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Monster Allergy is an animated show created by Iginio Straffi based on the comic book series of the same name. It started in September 22, 2006 at Kids' WB. It started in Disney Channel Asia. This show is about Zick, a young loner inflicted with numerous alleriges, including one that enables him to see the invisible world of monsters. Zick encounters the new girl, Elena Potato, at school and the two become friends and have many wild adventures together.

Pilot Episode[edit]

The Monsters Tamer[edit]

Narrator: Few people know of the mysterious world exist in our myths. It is an invisible world, inhabited by strange unsettling creature. Creatures that were never seen by human eyes. Except for the eyes of one person, a special someone, someone bestowed with a unique talent, the gift of able to see the incredible world of monsters.

[Seeing the monster messing around the furniture]
Zick: Bombo!
Bombo: Hi, Zick.
Zick: Where are my shoes, Bombo?
Bombo: Me looking for them.
Zick: Because you want to eat them, I'm missing two pairs.
Bombo: [Dropping the sofa] Bombo like you smelly shoes, Zick.
Snyakutz Bu: [Talking to Zick] I save the pair just for you.

Zick: Right, I'll show everyone who I am.
Elena: You're a scoundrel, that what you are.
Zick: Ah oh, here Elena.
Elena: Zick! Are in here or what? The door was open, so I...
Zick: [Appearing to her] Hi, Elena!
Elena: Zick, I've been waiting for a hour. We got to go to the park for our science project.
Zick: Elena, I haven't got time now. I... Ah... Well... How do I explain.
Elena: Strange rumors are going around about you. Is it true that monsters here? Cause I wanna see them.

Elena: So it's all true, there are invisible monsters here.
Timothy: It's useless too deny it.
Elena: And cats that can hear. Hey, you speak?
Timothy: I can sing too, Ha!

Zick: Listen Elena, you shouldn't be here and- [Suddenly sneeze]
Ben-Talak: Oh no, Zick sneeze.
Clak-Ritak: Bad omen.
Snyakutz Bu: That allergy only means one thing.
Bombo: Monsters are coming.

Timothy: Do not interfere, girl. This is a Tamer matter. [Suddenly Elena grabs Timothy's neck] Eh!
Elena: Listen you talking fleabag. Zick is my best friend, and I won't stay here and do nothing.
Timothy: [After being thrown away by Elena] Aw...

Elena: Well does anybody wanna tell me what's happening?
Zick: That's I wanna to know too.
Timothy: I wanted to see if you are really up to confronting Magnacat, you were both very-very brave.
Elena: I just risk my life for a test?
Timothy: Yes. You are very courageous Elena, but they are many things you still have to learn.

Elena: [Excited] We're hunting monsters. Everybody will envy me tomorrow.
Zick: Remember, this is a secret mission.
Elena: Well, that's no fun.

Teddy: [Laughing] So the great Tamer hangs out with a girl.
Elena: [Pointing and shocking Teddy] You know this beast?!
Zick: This is Teddy Thaur. He's a Tamer too.

Season 1[edit]

House of Monster[edit]

Zick: Everything okay?
Elena: [Seeing Zick wearing a gas mask, and screams] AH!
Zick: [Removing the gas mask] Don't pay attention to the mask, I'm allergic to cat hair.
Elena: Oh really?
Zick: By the way, is this your cat? [Seeing Purrcy still stuck in the doggy door]
Elena: Purrcy. He was playing with your cat, and he got stuck at the door and-
Zick: [Interrupt her] Yeah. No problem, bye.
Elena: My name's Elena, I'm your new neighbor, we go to school together, we're in the same class.
Zick: Huh? Okay, bye.
Elena: [Pointing her foot against the door] Ah? Hey, nice house.
Zick: Ah, I got to shut to door now because the wild blowing a lot of dust, [Trying to closing the door] and I'm allergic to dust [Coughing, and finally closing the door]
Elena: Ha! This guy is not weird, he's just plain rude. Purrcy, let's go! [Remembering Purrcy still stuck in the doggy door] Oh, right.

Elena: Well anyway, thanks for your help.
Zick: It's always fun to scare David.
Elena: What was that all about "the ghoulish stare"?
Zick: Oh that, [Showing Elena the ghoulish stare] Boo. [Elena laughs] Well, I still have no idea why you were fighting.
Elena: Oh, it was nothing.

Elena: I mean, even if you are totally crazy, there really is nothing to be ashamed of.
Zick: I'm not crazy, alright?! I'm not out of my mind!

Elena: What's going on, Zick? Is this one of your monster? [Sitting on top of the river monster] I'm on it, but I can't see it! Oh my goodness, I have no idea that there was a monster living in our river!
[Zick and Elena getting off the river monster with the puppies]
River Monster: Now please don't shove me in a Dom Box.
Zick: Oh no, of course not, and thanks. [Seeing the river monster leaving] What's a Dom box?
Elena: [Excited] A Monster, Yippee!

Elena: [Excited] Purrcy's back! Where was he? Had he runaway? Hiding somewhere in the bed, in the basement, in the attic? Behind the sofa?
Harvey: [Showing Purrcy covered in dust] In the chimney.

Zick: Well, I'll see you later.
Elena: [Seeing Zick leaving] Wait I haven't finished with you, there is a lot of things you haven't explain to me yet.
Zick: There's nothing much to say really, that's nothing.
Elena: I don't believe you see monsters. Well, I wanna see monsters too, you know.
Zick: What if they don't wanna see you?
Elena: Oh Zick, do you always have to be so difficult?

Monster Pod Under Oldmill[edit]

Elena: Come on Zick, the buffet is waiting. [Whistling]
Timothy: Oh brother, that tomboy is here Zick.
Zick: What, already? I couldn't find my shoes!

Zick: The woodworm ate the floor again. It happens all the time.
Elena: What on earth do monsters have for teeth? Dynamite?

Zick: If anything happens to me, tell Timothy.
Elena: You can't go their alone, you need back. Why can't I come with you?
Zick: Because I can see monsters, and you can't.

Digesting Plant: [Talking to Zick] We want some company, after all those years stuck in the box, and we're very hungry you know! How about some starter. [Starting to chase Zick]

Zick: I never taught to say this, but I wish I was back at school.
Elena: [Going down to the sewers] Zick, are you down here?
Zick: Elena, Go away!
Elena: What kind of a greeting is that?! I'm here to help you.
Digesting Plant: Ah, she looks delicious. Ha... [Moving closer to Elena]
Zick: Elena, I... [Unknowingly using the Voice Dom] DON'T TOUCH ME FRIEND.
Elena: Zick, you look weird? Are you alright?

Zick: [Capturing the Digesting Plant in a can] I got it, Elena! I did it.
Elena: Holy Spit, Zick! Look at that thing struggle.

Cat In the Pot[edit]

Timothy: [Seeing Zick is with Elena from a window] What is it about that meddlesome busybody that he likes so much?

Elena: The sauce pan guy got away again.

Elena: [Going down to the sewers] Zick, I gonna be honest. So far, your plan really stinks.

Elena: [Seeing Zick floating in mid-air] AH? [Being lift by the plant, and screaming] AH!
Digesting Plant: She sure screams a lot. Can we eat her?
Zick: I don't think so, part of her personality will be hard to shallow.

Timothy: EASY, you don't know how your dealing with! I'll sue you, you lump!

Elena: [Seeing the Androgorkas closing in on her] You've not given up, huh? Too bad, so sad. [Seeing the machine didn't work] Uh... Zick?... Zick?!... ZICK, DO SOMETHING WILL YOU!

Elena: Who are those guys?
Zick: I don't know?
[Climbing up a stairs]
Elena: How did you do that force field thing?
Zick: I don't know that either?
Elena: You don't know anything, Huh?
Zick: [Interrupt Elena] One thing I know, is you ask too many questions.
Elena: Well, I know you shouldn't talk me like that.
Zick: Okay.

Zick: I can feel that Timothy is here.
Elena: And Purrcy? Do you feel him too? Remember him, he's affectionate, and friendly, he's a real...
[Scene changes to Timothy and Purrcy]
Timothy: [Being lick by Purrcy] Twit, there is no other word to describe him. [Shoving Purrcy away] GET YOUR SANDPAPER TONGUE AWAY FROM ME!

Timothy: Zick! At last, you're here. [Seeing the Barber] You've gained weight!

Lardrine: Wow, that was Stellar! You didn't tell me you're that good.
Timothy: I'm a modest soul.

Magnacat: [Watching Zick in the Monitor] That Tamer has great power, the inestimable energy of the Dom, go ahead little guys [Transforming to his Gorka form] enjoy your last moments of freedom because you'll soon be mine. [Laughing manically]

The Monster Next Door[edit]

Elena: [Climbing a ladder to a roof] Doing homework with Patty? I'm getting nauseated just thinking about it! Plus, no one goes to a classmate's house via the roof.
Zick: Shh... If Timothy sees me, he'll have Bombo digest me.
Elena: [Looking below] Oh, I know this is going to end bad. I have sixth sense about those things.
Zick: And I have seventh sense that tell me to- [Suddenly he fell, and bounced off in a shade sail into Patty's room] Whoa... Ah!
Elena: You're a dork!
[Elena goes to Patty's room by way of the roof]
Elena: Patty's room.
Patty: We've got to update our Black List.
Mattie: Yeah, there's one person to add to the list of people to be avoided.
Patty: Elena.
[Patty and Mattie laugh]

Elena: What's going on? I can't see anything.
Zick: Oh man. Their turning into Androgorkas.
Elena: As usual, I'm missing the best part.

