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Mixels is an American animated television series that aired on Carton Netowrk and was co-produced by The Lego Group and Cartoon Netowrk Studios. The series first aired on February 12, 2014 with a new episode of Teen Titians Go!. The series resolves around the Mixels small creatures that can mix and combine with one another. The Mixels are opposed by the evil Nixels, small, discoloured, like the rodents, and evil creatures led by King Nixel.

Series 1 (2014)


Coconapple [S1 E1]

Seismo: Me no like you. [got a coconapple in his head]
Zorch: Hehe, Coconapple. [Happily eats the Coconapple, as words say "The End" and change]

Mailman [S1 E2]


Murp [S1 E3]

Krader: Super fun? (cries)

Eletrock [S1 E4]


Hot Lava Shower [S1 E5]

Vulk: A lava shower's clogged again, Oh! Teslo and Krader coming home for ice cream, we got to do something about that focid!

Teslo: You burnt my mouth!
Krader: Yeah, you burnt my south!

Rockball [S1 E6]

Flain: Rockball looks fun, let's play.
Zorch: I'm maybe fast, and i'm no dum-dum. No way. :
Flain: Vulk?

Changing a lightbulb [S1 E7]

Teslo: Lets max,and use-
Volectro: THE CUBIT!

Cookironi [S1 E8]

Zorch: Your Cookironies are crazy awesome! [eat one]
Volectro: I love Cookironies!
Krader: Oh, so good! Me want another!
Flain': Lemme load you up, my Cragster Compoandre, we've got plenty. AAAAAAAH! That's our last Cookironi!
[Krader takes the Cookironi away from the other nine by Dig Digging.]
Krader: Last cookironi!

Nixels [S1 E9]

Flain & Seismo Mix: Oh- yeah! LET'S GET MIXEL!

Pothole [S1 E10]

Zaptor: So then, he says "Don't take any wooden Nixels.". (laugh as Vulk joins in)

Another Nixel [S1 E11]

Major Nixel: Alright, Nixels! [Nixels pay attention] If we’re gonna get serious about stopping the Miles from mixing, [pounds on the chalkboard] we’re gonna start by breaking all of their cubits! [points, then throws him] You’re gonna bring me an Infernite cubit! (Then he points, then kicks him.] and you’re gonna bring me an Eletronic cubit! Hah!

Series 2 (2014)


Wrong Colors [S2 E1]


Bar-B-Cubes [S2 E2]

Vulk & Krader: Delicious!
4 Mixels: MIX! [2 x 2 Mixels each mix]

Nixel "Mix Over" [S2 E3]

Lunk: Yeah!
[Balk and Lunk mix]
Balk and Lunk Mix: Wanna join us? [gives a Cubit to those two painted Nixels] Well, MIX!

Hamlonga Conveyor Belt Hijinks [S2 E4]

Jawg: Hamlonga!

Snow Half Pipe [S2E5]

Flain and Krader Murp: murp, murp hehe

Valaudville Fun [S2E6]

Kraw and Gobba Mix #4: (in Kraw's voice) To mix.. or not to mix? that is the question.

Kraw and Gobba Mix #6: That's no Nixel, that's my brother in law!

Fang Gang Log Toss [S2 E7]

Slumbo: No more log? No more log toss! Hmph!

High Five! [S2 E8]


Elevator [S2 E9]

Balk: Meeeeeeeeeeeee---!

Series 3 (2016)


Epic Comedy Adventure [S3 E1]

Major Nixel: [duets] Perfect Cupcakes-
Mix #1: Mmm. cupcakes! [eats one] but to be honest, something's missing.
Major Nixel: What could be missing from our Perfect Cupcakes?
Mix #1: Your face!

Series 4 (2016)


Murp Romp [S4 E1]

Glomp: AAAH! That Murp is destroying Mixel Park!

