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Dr Mohammed Alkobaisi in Zayed University about woman role in education and its social and economical impacts on the woman and the society.

Mohammed bin Eyada Alkobaisi (Arabic (محمد بن عيادة الكبيسي) (referred to in honor as Sheikh Mohammed Alkobaisi, and as Dr. Mohammed Alkobaisi) (born 13 November 1970) is a Grand Mufti, an Islamic scholar, a public figure and a TV personality.


Understanding Islam, "Morals and Ethics" Dubai Media[edit]

  • Beliefs & practices are the core of Islam. Yet, Islam is not considered complete without ethics and morals.
  • Ethic is the core of humanity and the foundation of civilization.
  • Islam has emphasized Ethics, good deeds and nice words in order to build a better world and an ideal society as it aims at bringing up the best in humans.
  • Doing good to other people is not only a nice extra thing to do, but it is actually part of Emaan or the Faith; The Prophet (pbuh) said: “Whosoever believes in Allah and the Last Day should be generous to his neighbor [treat his neighbor with kindness], and whosoever believes in Allah and the Last Day should be generous to his guest”.
  • Imagine!, the two most important Sahabah in Islam, racing to help an old blind woman, at night and at the edge of the city!.
  • Islam considers Ethics & Morals as a way to attain rewards and entitlement to Heavens.
  • The real concept of morality is benefiting people and avoiding harming them.
  • A Muslim should live up to his character, and employ his powers in doing what is good, beneficial and helpful.
  • Any intentional inequitable harm is a danger zone!
  • Goodness is not only required in action, but also in speech.
  • Goodness is required even in thoughts and desires.
  • If you succeeded with patience, you should try to reach a higher state of morality; which is to counter evil with good.
  • Evil must not be countered with another evil but, rather, repelled by an act of goodness.
  • The final level - of good ethics - is to deal with your enemy in the best kind of treatment as though he is a close friend!
  • Foil hatred with goodness and love and make those enemy your true friends!
  • It is relatively easy to control your anger after a while, but to do that after facing such extremes and at the height of your troubles, when you are wearied and exhausted, when you are heart-broken and depressed, that is sublime morality and magnificent ethics.
  • -Ethic- is especially important while conducting business, in law suits and trials, when people act rudely, etc.
  • Ethics are not theoretical! They are practical and affect our everyday life; at homes, in our neighborhood, at the road, at our work place.
  • A true Muslim will surely strive to improve his manners and correct his condition, and purify his demeanor and his innermost feelings.
  • Each one of us should ask himself; Am I being the best I can be to my family? Am I being the best parent I can be? Am I being the best child I can be? The best friend? The best neighbor? The best for my brothers and sisters? The best for my society? The best for humanity? Where am I from the saying: “The best of people, is the best TO the people”?
  • There is always room for improvement in our lives. Are we willing to try?! Are we going to try?!

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