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We're not worrying at all
We're just listening for his call
"Here I come to save the day!"
That means that Mighty Mouse is on the way!
Here he comes to save the day
And he will prove that crime will never pay
So let the trumpet players play
For Mighty Mouse is here today!

Mighty Mouse is an animated superhero mouse character created by the Terrytoons studio for 20th Century Fox. Mighty Mouse cartoons became a staple of children's TV programming for a period of over thirty years, from the 1950s through the 1980s.

Theme song[edit]

Mister Trouble never hangs around
When he hears this mighty sound
"Here I come to save the day!"
That means that Mighty Mouse is on the way!

Yessir, when there is a wrong to right
Mighty Mouse will join the fight
On the sea or on the land
He gets the situation well in hand!

So, though we are in danger, we never despair
'Cause we know that where there's danger he is there
He is there, on the land, on the sea, in the air!

We're not worryin' at all
We're just listenin' for his call
"Here I come to save the day!"
That means that Mighty Mouse is on the way!

<instrumental interlude>

We're not worryin' at all
We're just listenin' for his call
"Here I come to save the day!"
That means that Mighty Mouse is on the way!

Theme song (Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures)[edit]

Mighty Mouse: Here he comes, that Mighty Mouse
Coming to vanquish the foe with a mighty blow
So don't be afraid anymore
Choir: 'Cause things won't be like they've been before!

Mighty Mouse: Here I come to save the day!
Choir: Thank goodness Mighty Mouse is on his way
So let the trumpet players play
For Mighty Mouse is here today!

Mighty Mouse: Here he comes, that Mighty Mouse
Just like a bolt from the blue with a heart that's true
Fighting evil, fighting crime
Choir: And always there in the nick of time

Mighty Mouse: Here he comes to save the day
Choir: And he will prove that crime will never pay
So let the trumpet players play
For Mighty Mouse is here today!

Mighty Mouse in "The Great Space Chase"[edit]

Narrator: Our saga begins...in the midst of a break-neck chase!

Mighty Mouse: <sung> Mighty Mouse is on the way! Here I come to save the day!

Mighty Mouse: Don't worry, Pearl! I'll be right there!

1st Mate: Queen Pearl, there's an asteroid belt straight ahead!

1st Mate: Queen Pearl, the Milky Way is dead ahead!
Pearl: Change course! 3.2 micro units to Star Coordinate M-18!
1st Mate: Huh? What do you...
Pearl: Hang a right!
<The mouse ship avoids the Milky Way; the cat ship runs into it and gets covered in milk.>
Harry: Activate the electro-expagators! <windshield wipers begin to clean the ship> Lucky that wasn't the Yogurt Way! That stuff really sticks to the windows!

Pearl: Mighty Mouse, do you have the feeling we're being watched?
Mighty Mouse: Oh, tut-tut, Pearl. It's just your imagination! <pictures creep them out> Then again, I could be wrong!

Mighty Mouse: I think we just discovered Harry's secret lair.
Pearl: I knew we could count on him.

Mighty Mouse: THIS will put stars in his eyes!
<He throws a star at the giant robot cat.>

Mighty Mouse: I don't know what came over me, Queen Pearl! You never affected me like that!
Pearl: Let's just catch Harry, okay?!

Mighty Mouse: Look; this is the fine tuning cog! The Domesday Device must be close by!

Harry: You may have freed your miserable ship, but I have you, Pearl! And you're going to tell me where the Interstellar Federation hides the Domesday Device! Once I have it, I will have the power to conquer the universe! The power to rule the galaxy! The power to make the planets grovel at my feet!
Pearl: You're mad for power! That's all you want!
Harry: Actually, I wouldn't mind a little money, too. So tell me, where is the Domesday Device?
Pearl: No! No! 1,000 times no! I'd rather die!:
Harry: Don't tempt me!

