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Moji Olaiya (27 February 1975 – 17 May 2017) was a Nigerian actress who began her acting career with Wale Adenuga's production Super Story. She starred in several Nollywood movies of Yoruba and English genres.


  • You don’t really need anybody to pray for you. You can always pray on your own.
  • Marriage is a school. Whichever way you find it and whatever experience you had, it is a school. You don't go there to relax.
  • Marriage is a relationship just like friendship. So, if you are not getting the best from your friend, it is better and more peaceful to quit.
  • Only an insane woman would quit a marriage that is blissful and pleasurable.
  • A woman needs a man in her life. There are things a man would do that you cannot do as a woman.
  • Life is interesting when you keep a free mind towards others. When you suspect everyone around you, you cage yourself and your feelings and it means you don’t trust yourself too.
  • Whatever situation you find yourself, know that life will go on; it will only stop when you are tired of going on.

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