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As we seek to optimize the potential of Globalization 4.0, the era where technology and globalization are seamlessly intertwined, we are moving away from an age of innovation and towards the Age of Imagination

Mohammad Abdullah Al Gergawi (Arabic: محمد عبدالله القرقاوي‎) is the Minister of Cabinet Affairs of the United Arab Emirates since 2006 and the Chairman of the Executive Office in Dubai since 2000. He leads the development of the federal government strategy; oversees its implementation and overall performance; and oversees the execution of the UAE National Agenda.


  • We live in a tough neighborhood and must continue to be a beacon of change and hope in the region for the good of our youth and societies.
  • His Highness Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid had an insight. He foresaw the internet revolution in its earliest days, and it was that vision, which put our national economy on the path to become a globally recognised knowledge economy.
  • We believe that we in the UAE and in Dubai have a mission. This region needs a puller from its misery. There is tremendous conflict. There is a lot of hatred, sectarian war, religious war, ethnic cleanses, refugees. We see the story. Then you come to Dubai.
  • We stand at the very outset of vast changes, and are not yet able to predict the impact of the technological revolution. The issue we are dealing with is bigger than any particular aspect like cyber security, privacy, or economic changes. Digital technology will affect every aspect of human life. This will be a new era for humanity.
  • Its cooperation with the UN and other relevant bodies affirms its commitment to sharing its successful government experiences and expertise, he further added while pointing out that the UAE is ready to share its knowledge with African countries.
  • The UAE, since its establishment, has adopted a noble mission and performed a pivotal role in creating and spreading hope around the region, most notably among the youth and future generations.
  • The impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has forced governments to adopt practices for consolidating future approaches and accelerating the implementation of innovative solutions.

Quotes about Al Gergawi

  • Looking down from his office, Gergawi points to a six-lane highway below that runs as one of the major arteries through Dubai, a road pulsing with late model cars in a city that is now home to the world’s busiest airport, many of its best-known companies, and one of the most remarkably diverse and international communities on the planet. (An estimated 89 percent of UAE residents are noncitizens.)
  • Dubai is dedicated in its efforts to be the city of the future – and the DFA is just one such effort. H.E. Mohammad bin Abdullah Al Gergawi, Minister of the UAE Cabinet Affairs and the Future, and Vice Chairman of Dubai Future Foundation, says that the aim of the program is to “co-create solutions to global challenges and then share them with the world.”
  • Sheikh Mohammed’s realm includes a blossoming financial center, regional headquarters for global brands, mega shopping malls, amusement parks, a world-class airline and an airport to go with it, luxurious hotels that play host to 7 million tourists annually and the world's largest man-made islands. "What he is trying to do," says confidant Mohammed al-Gergawi, "is to build an Arab and Muslim success story."
  • His Highness asked Mohammad Al Gergawi to build a state-of-the-art campus on a artificial lake with four office buildings to house the technology companies that Dubai hoped to entice to rent those offices. instead of paying for it from the Dubai budget, Sheikh Mohammed asked Al Gergawi to seek a commercial bank loan for the project. he told him that he wanted Internet City to be built and operated-required to perform-like a private sector investment, Al Gergawi managed to obtain $54 million from HSBC.
  • The New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Dubai Development and Investment authority (DDIA), to develop the Middle East's first commodity future exchange in the Emirate. The NYMEX and the DDIA agreed to "jointly explore, in the coming months, the development of the Dubai Mercantile Exchange (DME)”, the chairman of the authority Mohammad Al Gergawi said.
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