Pearl: It's too bad one of us isn't an anchovy. Nobody eats anchovies!
1st Mate: How much longer can we hold out?
Pearl: Not much longer, I'm afraid. Goodbye, first mate!
1st Mate: Don't say goodbye! We're not finished yet!
Pearl: No? Stand on the bottom and say that!

Mighty Mouse: Ah, this is the life. I hope no ants come along and spoil it! (ants come to picnic and leave Pearl's ship) I knew the one thing they couldn't resist was a picnic. By the way, where is the ship?
Pearl: I'm standing on it. Don't worry, Mighty Mouse. We always carry a spare!

King Muss: Mighty Mouse! And the Domesday Device is gone! Oh, I can't believe it!
Pearl: I hate to do this, but I must. Mighty Mouse, in the name of the Interstellar Federation, I arrest you for stealing the Domesday Device.
Mighty Mouse: You're making a mistake, but I'd be the last one to resist the authority of law and order. I'll go peacefully. <lets police handcuff him; the police, King Muss, and Pearl all shed tears>

King Muss: Order in the court! Order in the court!
Someone in crowd: I'll take a Swiss cheese on rye!
King Muss: (ignoring comment) The next case is Humongo vs. Mighty Mouse, but first, I declare the court has a recess! (jumps rope 5 times) Recess is over! (tosses rope away) Don't worry, Mighty Mouse. We are going to give you a fair trial, before we find you guilty.
Mighty Mouse: Your honor, I appeal to you!
King Muss: Not as much as Queen Pearl does! Queen Pearl, will you take the stand? (He turns and notices the stand is missing) Whoops! Looks like somebody already took it! Ha!

Mighty Mouse: Would you like me to whisper sweet nothings in your ear?
Matta Furri: I'd prefer it if you'd whisper the location of the last remaining ounce of Hipporanium.
Mighty Mouse: Okay. <whispers in Matta Furi's ear>
Matta Furri: A little louder, please!
Mighty Mouse: Star Coordinates 66Z-1776, Omega.
<Harry turns off TV screen>
Harry: Thanks, you romantic fool, you! <laughs evil laugh>

Harry: Swifty, hand me the main cable!
Swifty: Okay, boss. <confused over two cables>
Pearl: Psst. Not that one. The other one.
Swifty: Oh, gee; thanks!

Pearl: One bad thing about being a villain, Harry; you always seem to get it in the end.
Harry: Normally this sort of thing would make me angry. But this time, I'm furious!

Matta Furri: Come here, big boy!

Pearl: All right, you! What did you do to him?
Mighty Mouse: Wow! That was some kiss!
Pearl: Oh, for goodness sake!
Matta Furri: Goodness had nothing to do with it!

King Muss: Do you solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? The absolutely true truth? The truly true truth? The positively true truth?
Pearl: I do. I do. Well, I was in the middle of a conference with King Muss. I wondered whether the Domesday Device was safe here on Humongo. Suddenly, an alarm went off. When we got to the vault, the device was...<starts crying>...gone! I thought Harry the Heartless had stolen it, but there, in the empty vault, was...was...Mighty Mouse!
King Muss: Ooh. It looks bad for you, Mighty Mouse. I have a feeling you're going to spend the next 900 years rotting away in a cold, damp, dark prison cell.
Mighty Mouse: But I'm a superhero. Everyone knows of my valor and good deeds.
King Muss: Hmmm. In that case, maybe we can get you a cell with a view.
Mighty Mouse: This trial is a joke!
<Harry has been listening in from his ship>
Harry: Yeah, and an old one, too!

Harry: There it is! It's a toy store! Ah! I hate toys, well, except for one toy I had. It was an unbreakable toy. I used it to break everybody else's!

Santa Claus: <after seeing a jack-in-the-box> I'll take several hundred billion of them! Ho, ho, ho!
Harry: Ho, ho, ho, yourself, lardo, and get lost!
<Harry throws Santa out of "Toys We Is">
Swifty: Master! Do you know who that was?
Harry: Come on, Swifty. There's no such person as...
<scene on Santa>
Santa Claus: Well! Wait until I tell the tooth fairy about this!

