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Monalisa Chinda and Mr Ibu in 2014

Monalisa Chinda (13 September 1974) is a Nigerian actress, film producer, television personality and media personality.


  • Take a walk; leave that environment first before taking any decision. Talk to God. talk to the Holy Spirit. You will get some sort of direction. You can’t stay in a hostile environment and excel.
  • It is you first before anybody else. When you die, you won’t know what would happen to the family you left behind.
  • Don’t stew in your juice if you have made a mistake in life move on, don’t try to carry out revenge or get angry over what you couldn’t control. My advice is let your hurt go so you can be a better person. Let love lead and find you.
  • Marriage is a choice, it is not a requirement to fulfill your purpose. Your purpose is not in marriage, it is in you.

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