Series 5(2017)


Mixel Moon Madness


Forest Freeze

Flamzer: [first lines] This looks like the perfect place to pitch our tents.
Burnard: [first lines] We didn't bring any tents.
Flamzer: WE DIDN'T BRING ANY TENTS ON OUR CAMPING TRIP?? What did you mix monkeys bring? Sleeping bags?
Burnard: Nope.
Flamzer: Beans and bacon? Trail Mix?
Burnard: Nuh-uh.
Flamzer: Board games? Smores? Fudge brownies? MOIST TOWELLETS?!
Burnard: We brought… (pulls out a cube) An ice cube! (Plays with it, then drops it onto the spot.) We’ll have a cozy camp cube,
Meltus: [first lines] and chill weenie burgers.

Welcome to the moon!


Impressive, good sir!

Nurp: NO NAP NAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crater Tots

Rokit: We Orbitons like to officialy welcome our Infernite friends of the Mixel moon.

The Legend of the Glowkies

Rokit: Except they have huge bolting eyes, hairy insect legs, and razor sharp fangs!


Globet: Not so fast, cowboys, you dare to enter the secret cave of the Glowkies?
Vampos: I’m Vampos.
Boogly: and Kim Boogly.

Gotta pull the plug!


King Nixel

Major Nixel: Uh sir! I was just about to report and…
King Nixel: MIXELS!

Series 6 (2018)


A Quest for the Lost Miximajig

Berp: Okay! Finger foods! Munchies! Canapees, and canapé- [eaten by Vaka-Waka]
Vaka-Waka: Someone got lucky today.

Gox: Ever gear my whistle (uses a whistle that says “Toot!”)
Jinky: Yeah, check out my bells. [rings bells, then a gong that yells "BONG!"]

King Nixel: Ah yeah! Nixels amongivate! [amongovation the Nixels.] I’m waiting, Nixels! Try this on for size! [laughing] No one dares to shout or sneeze!
Glorp Corp Cousins Max: He’s right, we’re going to need a total max to defeat him!

Series 7 (2019)


Every Knight Has It's Day

Kuffs: Sarge is not gonna like this!

Series 8 (2019)


Nixel, Nixel, Go Away

Surgeo: This can only be an approvement. [Krog falls] Head. [Skrubs gives him the Lixer Head.] Cubit. [Skrubs gives him a Cubit] Clear! [helps the Mixels mix] Nurse, the mirror. [Skrubs gives him the mirror]
Krog and Lixer Mix: [looks at the mirror] AAAAAAAAAH! It’s just what I’ve always wanted.

Tuth: Open wide!
Booger: [Narrating] Like pulling teeth? [Tuth pulls out Voltz’s tooth] Nobody wants to go to the dentist!
Voltz: Well, I didn’t have to mix!
Booger: The five teams have used their travel tips, and booked themselves for a flight to New York City.
Geoff: Could we win? I’ll see why not,
Brody: We definitely have luck on our side, getting lucky to get back in the race, and make it to the finale?

Boogers: [narrating] Five teams remaining, and they’ll be Nixed by the Nixels, and all of their stuff must be colourless. But the only way for this: don’t miss The Ridonculous Race.

Hydro: I'm not gonna mix with these differences.
Aquad: Or I'll knock you down a rock!
Splasho: Yeah!

Screeno: This is screeno coming from you into an under school location. Someone’s coming!

Camsta: Seems that you guys can use a lift! Not to mention on ratings. Grab a hold, I’ll give a sip!

Sanders: I love that more colours spreaded.
MacAuthur: Don’t say that.
Booger: I have noticed originally about mixing like the Cubit or a travel tip.
Sanders: Booger saved the world from Nixel and rats.
Josee: Yay, the world!
Carrie: Mixopolis is a big City, except, cowboys.
Don: Yes, throw all your money on the ground. Very smart. That’s all for now! We hope you enjoyed our incredible race around the world. Be sure to keep an eye out for o more of the Ridonculous Race.
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