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Mike Lange

Mike Lange (born March 3, 1948) is an ice hockey play-by-play broadcaster for the Pittsburgh Penguins of the NHL. He is known for colorful and bizarre expressions. His common sayings are referred to as "Langeisms." Lange was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame on November 12, 2001. One of his most notable quotes were "he beat him like a rented mule".


  • Lord Stanley, Lord Stanley, get me the brandy!
    • Quoted in Bob Smizik, "Cow-kicked: FSN fires Lange as Penguins' TV voice", Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (2006-06-30)
    • Stated upon the Penguins winning their second Stanley Cup in 1992
  • He beat him like a rented mule.
    • Quoted in Bob Smizik, Tales from the Pittsburgh Penguins (2006). Lange credited a stockbroker with saying the phrase to him when Lange asked him how his day was.
    • Noted as a phrase closely associated with Lange, as quoted in Shelly Anderson, "Lange signs 1-year Penguins radio deal", Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (2007-07-27)
  • He's smiling like a butchers dog!
  • It's a... HOCKEY NIGHT in Pittsburgh!
  • Michael, Michael, Motorcycle.
    • Quoted in Keith Barnes, "Lange's inimitable style makes him a broadcast legend", Tribune-Review (2008-01-20)
  • Buy Sam a drink and get his dog one, too!
    • Quoted in Keith Barnes, "Lange's inimitable style makes him a broadcast legend", Tribune-Review (2008-01-20)

"Eddie Spaghetti! The Story Behind Mike Lange-isms"[edit]

Bob Pompeani, KDKA.com (2008-05-20). Article here.

  • Eddie Spaghetti!
  • Donna needs a doughnut!
  • And ladies and gentlemen, the kitchen is closed!
    • Lange described the call: "I went into a place to try and get something to eat and the lady very distinctly said to me, 'The kitchen is closed!' I said, 'Wow. There's the end, that's it, you can't eat any more, you haven't got a prayer.' I said, 'That's finality, baby!'"
  • And ladies and gentlemen, Elvis has just left the building!
  • Look out, Loretta.
  • He's smilin' like a butcher's dog!
  • Shave my face with a rusty razor!
  • Great Balls of fire!
  • And you can spit-shine your shoes Pittsburgh, you're going dancing with the Lord of Lords, Lord Stanley!

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