Swifty: Hipporanium!
Harry: For the first time in your life, Swifty, you are bright! Grab some of those ant farms, too!

Mighty Mouse: Ha! This tin cat thinks he can keep me from rescuing Queen Pearl. He doesn't know it but he's headed for cat-tastrophe!

Swifty: What kind of a fool do you take me for?
Harry: I didn't know there were different kinds!

Swifty: Master, did you hear that?
Harry: No, I didn't hear it, you claude!
Swifty: He said, "Whoo, whoo; ding, ding, ding! Mighty Mouse is on board the ship! Ding, ding!"
<Swifty steps on the foot pedal he wasn't supposed to press.>
Pearl: Poor choice of words.

Harry: <after being beamed aboard with Swifty but the two bodies have been mixed up> Can't you bimbos ever get it right?!

Harry: Load those torpedo tubes, Swifty. We're going to send Queen Pearl these ant farms.
Swifty: Oh, what a thoughtful gesture. Is it her birthday?
Harry: No, you turkey! These are Martian metal-eating ants!

Harry: Just a momentary setback, Queen Pearl! Nothing can stop me from crushing you and the Interstellar Federation!
Pearl: Why? The Federation stands only for peace and good. Why are you bent on its destruction?
Harry: Everybody's gotta have a hobby!

Harry: Come on; open it!
Swifty: Wouldn't it be better to wait until Christmas?
Harry: I never wait until Christmas to open my presents! Go on; open it!
<Swifty eventually manages to pry it open. Harry stares dumbfounded.>
Swifty: It's a...it's a...
Harry: It's a no good, stinking, lousy KIT! Look at that! "Domesday Device Kit! 2 D-cell baterries required!" That means we have to put the dang blasted thing together ourselves!
<Harry kicks the kit in anger, and eventually the lid pops open, revealing all the parts, which spill on top of Harry and Swifty.>
Swifty: Well, at least we got it out of the box!

Swifty: I had a chemistry set once. All it did was turn water different colors.

Harry: Uh, me Harry the Heartless. Me land in giant bird.
Ug: Funny; from here, it looked like a star cruiser. Pleased to meet you. Me, Ug.
Mug: Me, Mug.
Reginald: Me, Reginald Algernon Whitecap III.
Harry: Reginald Algernon Whitecap III?
Reginald: My parents wanted a girl!

Swifty: Master! Are you sure we can put this thing together?
Harry: Of course, we can put it together! Why, a 6-year-old child could do it! <pauses> Uh, go get me a 6-year-old child!

Narrator: Could this be the end of our heroine?
Pearl: What was that explosion?
Narrator: I guess not. That's a relief. But then, what was that explosion?
Harry: I'll tell you what it was! This sap couldn't put together my Domesday Device!
Swifty: But, Master, I followed the directions!
Harry: Give me those directions! <reads> "Take the San Diego freeway north to the Slosan off-ramp." <screams as Swifty runs off> COME BACK HERE, YOU COWARD!

Harry: Come on, you little neanderthals! Get to work and fix my ship!
Mouse 1: Who made you in charge?
Mouse 2: U-turn is free! U-turn is democracy!
Harry: A democracy! Isn't that sweet? Okay. I vote for...<takes a laser beam out and destroys a national monument>...ME!
<The mice begin to shiver in fear.>
Reginald: I vote we make it unanimous!
<The mice then frantically fix the ship.>
Harry: All it takes is a little friendly persuasion!

Harry: Mice of U-turn, as we prepared to do battle against that no-good Mighty Mouse, I want you to...REMEMBER THE ALAMO!

Swifty: Master, look! Up in the sky!
Harry: It's that nerd!
Swifty: It's that pain!
Harry and Swifty together: IT'S MIGHTY MOUSE!

