Mongolian proverbs

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Proverbs from all Mongolian speaking parts of the world.

  • Овоо босгоогүй бол шаазгай хаанаас суух вэ.
    • Transliteration: Ovoo bosgoogui bol shuvuu haanaas suukh ve.
    • Translation: If the cairn were not built, the magpie wouldn't have perched.
    • Context: Cairns are prevalent in Mongolia due to Buddhism, and they are popular landing posts for birds.
    • English equivalent: It takes two to tango.
    • "There is a line from the New Testament that does say do not cast pearls before swine. It means that if people are not listening to you, stop talking to them. [...] The one's who aren't listening, pull back. You are devaluing what you have to say by offering it to an audience that does nothing but reject it."
    • Jordan Peterson, Jordan B. Peterson on The 12 Rules of Life (2018)
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