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Moetan (もえたん) is an anime produced by Bandai Visual and based on the series of English language study aid published by SansaiBooks in Japan.

Magical Teacher [01][edit]

Ah-kun: Where am I?
Ink Nijihara: The duck talked!
Ah-kun: What? Where? Where? For real? What are you talking about? There is no duck in sight.
[She shows him a mirror]
Ah-kun: Ah, a duck. A duck?!
[He faints]

Ah-kun: What's your name?
Ink Nijihara: Ink Nijihara.
Ah-kun: What a strange name …
Ink Nijihara: Huh?!
Ah-kun: My name is Arks Sheldart Elbyas.

I Don't Need a Rival [02][edit]

Sumi Kuroi: It's all your fault. This time I'll accept your challenge as a rival.
[She stumbles and falls over]
Ink Nijihara: Are you all right, Sumi-chan?
Sumi Kuroi: Remember this!

Ink Nijihara: So what'll happen after collecting all these points?
Ah-kun: I can return to the magic kingdom.
Ink Nijihara: What? Really?!
Ah-kun: Yes. So work hard for my sake.
Ink Nijihara: I get the feeling I'm being manipulated …
Ah-kun: Don't think too much about the details. Here, I bought you a cake. Eat it!
Ink Nijihara: Thanks!

Great Scare Tactics [03][edit]

Nao-kun: [describing Ink] She is … you know, she is … very short. She's already a high school student, so why is she so short?
Magical Teacher Pastel Ink: W-well, that's …
Nao-kun: Speaking of which, you're pretty short too.
Magical Teacher Pastel Ink: I'm just fine the way I am!

The Idol Within Time [04][edit]

Ink Nijihara: This is Alice-chan, and this is her hit single, "English Words for Love".
Ah-kun: "English Words for Love"? That's a pretty outdated title for a song.
Ink Nijihara: It's got an 80's feel to it, right? Not that I'd know much about the 80's.

A Little Memory [05][edit]

Ink Nijihara: Interrogative sentences usually begin with the same why-question. You can find them here. See, isn't this fun?
[Little Sumi starts crying]
Ink Nijihara: Sumi-chan?
Little Sumi Kuroi: I don't get English!
Ah-kun: [reprimanding] You can't teach a child such complicated material!

The First Date [06][edit]

Nao-kun: [in Ink's dream] It makes me very happy to be with you like this. The blue sky … the beautiful you … this meaningless duck … and me!

Ruriko: Do I make myself clear, Ojou-sama? You are stupid enough as it is. But if you don't learn to study, you'll magnify your idiocy, and turn into a mega … no, giga … no, more than that … a tera-class, high-capacity idiot!
Sumi Kuroi: Ehh?! Really?
Ruriko: Yes, it's the truth.

The Targeted School Festival [07][edit]

Alice Shiratori: I'll cut to the chase. Arks, I'm here to test you! I want to see you reveal your true nature!
Ah-kun: My true nature?!
Ink Nijihara: Isn't he a true pervert?
Ah-kun: Shut up!

Trouble [08][edit]

Rina Tanaka: Remi! The truth is … the truth is … I … there is a reason why … I was wearing makeup.
Remi Suzuki: It's okay, you don't have to tell me. Everyone has a secret or two.
Rina Tanaka: Remi …
Remi Suzuki: It's all right, our friendship won't fail just because of that.
Rina Tanaka: Remi!
Remi Suzuki: I'm sorry that I asked something weird.
Rina Tanaka: [embraces her] Remi!
Remi Suzuki: Rina. Rina …
Rina Tanaka: [crying] You are … you are … such a good friend!
Remi Suzuki: Rina …
Rina Tanaka: Look at this … this …
[She points at a zit]
Remi Suzuki: Acne?
Rina Tanaka: This is embarrassing for me, but … actually, even after I took care of the acne, it wouldn't go away.
Remi Suzuki: So you tried to hide it with makeup?

The Wind... Flows [09][edit]

Sumi Kuroi: [thinking] I just rang the doorbell. What should I do? What should I do?
Ink Nijihara: [comes outside] Huh? Sumi-chan, what's wrong?
Sumi Kuroi: Uh, you see … it's nothing!
Ink Nijihara: Huh?
Sumi Kuroi: This is … uh … a ding-dong ditch!
Ink Nijihara: A ding-dong ditch?
Sumi Kuroi: Th-that's right! It's just a impulsive prank!
Ink Nijihara: [smiles] I see, it's a prank.

Forbidden Time [10][edit]

Ah-kun: Ink, something terrible has happened!
Ka-kun: The Magical Kingdom is collapsing!
Ink Nijihara: Wait. What are you talking about all of a sudden?
Ah-kun: The truth is …
[He whispers "gunja gunja gunja gunja" in her ear, Ink is shocked]
Ah-kun: That's why you have to lend us your power!
Ink Nijihara: Okay, but … I don't know what "gunja gunja" means.

Don't Give Up, Examinee! [11][edit]

Sumi Kuroi: It's obvious looking at your face that you're worried about something. Talk to me.
[Ink says nothing]
Sumi Kuroi: Don't give me that! I'm telling you to talk to me!
Ink Nijihara: But …
Sumi Kuroi: Geez … how irritating! Ahem. We are … uh … "friends", right?
Ink Nijihara: Eh? What?
Sumi Kuroi: [exasperated] I said we are … "friends" …
Ink Nijihara: Uh … I can't hear you.
Sumi Kuroi: [angry] I said that we are friends!

Skip [12][edit]

Pen-san: We are your opponents.
Muni-san: We'll join, too.
Dandy: Ah! They are …
Mio Tezuka: What is it?
Dandy: Pen-san and Muni-san, who appeared in the original. But since the anime staff thought that Ah-kun was enough, these characters were left out!
Mio Tezuka: Oh, so they are useless characters …
Dandy: Leave them to me!
[He performs a Dandy King Blaster]
Pen-san and Muni-san: [burning up] We finally appeared and it's already over?

The Supreme Ruler at the End of the Century [13][edit]

Ka-kun: I'm your opponent!
Mio Tezuka: Ah! Ka-kun!
Alice Shiratori: He's a different Ka-kun from this world.
Ka-kun: Here I come!
[He transforms into Karks]
Mio Tezuka: [swoons] He's unexpectedly cool!

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