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Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is an American/British/Canadian/Irish/Australian interactive computer-animated children's television series which was the first Mickey Mouse and computer-animated program for preschoolers. Produced by Disney Television Animation, the series was created by Disney. The series originally aired 125 episodes from May 5, 2006, to November 6, 2016, on the Disney Channel.


Season 1[edit]

Episode 1: Daisy Bo-Peep[edit]

Mickey: Welcome to our Clubhouse, are you ready to play? (Mickey stares at the audience for 5 seconds) ha ha, hot dog!

(Pluto sniffs on the ground, mickey put his feet up to make room for Plutos sniffs)

Mickey: Speaking of dogs, look, it's Pluto, and he's sniffing for something, gee, I wonder what it could be?
Sheep: Baa!
Mickey: Woah, do you hear that? [Thinks] Hmm, what animal makes that sound? [Mickey pauses and thinks while Pluto continues sniffing]
Mickey: A sheep! Right! If you seen a sheep anywhere, say, sheep!


  1. Binoculars
  2. Trampoline
  3. Net
  4. Flashlight

Episode 2: A Surprise for Minnie[edit]

Daisy: hmm, I wonder where mickey and donald could be? [Looks at the sky] it's getting kinda late
Minnie: (chuckles) don't worry daisy, they'll be here, mickey never forgets valentines day
Mickey: MINNIE
Minnie: mickey
Donald: daisy
both: HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY (mickey chuckles)
Donald: aww

[Mickey walks up the stairs to give minnie her valentines card]

Minnie: (gasps) oh, why mickey, it's so beautiful you shouldn't have
Mickey: I made it with a little help from all my friends [mickey winks at the viewer]
Minnie: that's so sweet, thank you so much [minnie hugs mickey]
Mickey: ah, your welcome
Minnie: [to the viewer] and thank you too everybody
Minnie: oh, and, uh, mickey, [she brings out a bonquet of roses to mickey]
Minnie: this is for you
Minnie: happy valentines day [mickey blushes]
Mickey: aw minnie
Minnie: oh...


  1. Box of Crayons
  2. Pump
  3. Rose
  4. Blue Ribbon

episode 3: goofy’s bird[edit]

Mickey: (chuckles) we got our mousketools, alright! [Mickey walks to the middle of the clubhouse
Mickey: now we can take baby red Bird back home to the forest
Baby red bird: tweet tweet tweet
Mickey: but first, we need to look through the telescope to find the forest, everybody say, telescope!
Goofy and Mickey: TELESCOPE [A cup car appears out of nowhere and straps mickey and goofy and baby red Bird in]
Mickey: (chuckles) hold on tight everybody! [A cup car zooms up like a rocket]
Mickey: woah! yippie
Goofy: he's eating [the cup car goes into the right ear of the clubhouse, the ear opens up revealing a telescope]
Mickey: the telescope can help us see things far away, let's see if we can find the forest [mickey hands out the telescope to the viewer to see]

[The telescope moves slowly to the right revealing a big display of beautiful trees] [the telescope stops at a large pond called, Mickey pond]

Mickey: is that a forest? Nope, that's a lake, forests are made out of trees, let's keep looking. [The telescope moves fast to the right, the telescope stops revealing a bar in mickey park with minnie and daisy talking to each other]
mickey: is that a forest? Nah, that's mickey park. [The telescope moves to the right yet again, the telescope stops revealing a beautiful forest with a tall tree far away from the other parts of the forest]
Mickey: is that a forest? You betcha, that's a forest! [Mickey stops looking through the telescope]
Mickey: ha, good job pal! [Mickey gives a thumbs up to the viewer watching]

episode 4: donalds big balloon race[edit]

Mickey: welcome to the clubhouse everybody [pluto barks], that sounds like my pal pluto [the handy helper opens the clubhouse door revealing pluto with a balloon tied to the back and front of his legs]. Ha ha! There he is, and look. He's got a balloon. come here boy [pluto comes closer to mickey] Come on boy. Almost here. [pluto tries to jump into mickeys arms but he didn't make it] Hey, watcha got there? [Pluto spits the note out and mickey grabs it, he reads the poster] Hmm, it says here that today is the big balloon race. That's a race where everyone flies hot air balloons. [Mickey flungs the poster into the air after saying...] Whoopee! [Mickey looks at us] and the first one to fly over the finish line gets a big blue ribbon

episode 5: Mickey goes fishing[edit]