Elena: Holy Spit! We're locked in! How'd that happen?
Zick: Are you afraid?
Elena: Yes I'm afraid, that I took a block-head as a friend!

Zick: There, they're human again.
Mrs. Smirnov: My head. Oh! [Seeing the park a mess] What happened here?
Elena: A gale of wind, a typhoon, and a herd of rhinoceroses something like that, all arrive here at the same time!

The Pyramid of the Invulnerable[edit]

Snyakutz Bu: Where did the projector go?
Bombo: Not know! [Talking while the projector is showing more clip pictures] It was here minute ago.

Elena: I guess you're not happy to see me, well goodbye Mr. Ezekiel Zick.
Zick: No, Wait!

Zick: [Seeing more Androgorkas] I can't believe it! There everywhere.
Elena: So what's the big deal this Andro-what it's name?
Zick: Go home.

Zick: Timothy, we got a problem.
Timothy: Speak of a Gorka and I’ll pop their ugly faces. It looks like we have an emergency in our hands here, Zick.

Trengingigan: Timothy! Fireflies and moths! What a nice surprise! Who’s the dork?
Timothy: He’s Gingi Zick, more rugged than he looks.
Zick: How do you do? [Sneezes and glove hat flies off]
Timothy: Sort of.

Trengingigan: When a Tutor of your status seeks out a hunter of my status, it’s because there’s some trouble ahead.

Elena: That's twerp never told me anything, I bet he's hunting those Androgorkas. [Going to her bed] By tomorrow morning, I'll give him a piece of my mind. Some friend.

Timothy: It’s the guards.
Trengingigan: Don’t worry. We monsters are invisible to human eyes.
Timothy: But not the boy.
Trengingigan: A Tamer should be clever enough not to get caught!
[Zick sneezes that alerted the guards]
Timothy: Not a Tamer who’s allergic to everything.
Guard: Hey you! What are you doing here?
Zick: Hello Mr. Lifeguard! I’m signed up for swimming classes, and... and the diving board is really cool!

Elena: Oh. Holy spit! [Looking outside and seeing the manhole lid pops ups into the air] Strange things are happening. And when strange things happen, I know there’s there’s only one person to blame. Zick’s gonna have a lot of explaining to do tomorrow.


Narrator: In the last episode, Zick used the Universal DomBox to capture Magnacat's vicious Gorka, Omniquad. Zick's Monster Taming powers keep growing, and he'd kinda like to know why.

Elena: Thank you very much for the cat, NOW GET LOST!
Zick: Why are you treating me like this? What did I do?
Elena: I tell you. You won't tell me anything about you or what all those weird monsters are, but you come to me when you got a problem or a cat.
Timothy: [Seeing Zick and Elena from a window] Wow! the bickers are outta again.

Zick: How come I can fight monsters, but I can't figure out Elena?
Timothy: Fighting monsters is easier, they only come at you at one direction at a time.
Bombo: Bombo help, Bombo eat girl.
Zick: Bombo!
Bombo: Bombo joking. Bombo on diet.

Zick: And what about these pathetic criminals you're guarding?
Timothy: Guarding? You mostly play hide and seek with them! As for their crimes, Bombo steal some cakes. Snyakutz Bu was arrested for littering, he left pieces of himself everywhere. Clak-Ritak was charged for playing violin, HORRIBLY OUT OF TUNE. Ben-Talak is an incurable lair.
Ben-Talak: That's not true.
Timothy: There, you see? He just did it again! And the Bursties, well they just arrested for inappropriate singing.
Zick: Wow, this is a quite of band of pardon criminals. Are you sure you could handle them all by yourself?
Timothy: I assure you in Bibbur-Si this offenses are quite serious, and it's my job to teach them to become better monsters so they can go back someday.
Zick: Better monsters, got it. Now let's start training.
Timothy: Your not ready. I have to keep you from using your power, until you control them better.
Zick: Eh... But we only have three day before we have meet Magnacat.
Timothy: Not so fast, Zick. Lardine and I will take of Magnacat. You can't use your powers until you're ready.
Zick: But I feel ready right now.
Timothy: If you're ready, I'll be a monkey's uncle.
[Everyone laughs at his joke, and Timothy giggles]

Zick: I'm sharing with my lunch with a talking plant. Weird.
Elena: I'm watching my neighbor feed his lunch to an invisible talking plant. Weird.

[Seeing Bristlebeard in his ship, the Unicorn]
Bristlebeard: Yo ho-ho, greeting you land lubbers. Who dares call orders to the ghost of Bristlebeard?
Timothy: No one, I was a trick of the fog. Nothing here for pirate ghosts, thank you.
Zick: I dare. You've been here all along. You know we need help, HELP US.
Bristlebeard: I know that Tone, but it's weak. Bristlebeard has been on a long voyage with little to eat.
[Bristlebeard starting to eat the Androgorkas and spitting them out]
Zick: Cool! Their human again.
Timothy: Disgusting.

Elena: I've always wanted to see a pirate ghost. I miss out of all the good stuff.

Elena: Zick, are you alright? You look awful.
Zick: I'm just tired, Elena. It must be quite late.
Elena: Uh, Zick, I don't know how to tell you this but it's only like quarter to nine. [Catching Zick for feeling fainted]
Zick: Oh...
Timothy: We need you to help us get him home.
Elena: Sure, I can help. I told my parents I was going to Zick's house anyway so... [Realizes that Timothy can talk] You can speak!
Timothy: Meow.
Elena: Oh no, you don't! If you want my help, you gonna answer my question.
Timothy: Yes, I can speak. What I can't do is get Zick home by myself.
Elena: There. Was that so hard?

Zick: What do you mean less?
Greta: Not another word, Dad! Mom, you shouldn't do this.
Zick: Dad? Mom?! You can see them?!
Greta: Of course, I can see them! They're my parents! Now, everybody, out! Go on, everybody. You too, Timothy. You rest now, Zick.
Zick: I can't believe my own mother can see phantoms. Why didn't she tell me?

Elena: And another thing, how come you didn't tell me your cat can talk?
Zick: Timothy? He can't talk, maybe you imagined it. There was a lot going on that beach.
Elena: I'm telling you, he talked! Go on, say something!
Zick: I'm telling you, he's a cat. Yup, just a mangy, smelly old cat.
Elena: Oh, with the two of you are impossible!
Zick: [Seeing Elena leaving] Wow, she gets hot under the collar.
Timothy: What do you mean mangy?

Pirates Hideout[edit]

Zick: What came over you to mention pirates?
Elena: If we're going to find that Dark Phantom, we have to start somewhere.
Zick: We?
Elena: You heard me, now I figure that the ghost go back to the place he's familiar with.
Zick: Okay for we then.
[Elena messing up Zick's hair]

Zick: [Seeing the Quicksilver Waterfall] Wow, it's really beautiful isn't it?
Elena: Look down there. [Seeing Bristlebeard, and excited] Holy Spit! It's Bristlebeard's ghost, and I can see him. Do you think some of your powers were rubbed on me?
Zick: No, he just ate a monster, and is just temporarily alive.
Elena: [Sadly] Oh.

Elena: You're not afraid of monsters, but afraid of rats. Give me a break.
Zick: They startled me, that's all.

Elena: [After biting Bristlebeard's hand] Yuck! What I won't I give to have one of those moldy biscuits now, to get the taste of the undead out of my mouth.

Zick: Listen Elena, I got a idea. [Whispers at Elena]
Elena: What, are you kidding? That will never work.

Zick: Pardon me for interrupting, but Bristlebeard I ORDER YOU TO SPIT ME OUT!
Elena: [After Bristlebeard spits Zick out] Well hello.
Zick: My plan work, by eating me you became solid enough... to get you in here! [Using his Universal Dom Box at Bristlebeard] It's my Universal Dom box. Please make yourself at home.

Elena: [Seeing Bristlebeard escape the Universal Dombox] He got out.
Zick: No, It's what Ben-Talak told me. Dark Phantoms that become trap are defeat but can't remain imprison. They dissolve forever I hope.
Elena: [Touching his Zick's shoulder] And I hope he's with Olivia now. Ah, you need a bath. [Feeling some saliva in his clothes]

Zick: [Opening the small chest] It's just a bunch of seeds.
Elena: [Opening the letter] Listen to this, it's a letter to Olivia from Bristlebeard.
Bristlebeard: Dearest Olivia, I'm on my way back to you. I found a flower in the southern sea I know you will like, of course it is half pretty as you.
Zick: [Interrupted] Oh Yuck!
Elena: [Interrupted] Hush Up!
Bristlebeard: The bloom will never survive the journey, so I preserve some of the seeds, and you could grow your own. My heart is warm of taught of seeing you again Love, Horacio.
Zick: Horacio?
Elena: I guess that Bristlebeard's real name.
Zick: Well, he's sure was a cornball.

Zick: [Holding the small chest of seeds] In three hundred years, this is Bristlebeard's first good deed.
Elena: That's Horacio for you.

Terror in the Deep[edit]

Ms. Swift: Mattie O'Hare.
Mattie: Here.
Ms. Swift: Patty Smirnov.
Patty: Here.
Ms. Swift: Elena Potato.
Patty and Mattie: Here in body.
[Pointing at Elena while sleeping]
Patty: But not in spirit.
Zick :[Going in the classroom] Good morning Ms. Swift. I see you've all arrived early today.

