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Miriam Altman is a South African economist, business person, social activist, and strategist. Altman read economics at McGill University where she got a Bachelor's degree in 1984. She then proceeded to earn a M.Phil in economics from Cambridge and a Ph.D. in economics from Manchester University in 1989 and 1996 respectively.


  • Was a teacher in a NYC high school and noticed absenteeism was a huge problem from the first day I stood in front of my students. I realized that parents, an essential partner to help get kids to class, were often uninformed, parents play major role in education besides we teachers.
    • [1] Mariam on role parent play in education.
  • When a lot of other kids during breaks from school were playing or doing other fun activities, I was going to work with my dad, which maybe didn’t seem that fun at the time but I actually thought it was a pretty cool experience. Early entrepreneurship shapens mind
    • [2]Mariam interview on acquiring skills at a early age.
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