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Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is an American computer-animated children's television series.

Season 1[edit]

Daisy-Bo-Peep [1.01][edit]

[first lines; Toodles displays the title and Mickey Mouse narrates it; a sheep runs to the center, baa-ing at the audience; Toodles zooms away to the left and camera pans down to Mickey]
Mickey: Welcome to our clubhouse! Are ya ready to play? [pauses, waiting for a response from the viewer] Hot dog!
[Pluto comes by, sniffing the floor and then mickey puts his foot up]
Mickey: Speaking of dogs... look! it's Pluto, and he's sniffin' somethin'. Hey uh, I wonder what it could be. [hears a "baa" noise and looks around] Whoa! Did you hear that? Hmm, what animal makes that sound? [pauses for a couple of seconds as Pluto continues sniffing] A sheep! Right! If you see a sheep anywhere, say "Sheep!"


Mickey's Great Clubhouse Hunt[edit]

[first lines; as usual, Mickey Mouse walks towards the camera and says his usual lines, until the camera pans to the left revealing the clubhouse gone]
Mickey: Oops! [chuckles] Gee, I forget this every time. Now to make the clubhouse appear, we need to say the magic words, exactly right. 'Cause if we don't, well, something funny might happen. The magic words are: Meeska, Mooska, Mickey Mouse! Say it with me. Meeska, Mooska, Mickey Mouse!
[the clubhouse appears; the intro then proceeds as normal, but with more sound effects this time]

Pete: [singing] Pete's clubhouse, Pete's clubhouse, Pete's clubhouse, Pete's clubhouse, Pete's clubhouse, Pete's clubhouse! [later, a few scenes, after the Clubhouse floats away] This can't be right. Now, uh, hubbsie, pubbsie, shobby-doo-doo! Uh, handsy-glovey! Please come down! [The glove balloon flys away] Oopsie, I said the wrong magic words, didn't I? Drat, I'm in big trouble, now! [sees Mickey humming] Oh, ding-dong it, it's Mickey! I better get out of here before he sees me! [Pete leaves before grabing his mickey mouse disguised hat]
Mickey: strange that clarabelle wasn't in the bakery [pluto looks to the front of the camera]

[Mickey became shocked to find that the clubhouse, the shoe garage, the glove balloon, & plutos doghouse gone]

Mickey: huh, what happened to the clubhouse? [Mickey cups his ear waiting for a response from the viewer]
Mickey: the clubhouse flow away, who made that happened? [Mickey looks at the viewer watching]
mickey: pete did? He said the wrong magic words, uh oh. We gotta go get the clubhouse back, & rescue, minnie, goofy, daisy, & donald, or we won't be able to have our easter party.
Pluto: woof
Mickey: will you help us find all the pieces of the clubhouse and get our friends back? [Mickey cup his ear again waiting for a response]
Mickey: hot dog. [Pluto starts sniffing on the ground trying to look for the clubhouse]
Mickey: hey look, plutos already on the trail, atta boy pluto, cmon lets look for the clubhouse

[Mickey walks away from the camera, & follows pluto while he continues sniffing] [After a few steps, mickey & pluto stop]

Mickey: aw pluto, how will we ever find all the pieces of the clubhouse? [Mickey and pluto look at the sky as a jetpack fly past, it's professor ludwing von drake, flying around in his jetpack] [he comes to a halt and lands down on the ground]
Mickey: Oh boy, it's professor von drake! [Von drake presses a button on his jetpack and it retracts, he takes it off]
Von drake: ho ho, hello there mickey
Mickey: professor? We need your help, the clubhouse is flowing away
Von drake: ooh your telling me, I almost rocking the way to the clubhouse pants, fortunately professor went under the pants [he whispers to the audience] I said, i need a pants, [laughs] did you hear that? [back to mickey]
Mickey: You saw the clubhouse pants?
Von drake: That's right, & it landed, right over there [He points to the pants of the clubhouse near to some trees nearby] [mickey runs to the pants]
Mickey: Oh minnie! [Minnie opens the door to see mickey on the doorstep]
Minnie: Oh, you found me
Mickey: ha ha, we rescued minnie [Von drake & pluto joined in but pluto smells Pete hiding in the bushes] [he turns his head, and points to where he's sniffing]
Mickey: hey, wait a minute. THATS PETE! [Pete pops out of the bush]
Pete: goosebumps [he runs away]
Von drake: oh that Pete is running away
Mickey: aw pete must think i'm upset at him for making the clubhouse go away, b-but i'm not, gee, we could really use his help [Mickey put his hand on his chin]
Von drake: don't worry about that mickey, [conforts mickey] now that we found the pants, we got the mousekedoer to help us
Mickey: say, that's right professor
Minnie: oh, that means we can use our mouseketools!
Mickey: hotdog ha ha, [mousekedoer tune plays] come on everybody, let's go get our mouseketools from the mousekedoer [Mickey runs into the clubhouse]

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