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Miriam Amanda "Ma" Ferguson (13 June 187525 June 1961) became the first woman Governor of Texas in 1924, and the second woman state governor in the United States.


  • If the King's English was good enough for Jesus Christ, it's good enough for the children of Texas!
    • Attributed, for example, by [1], which contains a common version of the story, where Ferguson says this while holding a bible and defending her objection to the teaching of Spanish in Texas public schools
    • According to [2], a variation on this quote is reported in the New York Times on May 23, 1881, but no record of Ferguson having said this, or anything like it, could be found
    • This quote and variations on it are often frequently attributed to others; one story, usually heard outside the United States, has an unnamed "U.S. congressman" saying it in a television interview; for example, see [3]

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