Mouse 1: Remember the Alamo!
Mouse 2: Yeah; remember the Alamo!
Pearl: Oh! Why, that evil Harry the Heartless must have told them that you killed Davy Crockett!
Harry: Remember, men, I'm right beside you, fighting to the bitter end, to my last breath!
Crew member: <over intercom> Master, our ship is repaired!
Harry: <to Swifty> Let's get out of here!

Harry: Not bad, and decorative as well! I hope those saps can do as good a job on Mighty Mouse!

Pearl: Mighty Mouse, what are we going to do?
Mighty Mouse: I don't know, Pearl! I've never had to use my mighty powers against mice before!

Swifty: Master, look at them ferocious dogs! What are we gonna do?
Harry: First, locks; now beagles, eh? Don't worry. I have this raid timed to perfection!
<A foghorn sounds.>
Butch: <yawns> Ah, that's it. Time to go home.
<The two dogs rush to clock out.>
Spike: See you tomorrow, Butch.
Butch: So long, Spike.
Swifty: Oh, Master, you're the greatest!
Harry: Lieutenant, you may be a useless, half-witted claude, but you do have good taste!

Swifty: Look, master. A brilliant and skilled secret agent. What are we gonna do?
<Harry scribbles a note on a piece of paper and shows it to the agent.>
Harry: Hey, you. I got a note from your mother for you.
Agent: <reads note> "Dear son, please hurry home. Your loving mother, Mildred." But my mom's name is Matilda, not Mildred.
Harry: Let me see that! <scribbles on paper>
Agent: "Your loving mother, Matilda." Whoops; gotta go! <packs up everything in suitcase, even his chair> Would you mind watching the Domesday Device for me? <runs off>

Narrator: And so, as the celebration criss-crosses the jubilant skies of the galaxy, we bid farewell to the dedicated crew of the starship, the courageous compassion of Queen Pearl Pureheart, and to the heroic...uh...blushing of Mighty Mouse. And that's the way it is. This is...
Harry: <pushes screen and interrupts> Mark my words, I'll be... <screen pushes him back, movie ends>

The New Adventures of Mighty Mouse (1979-81)[edit]

Recurring Catchphrases[edit]

  • Mighty Mouse: (sung) Here I come to save the day! (recurring catchphrase)
  • Sharky: (to Harry) Stroke! Stroke! Stroke!


Mighty Mouse: And now, the new adventures of Mighty Mouse! Starring the mightiest mouse in the universe, Mighty Mouse!
Pearl: I'm Pearl Pureheart, and I'm so lovely! I'm always being chased by Oil Can Harry!
Harry: I'm Oil Can Harry, and I'm bad! Mighty Mouse spoils everything! Oh, he makes me MAD!

Mouse of the Desert[edit]

Assistant: The latest popularity poll shows that Your Highness has the approval rating of 99% of the people.
Pearl: Oh dear. And what about the other 1%?
Assistant: They're the poll takers!

Tourist #2: (after Mighty Mouse causes it to rain) Rain! We're saved! Our prayers are answered!
Tourist #1: The rain is ruining my new dress!
Tourist #2: Then suppose I should have wished for a dry cleaner?

1st Mate: And now, High Priest Oil Can Harry will lead a toast to the queen!
Harry: Uh, may the queen's rule be, uh, uh, uh, propserous, and, uh, uh, uh, long! (evil grin afterward)
Pearl: There's something rotten about High Priest Harry . I don't trust him.
1st Mate: I wouldn't buy a used camel from him, Your Majesty.

Purple Genie: I am Set, and I know all; even the reason why you call! A deadly asp with lethal venom, and a basket of figs with the snake in them, will bring about Pureheartiti's fall!
Harry: Yes! Ha, ha, ha! I'll hide a snake in a basket of figs and give them to the queen! Oh! My! What a beautifully wicked scheme!
(Harry kicks the book Swifty is hiding under and sneaks off.)
Set: Whew! That Harry is so mean, he even scares me!