Elena: Do strange things ever happen to your house?
Zick: Next question, please.

Elena:[Reading a note] We've gone shopping. Lunch is in the microwave.
Zick: Lunch was in the microwave, look.
Elena: [Seeing the empty plate] Someone scalped it?
Zick: Only an horrible enormous hairy beast could have done this!
Elena: [Being scared] Who?
Zick: Your cat.
Elena: Come on, Purrcy?

Timothy: [Hearing about Chumba Bagingi] Oh great, just brilliant. A show-off wandering through the neighborhood. It's unheard off!

Chumba: My talents aren't appreciated in here, so great Bagingi will take his leave and go. [Escaping from the window] Good bye grin prison, welcome back freedom!
[Zick and Elena are looking out from a window]
Elena: Did they see him?
Zick: No, but we can't let him get away.

Zick: [Seeing Chumba] He's going to the Aquarium.
Elena: But why?
Zick: Because, Chumba is a vain exhibitionist and these people make a good audience.

Chumba: Making an appearance is great, but making a disappearance is better!

Zick: Just a sec, Chumba is still in board, I can feel him. My nose is itching, [Sensing Chumba and the Dark Phantoms] with them out there, he doesn't stand a chance. I have to-
Elena: [Interrupts Zick] Please don't say it. Please don't, please don't, please don't, please don't-
Zick: Save him.
Elena: He said it.
Zick: [Opening the escape hatch] I'll see you on the surface.
Elena: Zick, are you out of your mind?!

Elena: Zick? [Checking on Chumba] Oh boy, the critter isn't breathing. What horrible slimy skin!
Chumba: Are the ghosts gone?
Elena: So, you were just pretending?!
Chumba: What's your point? I'm an actor. [Turning himself an inner tube, and escaping the submarine]
Elena: Well, you're obviously not good playing the hero. [Seeing the water rising] Zick, you're never here when I need you.

[Seeing them escapes the submarine to the surface]
Elena: It's incredible, I could breathe! What is this thing?
Zick: A new power I guess?
Elena: Holy Spit, Zick! You think of something new everyday.

Zick: [Using the Universal Dom Box] Take you last bow, Bagingi, it's curtains for you.
Chumba: No, I'm claustrophobic...

Greta: Okay, let's go over this again. A shipwrecked submarine, the class miraculously saved, the teacher unconscious. What can I say, your first field trip has been a...
Zick: Disaster, I know.
Timothy: For once, I don't agree. [Holding Chumba Bagingi in a Dom Box] Aside from the disaster, thanks to Zick, Chumba Bagingi will not get up to anymore trouble. This showoff isn't evil, just irresponsible, that's why it's not a bad thing to leave him on his own in a Dom Box for a while.

Timothy: You were able to breathe underwater, because you used Enviro Dom.
Zick: Enviro Dom? What does that mean?
Timothy: It means everyday you're getting more powerful, my boy. No, no more questions. [Seeing Zick leaving the basement] That's the fourth monster Zick has captured. Now everything has changed forever.

Canned Monster[edit]

Bombo: No worry Zick, Bombo has it all figure out. Bombo left Timothy a decoy, a dummy head look just like Bombo.
[Scene changes to the Barrymore House. Discovering the decoy, and all monsters are panicking]
Timothy: AND STOP! [Seeing all the monster stop on their pose] You see, Bombo is just an another example of poor discipline and total lack of respect in this house.

Timothy: Don't worry about Bombo, he is so incapable of taking care of himself, he'll be back by lunchtime, starving. As long as a ghost doesn't eat him. Ha...

Elena: I figured after you performance this morning, you could use some training. So, lets get to it.
Zick: Okay coach, what I'll do first?
Teddy: Get a new coach.
Zick and Elena: [Seeing Teddy] Huh?
Teddy: You'll need one. Without a good teacher, a Tamers can't get very far.
Elena: Careful, Zick.
Zick: What you'd know about Tamers?
Teddy: Teddy Thaur's the name. Taming's the game.
Elena: [Annoyed] How original.

Teddy: [After messing with Bombo, and sending him back to Zick's bag]Get back inside critter. Cool huh?
Elena: You're wasting your energy, hot shot. I didn't see anything, and I'm sure I didn't miss anything.
Teddy: We're Tamers, our powers makes us superior, but sometimes being the best isn't enough.
Elena: [Annoyed] Argh!

Zick: Hi, I have someone here for you. [Seeing Timothy] Hi.
Timothy: Bombo, come out of there. You've done a seriously wrong thing.
Bombo: [Sadly getting out of Zick bag] Hmm...
Timothy: [Smelling inside Zick's bag] Eh! You have done a seriously wrong thing inside here as well!

Zick: Bombo, are you alright? I hope Timothy wasn't too hard on you.
Bombo: [Crying] He put Bombo on a diet.

Elena: My mom would freak if she knew where I was going.
Zick: Don't come, if it'll get you into trouble.
Elena: Somebody's gotta look after you.

[Zick seeing the Fouler playing and eating mud]
Elena: Is he scary?
Zick: Like the cafeteria lady's meatloaf.
Elena: [Imagining it and being gross out] Ugh!

Zick: I hope we run into him again soon.
Elena: I don't! He's an arrogant bully and a cheater.
Zick: Maybe, he knows something about my dad.
[Elena suddenly stops Zick's in his bike while in her bike]
Zick: Whoa...
Elena: Are you serious?! Not only did he steal your monster, he treated you like dirt, and almost left you with the dark phantoms.
Zick: Okay, Okay. You know, we all have issues.
Elena: That's true, but some of us beats them. You know, when I'm done with this Manual, I'll know everything.

Elena: [Giggling] I did find out something pretty interesting about the monster you caught.
Zick: Really?
Elena: It's a good thing Teddy took it, and not you listen. [Reading the Manual] The Fouler when captured will ferment in captivity in jar or cage. If you don't know the correct technique, it is impossible to Box it without catastrophic results.
Zick: What do they mean by catastrophic?! [Elena was giggling by showing him the results] Huh? Ugh!

Narrator: It is a little-known fact that monsters become visible to humans once a year, on Halloween. This year's ghoulish holiday will be more terrifying than ever thanks to the ghastly antics of Omnised and Omniquad. See it all in the next monsters episode.

Zick vs Zick[edit]

Elena: [Seeing her in a witch costume] Zick is over an hour late, I bet he's blowing me off. [Seeing Omnised as Zick] There he is.
Fake Zick: Oh boy, oh boy. This is so much fun. [Seeing Elena]
Fake Zick: Oh, I'm sorry, let's shake and forget about it.
Elena: Yow!
Fake Zick: Ha ha, gotcha. [Showing Elena a joy buzzer in his hand]
Elena: [Seeing the fake Zick runaway] I hope he has that doctor, because he's really gonna need one!

Real Zick: Hey Elena! I got us some help.
Elena: But you were just here, not wearing a costume, and ran that way. I guess it wasn’t you. But you are... whatever that means.

Zick: Elena, meet a real legend. This is Trengingigan, the great monster catcher.
Elena: You mean, he’s a real monster and I can see him? Cool!
Trengigigan: It’s Halloween, kid! The one day we monsters can make ourselves be seen and walk among humans! We’ll look a lot less scary, dressed like this I’ve gotta say.
Elena: So who was the other Zick I saw?
Trengingigan: You didn’t see Zick at all, Elena! You saw a Gorka!
Zick: Omnised and Omniquad.
Trengingigan: Gorkas are shape-shifting monsters of disguise! They could be causing a lot of trouble.
Zick: And everyone thinks it’s my fault!

Patty: Zick? You’re not even wearing a costume. And I didn’t even invite you. And, who’s he?
Fake Zick: Trick or treat! My cousin and I dropped by to liven up this party a bit. [After leaving Patty] Young Zick is missing quite a party! I smell trouble ahead for he and his friends.
Omniquod: Not me. I smell cookies!

Ford: Hey soup! There’s that candy-snatcher Zick, wearing the worst mask I’ve ever seen.
Soup: What mask? That’s Zick’s face?

Zick: I’ve got a better idea! You two can finally learn that the best place for a Gorka is in a Dom box, preferably a closed one!

Elena: I don’t get it! Why do you wear the patch if your eye works?
Trengingigan: Because there’s nothing tougher-looking than a one-eyed hunter. Except for Jeremy Joth!

Elena: If I hadn't freed Omnised free, then none of this... [Seeing Timothy in her window] Timothy? [Opening the window]
Timothy: There is nothing I can do, Jeremy-Joth had spoken and I must obey his command. Here, take my Tamer's Handbook and my key to the cellar... Zick might need it someday.
Elena: But why?
Timothy: It is, and it must be.
Elena: [Hugging Timothy, and crying] Goodbye, Timothy.
Timothy: Zick is fortunate to have a friend like you, Goodbye.

The Ancient Armory[edit]

Narrator: In the previous episode, Omnised and Omniquad escaped from the Dom Boxes where they were held and wreaked havoc on Halloween night. Jeremy-Joth, the Maximum Tutor arrived at Zick's house to restore order and discipline. Timothy was forced to leave.
Elena: [After hearing Lonzo's scream] That sounded like my cousin, Lonzo!
Zick: What is your cousin doing in my house?
[Zick and Elena looking for Lonzo]
Elena: Lonzo? Lonzo, where are you?
Lonzo: I'm inside the world of shoes.
Zick: Bombo, what did I say about swallowing company?

