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Minutemen is a 2008 science-fiction Disney Channel Original Movie about three high school kids who invent a 10 minute time machine to spare others just like them from the humiliation they've endured.

Directed by Lev L. Spiro. Written by John Killoran and David Weissman, based on a story by David Diamond and David Weissman.


[after Mr. Tolkan, who thinks Virgil and Derek are going to fight, orders them to follow him to his office]
FBI Agent: Everybody freeze, FBI! [shows ID to Mr. Tolkan]
Mysterious Man: Stop, CIA! [shows his own ID to Mr. Tolkan]
Man - Bureau of Weights and Measures: Bureau of Weights and Measures. [shows his own ID to Mr. Tolkan]
Virgil: [to the latter agent] In the future, you should probably go first.

Jeanette: What's new, cockatoo? Hey, you look like a superhero!
Charlie: Thanks, pumpkin. [seizes Jeanette and kisses her]
Zeke: [after Charlie lets go, in an undertone] The scene in the hallway hasn't happened yet, you've never kissed her before!
Charlie: Oh, right! [turns to the leaving Jeanette] Jeanette! Jeanette, I-I'm sorry, I was just-I can explain!
[as Jeanette is leaving, she smiles]
Zeke: Dude. It's okay.

Derek: Wow, nice outfits, bozos.
Virgil: Hey, Derek. Have fun with Jocelyn.
Derek: W-What’s that supposed to mean?
Virgil: Well I just figured that you both are good with lipstick.
Derek: You were always gonna be a dork anyways, Virgil.
Virgil: And you were always gonna be a jerk, Derek. Have a nice life.

Virgil: The Minutemen must use their powers for truth and justice
Charlie: Who's the Minutemen?
Virgil: Us. The all important minutes of time. Cool, eh?
Charlie: No.
Zeke: .Not really.

[as Jeanette wakes him up in his own bedroom]
Jeanette: Good morning, Magpie. Your mom let me in. It is such a nice day. You know, I was thinking. Maybe we could go on a walk and talk about our future together. And then... Oh! I'd like an orange house. I'd like to have an orange house.
Charlie: The results!
Jeanette: That way, you wouldn't even have to have an address and-and on the envelope you could just say "Jeanette Pachelewski, orange house."
Charlie: It's done!
Jeanette: Oh, um, I'm no scientist, but that doesn't look good.
Charlie: We created a... a...
Jeanette: A... a... Spit it out, Bluebird.
Charlie: A black hole!
Jeanette: That's bad, right?


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