Mona the Vampire

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Mona the Vampire is a Canadian-French-Chinese children's animated television series created by Sonia Holleyman.


Mona: Good going, Fang.


  • Emma Taylor-Isherwood as Mona Parker
  • Justin Bradley (1999–2002) and Evan Smirnow (2003) as Charley Bones
  • Carrie Finlay as Lily Duncan
  • Carole Jeghers as Mrs. Parker
  • Marcel Jeannin as Mr. Parker
  • Tia Caroleo as Angela Smith
  • Oliver Grainger (1999–2002) and James Harbour (2003) as George Jamell
  • Louis Negin as Reverend Gregory
  • Gary Jewell (1999–2002) and Richard Dumont (2003) as Officer Halcroft (1999–2002)
  • Jennifer Seguin as Miss Gotto