Lonzo: [About Jeremy] Is that a talking cat?
Elena: He just looks like a cat but he's a Maximum Tutor.
Jeremy: Don't tell him that!
Lonzo: Oh, that's good. Because a talking cat would be really weird!

Elena: There's no way my mom will believe that it takes Lonzo that long to eat lunch.
Zick: You sure? 'Cause he looks like he could eat a lot!

Elena: I got an idea. I saw this in a movie once. [Waving an arrow in the cave]
Zick: Isn't that kinda dangerous?
Elena: That's why I'm trying to find out. I think were good.
Zick: Let me go first, just in case.
Elena: [Mocking] Nya, Nya, Nya, Nya!

Elena: [While being chased by a boulder] Did I mention I saw that in a movie too?

Elena: [After Zick activated a trap] Holy Spit! Zick, your sixth sense is gonna get us killed!

Elena: I think that's another guardian angel.
Zick: Mom!
Greta: Zick, I told you this is dangerous. You can come out now.
Zob: Kids. They never listen.
Elena: Who is that?
Zick: You'll find it hard to believe but that's my father.

Elena: Who's looking after Lonzo?
Greta: Jeremy-Joth.
[At the Barrymore house]
Lonzo: Come on, kitty, play with the ball. Come on, kitty, all kitties like to play with yarn.
Jeremy: Humans.

[Zob and Zick fighting a Water Worm]
Zob: Come on, ugly! Pick on someone your own size!
[Water Worm knocks Zob down]
Zick: Dad, it's not a good thing to say to a really, really big monster.

Greta: We have to do something!
Elena: Like what?
Greta: I was hoping you had an idea...

Lonzo: What is going on?
Elena: Lonzo, I don't know about this but you're back to normal.

The Witch Village[edit]

Zick: You’re charging my mom for tea? But you invited her over!

Zick: Do we have to kiss a frog?
Elena: Close. We have to talk to a witch.
Chumba: It's better to listen to one.

Elena: NO!
Zick: What? What is it?
Teddy: Hi Zick. How’re you doing, man?
Elena: He’s stalking us, as usual. What’s wrong, Thaur, no one else to steal monsters from?

Elena: No, these trees are all wrong. It says in the book that the village is almost a thousand years old.
Teddy: So, the tree must be....
Zick: Like this one?
Teddy: Wow! If I was looking for a tree, it would look like that one.
Elena: Give or take a decade.

Zick: It didn’t do anything to them!
Witch: Of course not, young Tamer. We’re not monsters, we’re witches.
Elena: Then that’s why I can see your ugly faces.
Teddy: Can’t we all agree in saying you’re both?

Elena: Zick, did you know your aunt was a witch?
Zick: It was mentioned.

Teddy: Maybe this potion will help us.
Witch: What do you want to do? Turn us into pillars of cottage cheese?! You should know better.


Elena: I still can't figure out how Purrcy got stuck in that tree trunk.
Zick: Well, you know how cats are.
Teddy: Hey'a, kids.
Elena: You?
Zick: Oh hi Teddy, what are you doing here?
Elena: Following us, I'm sure.
Zick: Elena, that's not fair.
Teddy: Nah, She's right this time. I told you, if your going on a dragon hunt, I was coming along. So, how did you two knuckleheads get permission to go out on a dangerous expedition?
Zick: Our parents don't really know were doing, they think we just on a hike.
Elena: Shh... don't tell him that!
Teddy: Take a peek at what I brought.
Zick: A Dom Box, yeah so?
Teddy: Hello? [knocking on Zick's head] Anybody home? It's a special Dom Box built from bits and pieces of other Dom Boxes from the Ancient Armory.
Elena: Well, big deal! Zick has a Universal Dom Box.
Teddy: Well, what do you know about it. You can't even see monsters like we can.
Elena: Just because I can't see them, doesn't mean I don't know much about them as you do. Hmph!
Teddy: Each monster calls for a different box. If your boyfriend here doesn't transfer the monster to final box fast enough, the Universal box is gonna open up and release the monster. And if you think I'll wanna deal a Mugalak in a dragon twice then you are cracked.
Elena: Where do you think you're going? And Zick is not my boyfriend!

Teddy: Ha, nice going, genius. It's a dead end. Unless you can walk though rock.
[Seeing Zick suddenly disappear for the rocks]
Teddy: Huh?
Elena: How'd he do that?
Teddy: I was just kidding, what is he? Some kind of ghost or something?

[Zick suddenly sneezes]
Elena: Zick, what is it?
Zick: I don't know. Sure doesn't feel like a dragon.
[Zick and Teddy seeing a Big Bonz Eater]
Elena: What? What is it? A monster?
Teddy: Quit asking so many questions, and run!

Elena: What going on? Who is the dragon talking to, and what's he doing?
Zick: Well the Big Bonz Eater who was after us earlier is back. Their fighting over who's going to eat us.
Elena: Well, that's a relief.
Zick: It is? How?
Elena: At least they're fighting each other, and not us.

Elena: This is no time to say I told you so, but I told you so. Don't just stand there, we have to stop him!

Zick: [After Teddy shot Elena with his Energy Dom] That was a dirty move! No one messes my friends, Thaur!

Elena: You can beat him, Zick. He may be stronger, but you're smarter.

Zick: No wonder Teddy acted the way he did. He was just trying to get a hold of the dragon's breath, so he could bring him own father back.
Elena: But he should have told us, instead of tricking us. We could have helped, doesn't he know that what friends are for.

Family Reunion[edit]

Elena: And so you and that horrible Teddy are going in a outing together.
Zick: I'm not keen on it you know, but it's good to know there's someone out there like me, who I can share certain experiences with.
Elena: So you prefer being with you special friend?
Zick: Hey, what do you mean?
Elena: I mean, you finally found someone you really like being with.
Monster in a Dom Box: [Talking to another monster in a Dom Box] Here comes the jealousy scene.
Zick: But I really like being with you, actually most of all with you. You're invited too.
Elena: I can't, I can't come. [Blowing her nose in a handkerchief] I'm not feeling very well.
Zick: [Elena walking away] But, Elena...

Greta: Zick!
Johanna: Teddy!
Chumba: What about me?
[Suddenly the boulder was destroyed by Lardine]
Elena: Surprise! Come here.
Zick: [Grabbing Elena's hand] What are you doing here?
Elena: Saving your life as usual.

Chumba: The great Bagingi is back! No photos, please. [After being electrocuted by the lighthouse and fainted] I hate flashes...

Zick: What's going on?
Johanna: The Gorkas, they're calling a Squark!
Zick: A what?
Elena: Haven't you reed the Tamer's Manual? Think of the most awful things you could imagine.
Zick: I don't know, Teddy's socks?

[After seeing Zob and Terrence fighting a Squark]
Elena: [Disappointed] And as usual, I can't see anything. How annoying.

[After being eaten by the Squark]
Elena: Huh? I'm underwater, but I can speak and breathe.
Teddy: Well, let me tell you, smarty pants, that we're inside the Squark's stomach.
Zick: It's heading for the sea bed. We got to get him back to the surface.
Teddy: How do we do that Einstein? By asking it nicely?
Elena: By using the Enviro Dom. You should be able to create a big enough air bubble, and air rises up to the surface. I read it in a science book.
Zick: It such an absurd idea, I just might work.


Soup: I’m telling you, it’s not right.
Elena: What, your haircut? It’ll grow back.

Patty: Excuse me sir, is it true that Old Mill was founded by thieves? [Whispering to Mattie] Do you think maybe he's one?
Elena: I guess they've never met our Patty and Mattie, huh?
Mattie: Zip it, potato face.
Zick: Hey, leave her alone. She looks good to me.
Patty: Watch it Zick. I bet if she gets her claws into you, she'll never let go.

Zick: Was that you guys making all that noise?
David: Yeah, what did you think it was? The boogieman?
Zick: Yeah, actually I did. [Whispering to Elena] Must have been dust.

Ms. Swift: Well, I certainly see that we all had an eventful outing yesterday. Zick and Elena, excellent report. Patty and Mattie, unfortunately I can’t grade a gossip report about the neighbors and other people you met on the street.
Mattie: But not cutting the grass or putting the garbage out. That’s in-depth reporting!
Ms. Swift: Ford and Soup, although the fact that a lot of the streets in Old Mill have cobblestones is fascinating, your report only merits a D.
Soup: See? Aim low and you’ll never be disappointed.

[After seeing David and Annie smiling each other]
Zick: Am I ever glad my life isn't that complicated.
Elena: Me too.
[After talking, they suddenly look away to each other]

Bewitched Party[edit]

Zob: I won't let you question Jeremy's authority. Go to your room.
Zick: But I have to go to school.
Zob: Fine. Go to school, then go to your room.

Elena: A pajama party?!
Julie: I wanted it to be a surprise. It's a wonderful chance to become better friends with your classmates.
Elena: But I don't like my other classmates!
Julie: That's because you spend too much of your time with Zick. He's a nice enough boy even if he is a little strange. I just think you should do some normal girl things that's all.
Elena: But, Mom...
Julie: You'll have a wonderful time.
Elena: I won't!
Julie: Look, I even made pajamas for Purrcy and Puffy.

Elena: Are you rating my mother's cooking?!
Patty: Of course... now what about the salad?!
Mattie: Two stars.. two stars for the salad.
Elena: That's outrageous!
Annie: It certainly is. That salad deserves at least three stars.

