with the Sunday Herald talking about when she went to see Kiss Me Kate when she was seven.
  • There are times when you come across somebody that’s really impressive, someone that’s got a proper living and really does make a difference to people’s lives. Then I do feel a bit of a wanker, admitting I’m an actress. That’s hard to say to someone who may be making a difference. But I don’t know how I could change things.
    • An interview with the Sunday Herald saying why she thinks acting is not as worthy as other professions.

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