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Cruz in 2014

Migdalia Cruz is a writer of plays, musical theatre and opera in the United States.


  • I wanted to write a play about racism, about poverty, about the negative forces that haunt us and make us murderous—and the positive forces that do daily battle for us—like love, friendship, family—which lead to some kind of hope...
  • Respect your history, listen to your ancestors, tell the truth, and write your own story—or someone else will write it and get it all wrong.
  • When I was 8, my best friend was raped and murdered and thrown off the roof of our building. That's when my serious writing began--when writing became an outlet for me to express my feelings and emotions…That is when I began to understand the power of writing. Other kids played stickball; I'd write weird journal entries.
    • On how losing her best friend changed the trajectory of her writings in “Play Right” in Sonoma County Independent (Oct./Nov. 1997)
  • I think the audience I'd like to reach is increasingly an audience that stays home--a poor audience, a Latino audience, people of color, or people who feel disenfranchised. They're not going out and they don't feel entitled to theater. Theater is becoming more and more elitist because we just do it for each other. It seems that there are more theater people at the theater than regular people, and that's not good.
    • On who she wants her audience to be in “Play Right” in Sonoma County Independent (Oct./Nov. 1997)
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