Mona the Vampire

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Mona the Vampire is a Canadian-French-Chinese children's animated television series created by Sonia Holleyman.


Attack of the Living Scarecrow/The Robot Babysitter [1.01][edit]

Mona: Good going, Fang.

Mona: Okay, Fang, no more miss nice vampire. It's time to go with plan Z! It's really simple, Fang. Since Angela is controlling the Robot Babysitter by remote control, all I have to do is override her signal with my own remote control unit. This TV remote will do the job. Now, with a little bit of retuning, I'll control Belinda's robotic brainwaves. That way, she'll be my robot instead of Angela's.
[alarmed meow]
Mona: She's coming!

The Baby Chamber/Monster Trash [2.37][edit]

Simba: [offscreen] Oh, no, no, not the trash! How many have Pride Rock when Nala in the graveyard, Mona. Poor Mona!
Nala: [offscreen] For crying out loud!
Man #1: Seize him! You're under arrest, back-stabbing murderer with Mona.
Man #2: Murderer it.
Mona: It's too short.
Simba: [offscreen] What happened?
Phoebus: [offscreen] This one have trash can, Simba.
Mona: It can't be.