Tessa: You kids run along and have a good time.
[Jeremy clears throat]
Tessa: Right, Jeremy. You have a good time too.
Jeremy: Thank you.
Theo: Everyone else will have a good time because you’re gone.
Jeremy: What?
Theo: I said you’d better go or you’ll miss the show!

Witch 1: There you are, Zick. Come along, your auntie wants to see you for a visit, and some ransom.
Witch 2: Better explain what you mean.
Witch 1: By ransom, of course, I mean pie! A nice big piece of pie and ice cream.

Man: Excuse me. Did your coat say something?
Zob: No. Of course not.
Greta: Overcoats can’t talk.
Jeremy: [From under Zob's overcoat] Yes, everyone knows that.

Jeremy: Why’d they throw us out?
Greta: Because Zob was arguing with his overcoat.
Zob: I was trying to work something out. And he kept interrupting.
Jeremy: That’s because it’s my responsibility to keep you from doing something unwise.
Greta: You’re both doing something very unwise. You’re ruining my evening. Now let’s go have dinner before I do something unwise.

Waiter: Excuse me. What if the other diners said he saw a cat over here?
Greta: Don’t be silly. Cats aren’t allowed in restaurants.
Waiter: Yes. That’s exactly what I told you.
Jeremy: I thought he’d never leave! [Being saw by the Waiter]
[Seeing them outside the Restaurant]
Zob: Jeremy! You really need to work on your etiquette. [Greta Giggling]
Jeremy: Humans.

Elena: This sleepover was a great idea, mom. We really hit it off, and I think Annie and I are gonna be good friends.
Julie: That’s great, honey. But from now on, when you make new friends, would you do it more calmly?

The Return of Magnacat[edit]

Jeremy: Hello Bombo.
Bombo: [Screaming] AH! [Talking to Snyakutz Bu] And then back dream gets worse, Jeremy no stop talking.
Snyakutz Bu: [Acting as a Psychiatrist, and showing a doodle version of Jeremy] Eh-hm... Ta-da.

Teddy: That abyss is a bad boy all right. How do we get to the Pyramid?
Elena: Yeah, what are we supposed to do--
Zick: Easy, we climb the walls and swim across the river. Alright, let's go.
Elena: A gross monster oozing gross green gunk. Ew!

The General Inspector[edit]

Elena: Are you alright, Zick?
Zick: No, I feel sorry for the trouble I caused Jeremy.

Jeremy: [Talking to the Monsters] As for the rest of you, you better in your best behavior during the visit. You think I'm strict, you won't like Deputy-Deth.
Bombo: Bombo no like rules, me no want worser rules.
Jeremy: Then better get busy to putting the house in order, and act normal as possible.
[All the Monsters ran off]

Bombo: [Seeing the Dark Phantoms] Hello strange, me Bombo and you are?
Dark Phantoms 1 & 2: Hungry...
Bombo: [Realizing that they are Dark Phantoms] AH!

Bombo: Come monsters, we hide in Zick's closet. Me know, me do it all the time.

The Haunted Skyscraper[edit]

Ms Swift: And this is what I want you to learn, even though something sounds incredible, doesn't mean it's impossible.
Zick: [Whispering to Elena] We knew that first hand.

Zob: [Trying to use elevator] It's jam.
Jeremy: You have a knack for stating the obvious.

Elena: I think it's lousy that no one knows we saved the suspended city.
Zick: Don't worry, I think someone knows, somewhere.

Shoes for Bombo[edit]

Jeremy: [Seeing Bombo out of nowhere, and shocked] Eh! Bombo, what do you want?! [Seeing Bombo teleports away] Oh great.
Zick: [Seeing Bombo out of nowhere] Bombo, what are you... [Seeing Bombo teleports away]
Jeremy: That nitwit just swallowed the teleskates!
Zick, Theo, and Tessa: We noticed.

[Zick sneezes]
Elena: Oh, no. Monsters?
Zick: Nah, its just dust.
Bombo: [Seeing Zick and Elena] Zick here, Bombo in big trouble now.

The Skeleton Army[edit]

Jeremy: Young Tamers and monsters, they never listen.

Elena: Let me ask you something, Magnacat. Why are you working with the two dunces if you're such a genius.
Omnised: Hey, who are you calling a dunce, girly?!
[Elena spits at Omnised]
Omnised:What is a dunce?

The Secret Door[edit]

Elena: [Seeing Purrcy and Puffy sleeping] You two shouldn't sleep at this hour. Oh well, you snooze, you lose.

Zick: Wait, there is something wrong. [Suddenly Sneeze]
Elena: Monster allergy?
Zick: Yep.
Elena: Oh boy, more monsters.

Elena: [Helping Zick wear a monster costume] Are you sure you want to wear this silly thing?
Zick: I have to be inconspicuous when going to the monster city.
Elena: Well, good luck with that.
Zick: Can you help me put the teleskates on, I can't do it on this thing.
Elena: [Elena putting the teleskates on Zick's feet] Bon Voyage.
Zick: [Being hugged by Elena] Cut that out.
Elena: [Zick teleports away without the costume, and seeing Bombo struggling with the head of the costume that landed in his head while invisible] Huh? [Seeing Bombo still struggling and knocking down the Dom boxes] I wish I could see monsters.

Elena: Feminine intuition, it's the only power I got, and it works fine.

Elena: [In the Flyvans nest] Come on you cowards, get me out of here. [Seeing the babies flyvans] Oh, how cute. If I can see you, that means you're too young to make yourselves invisible. I should call you three: Bip, Bop, and Boop. [Cuddling one the babies] Don't be scared now.

Timothy: Are you mad, because the Pipluors being allow to escape?
Zick: No, I'm cheesed off because the Dom box told me that I'm a low danger level. The nerve, I'm not dangerous?!
Timothy: You'll get over it. [Seeing Zick running off] Come on Zick, it's not that big of a deal?
Zick: No Timothy, I just remember we got to find Elena!

Zick: [about the Flyvans] You can see them?
Elena: Only the baby and its mother.

Elena: [Hanging at the roof with Zick and Timothy] If this is a brilliant idea, then I'm a Bombo.
Zick: [His pants being pulled down by Timothy's claws] Aw! Timothy?! Watch the claws!

The Devourer[edit]

Bombo: [Being scared] The lightning monster is angry!
Ben-Talak: Ignorant creatures. It's a storm, it causes of cold air mixture and produce electric charges. [Becomes scared by the lightning] Have mercy, oh mighty lightning monster!

Zick: Where are my shoes?!
Bombo: Me don't know! [Lightning bolt zaps him, revealing Zick's shoe]
Zick: Okay, where's the other one? [Lightning bolt zaps Snyakutz Bu, revealing his other shoe] Bu, I won't expect this from you. [Getting the his shoe from Snyakutz Bu]
Snyakutz Bu: Bombo told me it was full of vitamins.

Zick: [Seeing Elena sad] Elena, you okay?
Elena: Yeah, it's just that I realize when things get serious, I'm no use to anyone.
Zick: You know that's not true. I just-
Jeremy: [Interrupt Zick] Go now, Zick.
Zick: I got to go, we'll talk about this later.
[Zick using his teleskates, and teleports away]

Zob: [Hanging up his cellphone phone] Yep, the Thaurs are on the way.
Jeremy: You have to be careful, this would be a very hard battle, indeed. [Seeing Elena] Now you go home, you have no use here.
[Elena leaves the Barrymore house sadly]

Zick: Hey, where am I? This isn't Bibbur-Si? Hey, let me out! Okay then, you ask for it! No more Mr. Nice Guy! [firing his Energy Dom in the container, but no avail] Okay, well maybe that wasn't such a good plan. Gosh, this thing is indestructible.
Magnacat: Very perspective of you, young Tamer.
Zick: Magnacat!
Magnacat: [Laughing] Welcome to my laboratory.

[Elena seeing the other Tamers leaving in her window room]
Elena: The Tamers have gone too. [Seeing Puffy being sad for her] No, Puffy, don't be sad for me. An invasion is about to happen and their is nothing I can do. [Looking out the window] Purrcy has a new friend. Hang on, isn't that Jeremy?
[Jeremy gets annoyed by Purrcy, who is trying to be friends with him]
Jeremy: This fleabag is just asking for trouble.
[Jeremy zaps Purrcy just as he saw him lying]
Elena: He sure recovers quickly, but where he's going? The Tamers went the other direction? Hm... This is really strange? [Seeing Puffy pointing] Huh? What's that? Follow him? Ha ha, great idea.

Magnacat: [Laughing] So, young Tamer, now you know what to be feels like to be captured.
Zick: How did you do it?
Magnacat: With a help from a friend turned traitor. You'll have one.
Zick: Well, you know what? I don't. I hope. What is it you want?
Magnacat: With you out of the way, it would be easier to invade Bibbur-Si.
Zick: My father won't let you.
Magnacat: [Laughs] He won't, but he's about falling into a trap.
Zick: No, he isn't!
Magnacat: Yes, he is.
Zick: Huh, Dad! [shoots the container]
Magnacat: Yes! Go on, shoot! [Seeing Zick keep firing his Energy Dom] That's it.
Zick: Uh... I... I can't... Uh... [Suddenly fainted form exhaustion]
Magnacat: Perfect. Everything is going according to plan. The Devourer has absorbed his Dom energy. The machine works perfectly. Have a rest kid. When you wake, you'll no longer have any powers left at all.

