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Mosunmola Abudu, also known as Mo Abudu, (born 11 September 1964), is a Yoruba media mogul, philanthropist, and former human resources management consultant. She was born in London to Nigerian parents.

Mosunmola Abudu 1


  • "I believe in learning and understanding any major assignment I undertake. Directing is an art form that takes years to master, so I’m beginning with baby steps".
    • In a statement sent to Saturday Beats[1]
  • "Anyone who wishes to be an entrepreneur must know that bright ideas are great, however, they are not even half of the work; execution is everything".
  • "Our goal whenever we tell African stories is to be truly authentic and stay as close as possible to the original work".
    • on working with Professor Wole Soyinka Story[3]
  • "If you can think it, you can do it".
    • Mo Abudu inspirational mantra [4]
  • “Never stop dreaming. If you are not obsessed with what you’re doing, you’re probably doing the wrong thing,”.
    • [5]Mo Abudu speaking at TEXA 2020 in lagos.
  • ”Have big ideas for yourself and for your business and if your ideas do not scare you, then they are not big enough”.
    • [6]Mo Abudu speaking at TEXA 2020 in lagos.
  • "One thing that disruptors have going for them is that they’re very passionate about the things that they do, and they have the ability to persuade, positively, and convince people around them that they’re making the right decision"
    • [7] on her being a disruptor by nature
  • "Anything that comes out of Africa, there will always be a Western equivalent of it for people to understand"
  • "I believe that following your dreams and hard work are necessary ingredients to a successful career"
    • [9] on her success
  • "Society and culture play an important part in determining gender roles, and women sometimes find it hard to break free from such norms"
    • [10] on discrimination against women
  • "Motivation alone is not enough. You must remain determined and committed to the pursuit of your goal if you want to truly succeed"
    • [11] On key lessons that she have learned along her entrepreneurial journey
  • "I have always reckoned that the vision to project Africa in a different, more positive light, needed a big platform and this was what spurred me to start thinking of establishing EbonyLifeTV"
    • [12] on establishing EbonyLifeTV
  • "I knew that we had a responsibility for telling those stories and sharing our stories. With a talk show, I was able to cover a plethora of topics and engage with a variety of stakeholders across the continent"
    • [13] she told The Guardian Life
  • "Scary thought at the time, but I knew instinctively that I wanted to do more. On reflection now, I understand why some friends and family were worried about my decision. I had a great job, [was] paid well, the sky was the limit and I walked away from it all"
    • [14] On leaving her job with ExxonMobil
  • "I believe having the right cast mix, infusing high production value, working with the right teams, marketing, and personally for me, prayer and fasting have all contributed to our success"
    • [15] Abudu says as she gives the secret behind the multiple success of her films at the box office
  • "There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come’, but when that time comes, you must be prepared to bleed sweat, tears and blood to bring your ideas to life"
    • [16] on her advice for those who desire to follow her entrepreneurial footsteps
  • I think anyone who isn't investing in Nigeria is missing out. If you look at Nigeria today, literally all of the business class cabins are full of foreigners, because these guys see opportunity.
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