Harry: Your Divine Imperial Highness, I have brought you a basket of figs from Luxor. Their sweetness is as renowned as your wisdom and compassion.
(snake hiss)
Pearl: Uh, how come they're hissing?
Harry: Maybe one of them has a leak! (lets snake out)

Set: I am Set...
Harry: (interrupting) Listen, you big, grape alley cat! You better get the queen, now!
Set: I'll get the queen and bring her back. And in the meantime, Harry, cut the yak!

[Harry has attempted to hypnotize the snake, but has accidentally hypnotized Swifty as well.]
Harry: [groans] Why is my magnificent evilness surrounded by such incompetence?

Mighty Mouse: Later on, you'll fang me for this!

Set: This looks like the end of the dynasty for you, Pureheartiti! [He looks inside.] Mighty Mouse! This is a pleasant surprise!

[Pearl has presented Mighty Mouse with a scroll and kisses him, and two guards put their staffs with feathers in front of them.
Mighty Mouse: Uh, I'm allergic to feathers!

Stop...Pay Troll[edit]

Harry: Who goes there?
Orville Ork: It's me! Orville Ork! I am the meanest, the rottenest, the foulest, and the lousiest ork in all of Middle Earth!
Harry: (rushes to bridge and lets him cross) Go ahead, Orville! (Orville crosses) Professional courtesy, you know!

<kid is crying>
Dad: When's that kid going to go to sleep?
Mom: Why don't you get him a glass of warm milk?
Dad: I tried that. It didn't work.
Mom: Then why don't you tell him to count sheep?
Dad: I did. He said wool makes him itch.
Mom: Oh. Then go in there and sing him a lullaby.
Kid: No! No! Anything but that! <resumes crying>
<Mighty Mouse is watching through his telescope>
Mighty Mouse: My! What lungs on that little guy!

Sharky: If you want to travel this river, you gotta pay me a toll!
Harry: Ooi! I know all about this racket!

Pixie/Pearl: Oh, Mighty Mouse! That was well done!
Mighty Mouse: Yes, and I saved you before you were even medium rare!

Captain Nemo Oh-Oh[edit]

Narrator: The mighty ocean, origin of all life. Man is again returning to the sea for future life sources.
Pearl: So is woman!
Narrator: That interruption came to you through the courtesy of Pearl Pureheart, who is compiling research on...well, never mind. See for yourself.

<Harry has just blown the foghorn>
Swifty: Don't do that! Don't go, "<imtates foghorn>," go, "<imitates softer foghorn>".
<Harry points at the farm>
Swifty: Wow, that darn near is pretty, as a Norman Rockwell calendar. <comes to his senses> Hey! What's a farm doing on the ocean bottom?!
Harry: That is Pearl Pureheart's undersea farm! And my diabolical plan is to capture her ship and use it to pray on other vessels!
Mighty Mouse: <who has listened in> You're not going to prey on vessels! You're going to pray on your knees!

Harry: And now, good night, sweet rodent! Rust in peace!

Planks a Lot[edit]

Crow: Watch what you're doing, fool! What is this? Grand Central Station?

Harry: Hope it's been an hour since you've eaten!

The Maltese Mouse[edit]

Pearl: I'm Pearl Pureheart, private eye, ear, nose, and throat.

Mighty Mouse: Oil Can Harry? Doesn't she recognize him? I think I'd better watch this!
Pearl: What can I do for you for you two gents?
Harry: Have you ever heard of the Maltese Mouse?
Pearl: The Maltese Mouse?
Mighty Mouse: The Maltese Mouse? Oh, yeah. I remember.

Pearl: Hey; what's with this Maltese Mouse?
Harry: Well, it all started deep in the ocean blue when Mighty Mouse found the Maltese Mouse on a sunken pirate ship. The Maltese Mouse is made out of solid genuine plastic.
Pearl: If it's made out of plastic, why is it so important?
Harry: It has great sentimental value. Mighty Mouse put it on display at the Mouseville Museum, but an eccentric millionaire stole it for his private collection!
Pearl: Jeepers!
Harry: I want you to recover it!
Mighty Mouse: I can't believe what I'm hearing!