Goofy: hey would you mind taking care of my little kitten while I'm gone
Mickey: aw sure, no problem
Goofy: great! here ya go [a kitten comes out of goofys safari hat]
Mr pettibone: meow?
Goofy: his name is mr pettibone
Mr pettibone: meow
Pluto: ruff ruff ruff
Goofy: thanks, you're a real pal, have fun little buddy (Ahyuck) [goofy strokes mr pettibone]
Mr pettibone: (purring)
Goofy: see ya... [Goofy was just about to leave until he remembers something] Gorsh, i almost forgot, mr pettibone only eats big red gooey fish. [Goofy leaves again] See ya later
Mr pettibone: [jumps and plays with pluto]
Mickey: [chuckles to pluto] isn't he cute?
Mr pettibone: [jumps and saws a red circle on the floor which taps on his paw and suddenly rises up high in the air as a table]
Mr pettibone: Meow! [he hisses as he saw Pluto's tail, he steps on his tail, and pluto barks to Mr pettibone]

episode 6: donald and the beanstalk[edit]

Donald: I'm so happy, thank you aw
Boo Boo chicken: BAWK [boo boo chicken makes a noise, that woke willie the giant up]
Willie the giant: (sleepily) waking up (snores) duh i was asleep
Mickey donald and goofy: [looks at each other] uh oh
Willie the giant: [getting out of bed going...] Fe fi fo fum diddy dum, i smell a mouse, a duck and a dog yum yum
Goofy: it's the giant!
Mickey: oh, he's waking up
Donald: let's get outta here [the gang all runs. Skipping the mousekool scene and climbing down beanstalk scene]
Willie the giant: FE... FI... FO... FUM!
Mickey donald and goofy: (all gasp) THE GIANT
Willie the giant: [bends down] i want that chicken!
Goofy: [faints after saying] oh...
Mickey: excuse me mr giant sir, boo boo chicken is donalds chicken, and he didn't mean to trade him
Donald: yeah I made a big mistake
Willie the giant: [bends upward back into normal position, but bends down again] but i give you my magic beans
Mickey: well mr giant, you can have your magic beans back, uh, but look, [Willie the giant looks up where Mickey's pointing at] they grew into a big magic beanstalk
Willie the giant: [Willie the giant looks back down to the gang, finally realising what donald done] [willie makes a sad face and sniffs] (crying) but I want little boo boo chicken [tears comes out of willies eyes] [goofy brings a umbrella to shelter mickey and donald]
Willie the giant: he's so cuddly, and huggable, and cute

Episode 7: Minnie's Birthday[edit]

Minnie: [lifting a heavy basket full of strawberries] oh! Uh! Oh! Uh! Hmm. where in the world is everybody?
Minnie: oh!
Donald: oops, oh, i mean, hiya minnie
Minnie: donald
Donald: do you wanna jump rope?
Minnie: jump rope? Why? Is it for a special party [looks pretty] for a special someone
Donald: no no no no no no
Minnie: are you sure?
Donald: yeah, hey watch this [tries to jump rope but trips over the basket of strawberries]
Minnie: oh! don't worry donald, you'll get the hang of it
Donald: wait a minute [he untangles himself]
Minnie: bye now
Donald: wait! We can jump together, look! [donald puts the rope over minnies head and around her waist and spins the rope around rapidly, tangling minnie]
Minnie: oh, donald duck!
Donald: ha ha ha
Minnie: [slowly untangling herself] oh, don't worry donald. It's ok, now um... Are you sure you're not forgetting something about being a special day, maybe [donald isn't here]
Minnie: ohh, gosh, oh, maybe my friends did forget my birthday after all, oh, i can't believe it


  1. Birthday Candle
  2. Basket
  3. Jump Rope
  4. Elephant (mystery mouseketool)

Episode 10: Mickey Go Seek[edit]

Mickey: I wonder, which key will open the garage?
Bryce: Diamond Key


  1. Light Stick
  2. 3 Gold Keys
  3. Set of Wrenches
  4. Pogo Stick

Episode 11: Daisy's Dance[edit]


  1. Glue Stick
  2. Spool of Ribbon
  3. Battery

Episode 13: Mickey's Tresaure Hunt[edit]

Mickey: Hey, everybody. It's me, Mickey Mouse. Say, you wanna come inside my clubhouse? Well, all right! Let's go. Ah, I almost forget. To make the clubhouse appear, we get to say the magic words-- Meeska, Mooska, Mickey Mouse. Say it with me. Meeska, Mooska, Mickey Mouse.