Johanna: [After grabbed by Omniquad] Run for it, Teddy!
Teddy: Sorry, Mom, I've never been an obedient child.

Elena: Hey, I know this place. This is the way to Magnacat's secret lair. [Following Jeremy, but looks the other way and looks back to find Jeremy not being there] Ah? Hm... I lost him.
Jeremy: I'm here!
Elena: [Screaming] AH! Jeremy! Fancy meeting you here. Oddly nice take for walk in the... in the sewer. [Jeremy suddenly zaps her but she dodges] Huh? Jeremy, are you crazy?! Jeremy! [After dodging Jeremy's attacks] Oh my!
Jeremy: The Lord of the Gorkas gave me a mission. I must carry it out.
Elena: I get it! You're under the mental control of Magnacat.
Jeremy: Goodbye, young busybody.

[Suddenly an invisible monster attacks Jeremy, and knock him out]
Elena: Huh? Their is only one creature living down here. Digesting plant, is that you?
Digesting Plant: You're pretty smart for a non-flora creature.
Elena: Thanks for saving me. [The Digesting plant lifting Jeremy and giving him to Elena] Don't hurt him, he's still my friend, you know.

Greta: [Seeing Jeremy waking up] He's coming too.
Jeremy: Elena, I'm so glad I didn't hurt you.
Elena: You're not under Magnacat's spell anymore.
Greta: And you owe us quite an explanation.

Greta: I have to tell Zob immediately.
Elena: I'll go look for Zick.
Greta: It's too dangerous, Elena.
Elena: But there is no time, I'm the only one who knows where Magnacat's secret lair is. Zick is my friend. And nothing and no one is gonna stop me.
Greta: Wait, I think this is the moment where I give you a present.
Elena: Huh?
Greta: Just close your eyes. As a Keeper, I have the gift of Sight. I can pass this into few chosen people, and you, Elena, are one of them.
[Greta casts magic on Elena. Bombo appears.]
Bombo: Hi, Elena!
Elena: Huh? Bombo, I... I can see you! [more monsters appear] The Bobaks, Bursties, Snyakutz Bu, I can see all of you!
[Elena and the monsters hug]

Theo: Welcome to our world, Elena.
[Theo and Tessa appeared]
Elena: The grandparents!
[Elena and Theo touch hands as Elena's hand phases through Theo's. Elena cries happily.]
Elena: Thank you for the marvelous gift. I'll find Zick if it's the last thing I do.
Bombo: Now me cry too!
[Bombo blows his nose with Snyakutz Bu's arm like a handkerchief]
Greta: Hurry! There's not much time. [Elena leaves] If anything happens to her, I'll never forgive myself.
Theo: Trust her. She's a special girl.

Elena: Plant?
Digesting Plant: Elena? Can you see me?
Elena: Yes, and you don't look like I expected. You're beautiful!
[Elena hugs Digesting Plant]

Elena: This is it. This is the entrance to Magnacat's lair. Just have to go through that opening.
Digesting Plant: And that's where I'll drop you off.
[Digesting Plant drops Elena off]
Elena: Thanks for the lift! If my folks knew how I spend my days.

Zick: [After waking up in the container] I've gotta get outta here! [Tries to zap the container but it doesn't work] What's going on? It looks like I lost my powers. Magnacat, you'll pay for this! Do you hear?! Where are you?!
Magnacat: I'm right here, little brat. [Laughs] Oh, I forgot to tell you that you can't see or hear me anymore.

Elena: [Seeing Magnacat] Magnacat. This is the first time I see him in Gorka form. You need powers to see him in his monster form. Zick has lost all his powers, the ones I now possessed. Hey, I just got a great idea!

Zick: Elena?
Elena: Zick? What are you doing in there?
Zick: Run while you can! Magnacat is around here somewhere!
Elena: Are you sure? I don't see anyone.
Zick: Of course not. You can't see monsters!
Elena: Oh. You're right. Don't worry, I'm going to get you out of here.
[Elena swings and knocks Magnacat]
Zick: What are you doing?
Elena: Nothing. I, uh, I just knocked Magnacat down.
Zick: Huh?
Elena: Your mother gave her Keeper powers to me. I can see monsters now. Isn't it amazing?

Greta: Zob!
Zob: Greta, you shouldn't be here.
Greta: Zob, Magnacat has captured Zick.
Zob: What?!

Monster: Where do you think you're going?
Elena: The name's Elena Potato, professional Keeper. Here's my pass to Bibbur-Si.
Zick: [Seeing the passport floating in mid-air] I hope this works.
Monster: A school cafeteria lunch ticket? [Seeing Elena smiling nervously] Okay.

Elena: [Seeing Bibbur-Si for the first time] What an amazing view.
Zick: [Sarcastically] Yeah, totally amazing.

Elena: We'll never find Timothy.
Zick: That way! Towards that skyscraper!
[Zick pokes Snyakutz's eye]
Snyakutz: Watch it will ya? That's my foot. Watch were you throwing.

Elena: Timothy!
Timothy: Kids?
Zick: Where am I? I can't see a thing.
Timothy: Is everything alright?
Elena: Everything's not okay. Zick has lost his powers but I became a Monster Keeper.
Timothy: I have a feeling you have a lot to tell me.

[Zick, Elena, and Timothy fall to an invisible space]
Zick: What happened? That sounded like jello.
Elena: [Landing in some Bobaks] I'll explain later.

Magnacat: [After being knocked out by Elena] What a hit. Huh? Zick! He got away!

Elena: Yes! Mission accomplished!
[Elena dances with a monster]

Magnacat: [Watching the monitor that his plan failed] We'll meet again soon young Tamer. The battle isn't over yet, it only just begun.

Greta: You have to admit. Elena has proven to be an excellent Keeper.
Jeremy: To think of the trouble I caused, I could have lost my job.
Elena: You don't have to worry about your job, Jeremy. It made you more human or more feline, or more likable anyway. It's wonderful to be able to see all of you.
Bombo: But Zick sees us no more! Me invisible to make Zick laugh!
Elena: They're doing this for you, Zick.
Zick: Yeah, and for the first time ever, I feel like a normal kid.
Narrator: In the next episode, Zick and Elena will challenge the terrible Gorkadroid. Zick will have to fight the monster without his powers, and Zick will also have to contend with Elena's jealousy about Lay Mamery, Zick's new friend. Meet this beautiful young Tamer on the next monsters adventure.

The Last Tamer[edit]

Magnacat: [After failing to attack a cardboard of Zick and getting out of the Gorka-droid] How come little kids always causing me trouble?

Magnacat: Call me when you're done, and you two, follow me. [Annoys to see the cardboard of Zick and attack it but only for it attack him] Er! Come on, we got some shopping to do.

Omnised: What do you expect to achieve from this attack?
Magnacat: Frighten my enemies on this trip because fear is what drives out enemies.

Elena: Ah! Hi, Purrcy! I'm in a good mood today. Since I got Mrs. Barrymore's gift of Sight, I can see monsters and ghosts, too. Isn't that neat? They're so nice. I mean, they really are awful, but they look great to me.

Elena: Excuse me, are there any monsters in here?
Tessa: Only ghost-grandparents, love.
Elena: Eh, sorry.
Tessa: Zick's upstairs getting ready for school.
Elena: Thank you. See you later.
Tessa: What a lovely girl.

Zick: See you la- [Seeing Lay Mamery] Who are you?
Lay: I'm Lay Mamery, and you're Zick aren't you? I heard you already faced some Gorkas.
Zick: [Nervously] Oh well, I a...
Teddy: Let him go Lay, the meeting is started.
Lay: I see, thanks for letting me know Teddy. I'll see you sooner or later.
Zick: Bye, bye.
Elena: [Mocking] I'll see you sooner or later. Nya, nya.
Zick: Alright, what's wrong with you, Elena?
Elena: I don't like girls who introduce themselves.
Zick: Yeah, she introduced herself to me.

Magnacat: Paco Luseney, two Tulasechs, I know almost all of them, but some are still missing.
Omniquod: Zob noticed our spy balloon.
Magnacat: That's good.

Elena: Look! There's a Snyakutz!
Greta: Good, you're refining your Sight power.

Teddy: [Showing a Dom box] Hey, I caught a Gorka.
Lay: Yeah sure, now if you'll excuse me.
Elena: [Seeing Lay cheering for Zick] Hmph.

The Great Escape[edit]

Elena: Hi, Bombo. [Seeing Bombo about to eat Zick's Shoes] Yuck! How can you eat that stuff?
Zick: [Yawning and seeing Elena] What on earth are you doing here?
Elena: [Bombo hiding Zick's shoes in his back] I've come to wake you up, Zick.
Zick: Yeah right, the truth is that ever since you could see monsters, you're always here.
Elena: Okay, I admit it. [Starting to rub Bombo's stomach] I can't get enough of this wonderful world.
Zick: No kidding, after being without my powers for a while, I'm glad to see my old friends again.

Elena: It's Mother Flyvan. She's come to see us.
Zick: Don't worry, she's our friend.
Elena: What are you saying? A danger is coming up?
Zick: You can understand what she says?
Elena: The Monster Tamers' handbook explains how to communicate with Flyvans.

Ms. Swift: Patty and Mattie.
Patty: Here.
Zick and Elena: [After jumping out a flyvan and landing toward a open window] Whoa!
Ms. Swift: Zick and Elena. [Gasp]
Zick: Oh...
Elena: Here. Why are you all looking at me like that, did I say something wrong?