Mighty Mouse: Oh, this is silly!

Cats and Robbers[edit]

Pearl: Oh! Oh, what am I to do? If only there was someone, somewhere, to protect the oppressed!

Harry: This is it! This is it! Nobody crosses Big Harry!
Mighty Mouse: Drop in again, sometime!

Pearl: Fellow citizens, it is with a humble heart that I present this gift to a true hero who saved my career! Mighty Mouse!
[Cheers and applause as Pearl opens the box.]
Mighty Mouse: A banana?
Pearl: I ran out of apples!

The Disorient Express[edit]

Pearl's thoughts: I must deliver the secret plans to Nameless Place!
Harry's thoughts: I must steal the secret plans from Pearl!
Swifty's thoughts: What am I doing here?
Harry: Don't ask questions!

[Harry talks into his secret shoe phone.]
Harry: Agent Harry reporting! The diversion has worked! Now I'll snatch the plans!
Female Voice: Chicken Licken take out! You want potato salad with that?

Mighty Mouse: Next time, Harry, get an unlisted number!

The Exercist[edit]

[Mighty Mouse has Harry and Swifty imprisoned.]
Mighty Mouse: You won't have to worry about them, Your Majesty!
Pearl: You saved our land, Mighty Mouse! In honor of this great occasion, I command that every four years hence, the nations of the world compete in the events you started here!
Narrator: So, thanks to Mighty Mouse, the Olympics were born!

Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures[edit]

The First Deadly Cheese[edit]

Crew leader: Better hurry, Mighty Mouse. My crew starts tearing up the land in 3 minutes at noon sharp.
Mighty Mouse: Relax, guys; it's plenty of time. I'll have this out of here before you can say... [starts to lift the building]
Crew member: Before you can say what?
Crew leader: I don't know. Must be Latin. You know these intellectuals!

Cow: Whatever you do, Mighty Mouse, don't say it! Don't say it!
Mighty Mouse: You mean, don't say "I'm taking you to the hoosegow?"

Cow: I'll lure Mighty Mouse with this psuedo-Pearl, then expose him to Limburgerite! Once the mice are stripped of their champion, I can make them stop eating cheese for good!

This Island Mouseville[edit]

Mighty Mouse: [in operatic mode] You dirty cad! You're really sad! Why don't you give up now?!
The Grand Ruler: [likewise] No, I won't! Oh, no, I won't! [breaks fourth wall to muse to self] This is ridiculous! Why are we singing?

The Ice Goose Cometh[edit]

Gandy Goose: Nobody remembers me! Why are you still popular?
Mighty Mouse: Well...some of us are built to last!

Mighty's Benefit Plan[edit]

Scrappy: My name's Scrappy. And keep your handless mits to yourself.
Mighty Mouse: Now Scrappy, is that nice?

The Bagmouse[edit]

Scrappy: Hi, Mighty Mouse!
Mighty Mouse: Scrappy! What are you doing in my burger?!
Scrappy: They did it, Mighty Mouse! They're capturing mice and selling them as fast food! [Mighty Mouse flies off]. The things you gotta do to earn a quarter these days!
Crew member: Oh, no! A dissatisfied customer!

Maxie: A straw with no paper! [gasps] Relish on the counter! [gasps again] OH, NO! SPECIAL SAUCE ON THE CUPS! ARGH! WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS?
Mighty Mouse: [sings] I cannot tell a lie! It is I!

Mighty Mouse: Ready for your next mission, Bronze Boarder?
[He presents Scrappy with the skateboard the orphan had wished for earlier.]
Scrappy: Oh, boy! The Catbuster!  :[He gets on.] The Bronze Boarder flies again!

Still Oily After All These Years[edit]

Criminal 1: Hey, pretty boy! You don't look so crooked. Are you sure you belong in here?
Criminal 2: I'm an investment banker!

Harry: This is the nicest incarceration a guy could ever have!

Amish Farmer: Verily, this is a metaphor for the modern world!

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