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Midnight Madness is a 1980 comedy film produced by Walt Disney Productions and starring David Naughton, Stephen Furst and Maggie Roswell. The film is about a group of college students who participate in an all night puzzle solving race. It is Michael J. Fox's film debut.

A Wacky College Adventuretaglines


Lucille: Harold, how long are you going to keep driving around without knowing where we're going?
Harold: Barf, have you finished unscrambling those letters yet?
Barf: [finishes unscrambling letters] Fagabeefe? Haha. Fagabeefe. Hey, Melio - fagabeefe.
Harold: [shouts] *Shut up*!

Leon: See you at the finish line... wherever that may be.

Melio: Ha! It's easy!
Harold: Well, what is it?
Melio: It's like a lookout off a cliff or something. It means Cherry Point.
Harold: How'd you get that?
Melio: Well, there's one of a chair... that's a chair. One of an "E"... that's an "E". One of a pin... that's a point. Chair-E-Point: Cherry Point.
Harold: What about the ball?
[Melio knocks the ball off the table]
Harold: [shouts] You idiot!

Barry kid: [looking through telescope at a girl getting undressed in window] If I'm lucky, I may get a view of Venus' two moons.
Adam: [pointing at the sky in the other direction] Hey, Einstein - isn't Venus over there?

Melio: [loudly, to wake up Lucille] No, Harold. There *aren't* any cookies left!


  • A Wacky College Adventure
  • The most fun you'll ever have...in the dark

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