Julie: You are not leaving the house until you finish that assignment, and now? [Points at Elena's room]
Elena: I'm going to my room. A predictable ending.

Julie: [After Elena tosses her notebook to her] Elena, your homework is... [Elena leaves] perfect.

Jeremy: You! Where do you think you're going?!
Bombo: To save upper city.
Jeremy: Well then, permission granted.
Theo: You're letting them go? Are you feeling alright?
Jeremy: The situation is getting worst, and their escape is the lesser evil.
Theo: You've grown fond of them, haven't you? [Jeremy leaves] I'll take that as a yes.

The Horn of Kong[edit]

Lay: [After using her cellphone] So did the brave explorers find anything interesting?
Zick: [Nervously] Hi Lay. Well, I... Um... No, we didn't find anything really.
Teddy: Speak for yourself. [Showing a pendant] Here, this is for you.
Lay: How sweet. He is a nice boy, right Zick?
Greta: I haven't seen Elena? Didn't you invite her?
Zick: Sure, I did. She have a family thing, or something like that.

Paco: Lunch is serve. It's hot, come and get it.
Greta: But first Timothy, our favorite Tutor would like to say a few words.
Timothy: Ahm. All of you Tamers and Monsters should be lock up in your Detention Oasis, but today is an exemption to the rule. The re-opening of the Ancient Armory is an most important event. For Centuries, it was the home of Tamers, now you are here again strong in numbers and empowers. We are no longer need to be afraid of Magnacat because we know that if we stand together we can win, new challenges await us. Starting with our dear Paco's mysterious soup.
[Everyone laughing at his joke]

Magnacat: [Banging his head repeatedly after hearing that he's bankrupt] Oh, why? Oh, why? Oh, why? Oh, why? Oh, why? Oh, why?

Viziosed: [Seeing the birds] Well, what are you looking at? [Slamming to a window]

Magnacat: [Giving the Horn of Kong to Viziosed] Viziosed, go ahead, you try. I'm a little bit out of practice.

Viziosed: Your sublimeness, this is the end, I'm afraid! Not even we can beat an entire army of Tamers!
Magnacat: Yes, I know, but if you can't beat them, make them your allies.

Zob: So be it! You have a deal, but once the monster's taken care of, you're next!
Magnacat: Fine. Now, who's gonna give me a lift? [The Tamers leave] Oh, don't worry about it. I'll make my own way.

Elena: [Talking to the Monster-Saur] THAT'S ENOUGH, now listen up big guy, I'm a Keeper you know. I may not have Dom powers, but I won't let you destroy this building, my parents, and my future little brother inside. So I order you to get out of here as fast as you can, because you do not want to see me mad!
Zick: Oh great, I'm in the Monster-Saur's stomach.

Zob: A band of Tamers stuck in a traffic jam, [Seeing all of the Tamers cramped inside the car] We're going to be the laughing stock of upper city.

Elena: Hang on, if this is the monster's ear drum. then maybe if you shout in it, he'll hear your command.
Zick: An intense up close vocal Dom order, good idea. Testing one, two, three. [Using Voice Dom] I ORDER YOU TO OPEN YOUR MOUTH.
[The Monster-Saur starting to open its mouth]
Elena: Huh? [Looking out in the Monster-Saur Ear, and opening its mouth] Yes, it worked! Ha, ha! [Hugging Zick with Excitement]

Julie: Greta, maybe you can tell me something please. Who exactly are these people?
Greta: [Seeing the other Tamers] They're friends, Julie. Very special ones.
Zick: [Happily] Ha-ha! Fantastic, this is what goes on in the monster world. [Elena running toward him, and gives her a twirl hug] But down below in the human world, there is pretty amazing stuff happening too.
Narrator: At last, the Tamers and the Monsters from the Barrymore house have been granted their freedom. From this day on, the invisible world of our friends will be a safer place thanks to Zick and Elena. And also thanks to you for coming along on this incredible monsters adventures.

Season 2[edit]

Lord of the Witches[edit]

Elena: [Gasping] I'm burned.
Zick: Me too, two schools in one day sure tires you out.
Elena: See ya, Zick.
Zick: Hmm...

[After eating some of Elena's stuff and paralyzing Purrcy with his eyes, and then hold again by Elena]
Elena: Hey, if your hungry? Let me make you something more edible, would you like some nice warm milk? [Bombolo being sad] Vegetable soup? [Bombolo being gross out]
Zick: How about chocolate? [Bombolo gasping for air] I got some chocolate right here, how about we give him a piece? [Feeding Bombolo a piece of chocolate]
Bombolo: Uh oh?
[Bombolo starts to feel a stomachache, and farts strongly that messed up Elena's room]
Zick: Oh well, I know when I'm in over my head. [Leaving Elena's room] I'll just leave you to it then, see you tomorrow! [Closing the door]
Elena: [Throwing a comb at the door] Grr...


[All the Tamers are riding the flyvans and started to leave]
Timothy: Let get a move on.
Zick: I'm coming with you.
Zob: No way Zick. you have to stay here in the Armory.
Timothy: Where you have an important mission to accomplish.
Zick: What mission? What do I have to do?
Timothy: You got to go to class.
Zick: [After seeing Bram-Bombak watching right next to him with his magnifying glass, and in shocked] Eh!
Timothy: The most important mission of all.

[Bobby seeing Bombolo sneaking away, and follow him to the control room, while Zick follows Bobby]
Bobby: Whoa? [Seeing Bombolo sabotaging the system] Hey! That's the defense system for the Armory, Bombolo stop! This is no place to play. [Trying to grab Bombolo] Now cut that out!
Bombolo: He-he... [Suddenly back to his normal self] Huh?
[Bobby fixing the system]
Zick: What are think your doing?!
Bobby: Isn't it obvious?
Zick: Yeah, your sabotaging the defense system. Knock it off!
Bobby: Lay off! [Shoving Zick away] You're out of your mind?
Zick: [Shoot an energy Dom near at Bobby's shoulder] Er!
Bobby: So you want to play then let's do it.
[Bobby and Zick are firing each other with Energy Dom]

[Zick and Bobby are still fighting each other with Energy Dom]
Zick: Come on Bobby, who exactly are you and what do you want?
Bobby: What do you mean? I don't know what your talking about? [Firing an Energy Dom] Er!
Bombo: Zick! Ah... [After being hit by Bobby's Energy Dom] Ow! [Zick and Bobby checking him] Oh-oh witches be here. [One of his eyes flying up] I see it with my own eyes.
Zick: [Catching Bombo's Eye, ans retuning it to him] Are you sure it wasn't just some shadows?
Bobby: Of course he saw them. The witches are here because our little friend Bombolo let them in.
Zick: [Checking Bombolo] Why would he do something so dangerous? A monster would never do that unless- [Seeing the amulet] Huh? Oh, its against his will.
Bobby: [Holding the amulet] This is look like one of the witches amulets.
Zick: Well their is only one way to find out isn't there. [Removing the amulet form Bombolo, and suddenly destroys itself]
Zick and Bobby: Whoa?
Bombolo: [Return to normal] Huh? ha...
Zick: So I guess Bombolo was in under the Anguanes evil spell. [Seeing Elena and Lay, and giving Bombolo] Will fill in with you later. Elena, you take the monsters. Where in for some major trouble.
[Zick and Bobby leaving immediately]

Elena: [Reading the Monster Tamers Handbook] They're all under a spell. It said here that to break the spell, you have to drink a blend of dragon tail juice, whats that about? Or you may try some cold water. That always works!

Moog Magister: [Talking to Zick] You are brave to take on the Moog Magister?!

Moog Magister: [Talking to Zick] Your powers are strong for one so young, but I will return, and you'll meet your fateful demise! [Disappearing in the smoke all with the Anguanes]

A Monster For Two[edit]

Scabby: [After seeing Bone and Roulette leaving in a van with Grood] Bone and Roulette! You dumped me for that guy!

Zick: Elena! I thought you were supposed to be watching Bombolo.
Elena: Holy Spit, Zick! I'm only practicing to be a Keeper.
Zick: Just make sure Bombolo doesn't cause anymore trouble, we've got to leave.

Bombo: Hey! Can Bombo come also with you?
Zick: No, Grood is a very strong monster. You're gonna have to stay here.
Bombo: [Crying] Me wants to come, me help.
Elena: Come on Zick, after all Bombo could prove to be useful.
Zick: You think?!
Bombo: [Happy, kisses Zick] I'll be a lot of useful.
Zick: Ugh! I already know I'll regret this.
[Elena giggling]

Zick: Wonder why Grood would come here?
Elena: [Reading the Monster Tamers Manual] When they are hungry, Grunts are ferocious and unstoppable.
Bombo: Like Bombo, when he is on a diet.

Elena: [Inside Bombo] Couldn't we have hidden behind a shelf?
Zick: [Inside Bombo] Bombo's belly is safer, we'll be invisible to the policemen in here. On the other hand...
Bombo: Hmm... Snack time.

Bombo: [Giggling] Bombo hiding from bad guys.
Zick: [Teleported inside Bombo] I'm in your belly again Bombo.
Bombo: Huh?
Zick: Jeez, time for you to go on a diet, there's everything here but the kitchen sink. Oh no, here it is. I could think of few other places I'd rather be right about now.
[Scene changes to Jeremy and Teddy]

Jeremy: And after this, there's another two thousand eight hundred forty-five more Dom Boxes for you to clean young Tamer.
Teddy: [Polishing a Dom box] Grr...