Minnie: Don't worry, Mickey. Daisy and I will help you find the Hidden Treasure.
Minnie & Daisy: Hooray!
Mickey: Step number 1:


  1. Bar of Soap
  2. Box of Crayons: What can we use to color in the square?
  3. Building Blocks
  4. Prism

Episode 17: Mickey's Treat[edit]

Donald:: Knock knock!
Pete:: Who’s there?
Donald:: treats for mickey
Mickey:: Thanks!

Episode 18: Minnie Red Riding Hood[edit]

Minnie: First, we'll need 2 onions, now, we need 6 potatoes and now, we need 8 tomates.

The mickey mouse special: mickeys great clubhouse hunt[edit]

[The starting scene]

Mickey: ha hey everybody, it's me mickey mouse. Say ya wanna come inside my clubhouse? [Mickey cups his hand with one ear and listens]
Mickey: well all right, let's go! [Mickey points to the left revealing a field with no clubhouse] [Mickey pops his head out on the right]
Mickey: oops! (Chuckles) gee. I forget this everytime! Now to make the clubhouse appear, we need to say the magic words, exactly right, cause if we don't, well [mickey wrinkles his fingers] something funny might happen
mickey: the magic words are, meeska, mooska, mickey mouse! Say it with me. Meeska, mooska, mickey mouse! [The intro opens as normal but with more sounds]

[Skipping 5 scenes later]

Pete: Pete's clubhouse, Pete's clubhouse, Pete's clubhouse, Pete's clubhouse, Pete's clubhouse, Pete's, clubhouse [Skipping to the clubhouse floating away scene, and when Pete says the wrong magic words]
minnie: (the doorbell rings) oh I wonder who that could be? [The handy helper gets the doorknob and opens it]
pete: (in mickeys voice) um uh, hiya minnie, I'm back with the cake, oh, I'm uh, I'm mickey mouse!
minnie: (chuckles) is that mickey? [Pete poses to reveal he's mickey mouse]
pete: I am so (in normal voice) I am so mickey I'm (in mickey voice again) the leader of the clubhouse
minnie: [minnie makes a angry face] well, if your mickey, then you know everything mickey knows right?!
pete: (in normal voice again) yeah, (back to mickey voice) sure
minnie: okay them, to open up the clubhouse, what are the right magic words. And remember what happens when you use the wrong words?
pete: um, [pete makes a confused face] let me see [pete scratches his chin] mickey said them before but now I don't remember (inhales) oh, I know, (in mickey voice) oh my it's uuuuuh, [saying the wrong magic words] peeska, pooska, pickey pouse, I mean uh uh mickey mouse, ha ha [minnie looks at the viewer]
minnie: are those the right magic words? [Pete nods]
pete: yeah yeah
minnie: oh no those are not the right magic words [brass plays as the clubhouse shakes] [the mouskedoer glitches] [and the up slide glitches too] [pete tumbles down to the ground while minnie holds on to the door arch]
minnie: (gasps) pete!
pete: what? [The clubhouse ears fly away, the easter egg banner falls off the center of the ears]
donald: hey! What's the big idea?
daisy: woah, up up and away! [Goofy was halfway out of the shoe garage, but the shoe garage floats away too]
goofy: gorsh, where's the ground going?
everybody expect pete: woah [pete runs]
pete: (in normal voice) this can't be right, now uh uuuh, hupsie pupsie, shoobee adoo [pete runs to the glove balloon]
pete: uh, handsie, glovesie (stutters) please come down! [The glove balloon floats away] [after that, all of the clubhouse is gone]
pete: oopise I said the wrong magic words didn't i? [Snacks his face] drat, I'm in big trouble now [pete hears mickeys humming]
Mickey: (humming to the clubhouse theme song)
pete: oh ding, dong damnit it's mickey, i gotta get out of here before he sees me [pete leaves before grabs his disguised hat]

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