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Missing Lynx (Spanish: El lince perdido) is a 2008 CGI 3D animation feature film from Kandor Graphics and YaYa! Films. It won Goya Award for Best Animated Film in 2008. The story is about a bunch of animals from Doñana National Park in Spain, trying to save other animals kidnapped by the bad guys.

Directed by Raul Garcia and Manuel Sicilia. Written by Raul Garcia, Jose E. Machuca, and Manuel Sicilia.


Gus: Spend as much time as you can with your cubs... Enjoy life! Well... whatever we have left... We don't know whether it will be days or just hours... I think we should keep a minute of silence for ourselves.

Felix: Why are you so angry?
Lynxette: Why? They capture me, they bring me here in a cage. They have no reason to lock me up.
Felix: But it'll only be until you're cured.
Lynxette: And not one second more! I don't want to end up like those half-tamed animals. And you? What happened to you?
Felix: Ahhh, I got in a fight with a bear, a really BIG ONE. Sometimes I can't control my wild instincts.
Lynxette: You sure you didn't electrocute yourself on the fence? Your hair is standing on end, you've got burn marks on your paws and — well, I saw you when I got here.
Felix: I didn't want you to think I was one of those tame cats.
Lynxette: Be careful, there are only a few of us left, and there'll be even fewer if you keep having accidents like that.

Felix: Yes, but I apply Felix's law: "Smile, tomorrow could be worse."

Fat soldier: Pure precision in it, right on the nerve! Guard post out of control, according to the prior instructions given during the training sessions.
Thin soldier: You idiot! We're elite soldiers. Talk in short, concise sentences.
Fat soldier: Oh, okay. Guy groggy, following plan.
Thin soldier: Much better. Approaching computer. Looking for the security control panel in order to access—
Fat soldier: SHORT sentences!
Thin soldier: "Be a mask soldier!" Damn thing. "Live an adventure life, travel to exotic lands..."
Fat soldier: Yeah, right! But nothing about working!

Gus: Hear not the voice of revenge, for it will lead you astray.
Beety: Oh just shut up, you bug-eyed beetle-eater.
Gus: Where is your circus, bearded lady?
Beety: This of a lunatic lizard.
Gus: At least I don't butt heads for sport.
Beety: Reptile.
Gus: Ruminant.
Beety: Big mouth.
Gus: Horn head.
Beety: Scaly skin.
Gus: Fat bag.

Noah: Partial solutions don't work. How many of you lynxes are left? Someone has to do something about it. Tell me: what is the point of being free... if you are not alive?
Lynxette: But what's the point of being alive if you are not free?

[The first work of art in the virtual museum appears.]
Thin soldier: Wait! Look there!
Fat soldier: Oh! Beauty! What a prodigious technique! [The second work of art appears.] Stop! Stop! Look at that! Sublime! You can see the tragic solitude of the human soul trough the desperate deformation of the anatomy. [The third work of art appears.] Look! Look at that! Don't you see it? What a magnificent symbiosis of art with African roots and the exquisite flat composition.
Thin soldier: I rather see a more analytic approach.
Fat soldier: Are you nuts? The chromaticism is—

Felix: That bracelet wouldn't have been much help locating you.
Lynxette: I know. But that's not why I kept it. I kept it because you gave it to me.

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