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Mixmaster Morris (born Morris Gould; July 5, 1965) is an English ambient DJ and underground musician.


  • Here's three samples, now go and make a record.
    • NME, 1987.
  • I Think, Therefore I Ambient
    • written on reverse of debut LP, 1991.
  • Live the Dream, Dream the Fish
    • written on reverse of Dreamfish CD, 1993.
  • It's time to lie down and be counted.
    • various UK interviews, 1993.
  • We've had 70 years of making records. Now, we sample them.
    • The Times, 1992.
  • I'd rather lie down than jump up.
    • i-D Magazine, 1994. Said in response to the musical style known as "jump up".
  • The dance industry is flogging a dead house.
    • Mixmag 1997. Morris was fired from this job for this comment.
  • Music is for sharing with people.
    • Looking for the Perfect Beat, 2000.
  • If you're going to make music, you need to find the context in which it might be enjoyed.
    • Looking for the Perfect Beat, 2000.


  • Punk was predicated on non-musicianship.
  • Whatever you like at age 16, you will find boring at age 32.

Modulations: A history of electronic music[edit]

  • It is time to reassess what has happened in the 20th century, and to look at it with a longer lens.
  • I like the people who go the extra mile to find something more individual, with more integrity, than the stuff you get in the charts.

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