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Molly of Denali is an American-Canadian animated television series created and produced by Atomic Cartoons and WGBH Kids for PBS Kids and CBC Television.

Tag line[edit]

Molly: Mahsi' choo! Let's go!


Molly: [to camera] Hey everyone, it's me Molly! So, there's this canoe race in Alaska where different schools compete in three person teams, and I realized HEY! Tooey, Trini and I are three people!
Tooey: Hi!
Trini: Howdy!
Molly: So we formed a team called...
Molly, Tooey and Trini: The Qyah Canoers!!
Molly: And we're filming our first practice to show you how amazing we already are!
[Molly puts the camera on the tripod and gets on the canoe with Tooey and Trini.]
Molly: Okay, Qyah Canoers. [rows the boat with an oar] Forward ho!
[Molly, Tooey and Trini grunt as they row the canoe]
Molly: No, Trini, the other forward!
Trini: I thought THIS was forward!
Tooey: No, that's starboard.
Molly: Star-what?
Trini: I thought this was star...
Molly, Tooey and Trini: [falling off the canoe] WOAH!
[The canoe has flipped upside down. The kids swim up, now all soaked.]
Molly: [sighs] That was not what I meant by amazing.

[an outside view of the library]
Daniel: Hmmm... Sorry, Molly. The library doesn't have a record of native names.
Molly: This is IMPORTANT information! There should be books about it.
Daniel: I agree, but no one has written one yet.
Molly: [sighs] I guess I'll have to go around town and find out for myself.
Daniel: Good luck!


Baby Natalie: Crying


  • Sovereign Bill as Molly Mabray
  • Sequoia Janvier as Tooey Ookami
  • Vienna Leacock as Trini Mumford
  • Jules Arita Koostachin as Layla Mabray
  • Ronnie Dean Harris as Walter Mabray
  • Lorne Cardinal as Grandpa Nat
  • Adeline Potts as Auntie Midge
  • Ellen Kennedy as Singing Moose, Video Voice, and Connie
  • Luc Roderique as Daniel, Announcer, and Cowboy on TV
  • Michelle Thrush as Shyahtsoo, and Aunt Merna
  • Shawn Youngchief as Mr. Patak, Maurice, Finnegan Guy and Olin Benedict
  • Katrina Salisbury as Nina
  • Rhonda Rees as Barb
  • Pamela Jones as Sadie Albert
  • Nyla Carpentier as Atsaq
  • Taran Kootenhayoo as Randall
  • Pawaken Koostachin-Chakasim as Oscar
  • Cynthia De Pando as Lucia
  • Damon Sky Taylor as Ben
  • Hyuma Frankowski as Kenji
  • Tai Grauman as Mrs. Marsh
  • Anna Dickey as Vera
  • Brendan Sunderland as Jake
  • Clay St. Thomas as Travis, and Mr. Rowley
  • Rebecca Shoichet as Dr. Antigone
  • Rukiya Bernard as Violetta Lawrence

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