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Mike Sullivan

Michael John Sullivan (born September 22, 1939) is an American lawyer and politician who served as the 29th Governor of Wyoming from 1987 to 1995, and United States Ambassador to Ireland from 1998 to 2001, as a member of the Democratic Party. Prior to his gubernatorial tenure he was active in local politics in Natrona County, Wyoming.


  • It seems to me that some of us may have a fundamental difference in philosophy and perspective. The issue we face today is the tendency to place substantial revenues out of our reach, out of our investment strategy, and out of our future. The budget crisis is at least in part artificial and one which will be perpetuated if we do not act to change our investment strategy, continue our important savings programs and meet changing social and economic needs.
  • In you deliberations on this issue I want you to keep in mind a letter I received from a 70 year-old man in Riverton. He wrote to explain that his social security check is his only source of income. His savings were spent battling the cancer which eventually took his wife's life. Last year he had to sell his car to pay his property tax. In the letter he threatens to burn his home to the ground rather than let the state take it for unpaid taxes.
  • Let us follow the lights of change and seize this opportunity to invest in our future in a new way. I acknowledge there is some risk in the investments I ask you to make, but I am convinced as I stand before you today that hte greater danger is in doing nothing or failing to invest.
  • A few politicians, the editor of the Star-Tribune and his chief surrogate have exercised their vocal cords and their penmanship with great vigor. Since they are burdened by neither responsibility nor facts, they have hip-shot the issues with an energy usually reserved for the months preceding an election.
  • Ladies and gentlemen, the state of our state is one of strength and promise. And that strength is based on our vast resources and the strength of our people.
  • Regardless of our parties or philosophies, we have been joined by our desire to serve the people of Wyoming and bonded by the challenges of a most difficult time in our state's history.
  • I am convinced that we must reduce our overdependence on mineral revenues and broaden our tax base or risk Wyoming slipping into a death spiral destine for oblivion.
  • The state of Wyoming and the governor's office do not and will not take sides in a labor dispute, because I don't believe that's the role of government.

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