Scabby: Where... Where am I?
Officer Jackson: In trouble, it's back to the slammer for you Scabby.
Scabby: Bu... but I didn't do anything, I'm innocent! It wasn't me, it was a guy how look just like me.
Officer Jackson: Sure.
[Zick and Elena laughing]

The Dragon's Awakening[edit]

Zick: [Seeing the officer leaving the area] I know they already searched here, but if there's even trace of that dragon around, my monster allergy will let us know.

Elena: [Reading the Monster Tamers Handbook] According to the Tamers Handbook, the Mugalak Dragon has a very distinct smell.
Zick: [Checking up a small geyser releasing a gas] Yeah, I remember it. And I gotta tell you, I’m not looking forward to smelling it again.
Elena: [Reading the Monster Tamers Handbook] Hmm... it's a sharp pungent smell. Many people have studied it, but no one seems to understands know where it comes from, whether it's from where the Mugalaks come from or if it's from what they eat.
[Zick checking up the wood]

[Zick suddenly hears something in the bushes and fires with his Energy Dom]
Bombo: Please! Bombo give up, don't shoot!
Zick: Bombo! How did you get here?
[Bombo pointing to a Flyvan sleeping in a tree]
Bombo: [Begging] Please, me want to help! Let Bombo be helperful!
Zick: You disobeyed Bombo! You have to go back.
[Bombo sadly lying down and Bombolo jumping on his stomach]
Elena: Look, I know that he's clumsy and unreliable, but we might need another pair of arms if we get into trouble. [Seeing Bombolo] Umm... Make that two pair of arms, even though one pair is very small.
Zick: [Talking to Bombo] Fine, you can stay but be careful.
Elena: [Talking to Bombolo] And you, do you promise to be good?
[Bombolo nodding]

[Zick sneezing]
Elena: Holy Spit! Mugmug must be pretty close.
Zick: Shh...
Elena: [Getting angry with Zick] Grr... Well, there's no need to be rude just because I happen to be excited!
Zick: [Interrupt Elena] No, no, I hear something.
Patty: [Talking to Mugmug] I'm going to complain to the mayor, maybe even the governor!
Mattie: [Talking to Mugmug] I want my beautiful shoe back! And another thing, when I come home for dinner, my mother is going to turn this park upside down.
Patty: Ha! Then you'll be in big trouble, Mr. Lizard.

Mugmug: Intruder!
Bombo: Me no intruder, me Bombo.
Elena: Bombo, turn invisible in front of you-know-who!
Bombo: Bombo not know who I need to turn invisible!
Zick: Don't worry Elena, I'll fix their memories later with the Hypno-disk.

[Bombolo trying to get the sandwich inside Elena's bag, but Bombo grabbed the bag and showing no to him]
Elena: [In Bombo's memory] Make sure that Bombolo doesn't eat any extra meals during the day. You're responsible for him too.
Bombo: Sorry Bombolo, me can't give you sandwich, but me can taste it.
Elena: [In Bombo's memory] And that goes for you too!

Elena: [Trying to free Patty and Mattie] Try to make yourself skinnier.
Patty: Are you saying I'm fat?!
Elena: Only your head!

Mattie: Hey! Now my other shoe is gone.
Zick: Bombo!
Mattie: [Bombo returning her shoes with slime] Ew!
Patty: This is by far the juiciest gossip ever.
Mattie: Especially your little secrets.
Patty: Talking to monsters.
Mattie: And those magical ray beams that shoot out from your weirdo body. It'll serve you well that your finally be exposed.
[Suddenly Mattie trip down and Patty helps her]
Zick: [Using the Hypno-disk on Patty and Mattie] You will tell everyone that you got lost in the wood, and found shelter in a cave.
[Patty and Mattie both showing a blank stare]
Elena: Zick, before you release them. Could you get Mattie and Patty tell me to join the nice ladybugs? [Giggling]
Zick: I certainly will not! Using the Hypno-disk to alter someone's will for personal reasons is a big no-no for a Tamer.
Elena: But the favor I'm asking won't be for a Tamer, it will be for me.
Zick: It doesn't work that way. [Seeing Elena getting annoyed] If Patty and Mattie don't like you the way you are, then that's their loss.
Elena: That's easy for you to say! You got this whole Tamer thing going on. I just babysit pooping monsters. Huh?
[Seeing Bombo sleeping and Bombolo eating the sandwich]
Zick: Alright, but I'll only do this for you.
Elena: Ya! [Zick using the Hypno-disk on Patty and Mattie again] Ha, ha, ha.

Trust Me![edit]

Zick: Is Bombo here yet?
Elena: Bombo? No.
[Suddenly Bombo was running, and knock down Zick]
Zick: Ah!
Elena: Make that yes.

Zick: Elena, I'm gonna need a favor. [Getting the Dombox out of Bombo's mouth]
Elena: GROSS!
Zick: Make that two favors, can I borrow a towel?
Elena: [Giving the towel to Zick] What is it, Zick?
Zick: [Cleaning the Dombox] I need you to hide the Universal Dombox for me.
Elena: [Getting the Dombox, and putting in her desk] Okay, but right now we got homework to do.

Zick: Be careful with the Dombox, don't let anyone see it.
Elena: You don't have to worry about- Ah Zick, what happened to the Dombox?
Zick: What do you mean what happened to it?!
[Searching the Universal Dom Box in Elena's room]
Zick and Elena: BOMBO!
Zick: Bombo, did you swallow the Dombox?!
Bombo: Bombo no swallow.
Zick: Then where?
Elena: The twins.
Bombo: [Nervously] Yeah, the twins.

Julie: Huh? [Seeing Zick and Elena messing the twins toys] Are you two looking for something?
Elena: Yeah, something of Zick's. It's a Dom- I mean it looks like a... How would you describe it, Zick?
Zick: Well, it sort of a... It's hard to describe.
Julie: Oh that, I think your father has it.
Elena: Okay, DAD!
Julie: He's not here, he's at the store.
Elena: [Grabbing Zick and her bag] Come on, Zick.
Zick: Whoa... [Being push by Elena] Ah oh, I just remember that the Dombox isn't empty.
Elena: You gave me a Dombox with a monster in it?!
Zick: Not on purpose.
Elena: What kind of monster?
Zick: Um... A pretty dangerous one.
Elena: [Sarcastic] Great. And now it's at my father's store. We better hurry.

Elena: There's a way in, if we can get to the roof.
Bombo: Bombo help Zick.
Elena: [Angrily] HELP! I'm pretty sure that it's your fault that we have to come down here in the first place.
Bombo: [Being sad] Elena mad at Bombo.
Zick: That's not important right now Bombo, we need to get to the roof.
Bombo: [Getting an idea] Yeah, Bombo help!

Elena: Huh? I can't believe it! All this for Milagin, and he doesn't even know anything about it. That's just creepy.
Zick: You're gonna see major creepy if the chameleon gets out of the Dombox.

Harvey: What's going on, Officer?
Officer Jackson: We got a call about a gang robbing your store. We caught them red-handed.
Harvey: Delia? You were behind all those thefts?
Delia: We would've gotten away with it too, if it hadn't been for those meddling kids, and that monster!
Harvey: [Confused] What? I don't understand!
Delia: [Going crazy, and being taken away by other officers] Monster! Ha, ha! Monster! Ha, ha! Monster...

A Kingdom for Bombolo[edit]

Elena: Hi, anyone see Bombolo? The little guy gave me the slip. [Seeing Brim-Bombak crying, the whole kitchen a mess, Cal and Dan Tulasech are upset, and Terrence holding Bombolo in his hand] Oh, oops.

Bombo: [Putting his eyes back in his sockets] Kamaludum means Kamalu's nest. Legend says that babies of Bombos must face test of courage and must be very brave. They must take the feather from its nest. Who takes the feather first, becomes the king of the baby Bombos.
Elena: [Reading the Monster Tamers Handbook] Let's see what the manual says about Kamalu. Here it is, they are rare birds with colorful feathers.
Zick: There looking for the Kamalu's feathers, so if we find the Kamulu, we'll find Bombolo.
Elena: [Excited] Maybe we'll discover that his kingdom is an exotic country. [Scene changes] Full of magic, sun and sandy beaches.
Zick: It smells pretty bad here. Oh, well.
[Bombo laughing, and seeing them beside a left-side up billboards of a beach in the sewers]

Zick: Whoa, boy that was some ride.
Elena: Fortunately, we landed something soft.
Bombo: [Zick and Elena being on top of him] You're so lucky.

Elena: Hey you big goof, let me out of here. I SAID LET ME OUT!
King of the Baby Bombos: His name Gurgle, he a very bad monster.
Elena: Huh, a baby? [Seeing more baby Bombos] and their more of them. Then maybe Bombolo is here. Ha, I just have to look [Checking one of the baby Bombos] No, his not the one. [Checking two other baby Bombos] Nope, him neither.
King of the Baby Bombos: [Pointing a shadow] Hello.
Elena: Huh, I'm warning you buddy. I know Karate Kung Fu Sudoku. [Seeing its Bombolo and Happily] BOMBOLO, ITS YOU.

Bombo: [Seeing Grugle grabbing Bombolo] Hey! You can take Bombolo, but don't touch the chocolates. [Got confused for what he said] Oh...

King of the Baby Bombos: Then she tell monster Gurgle to take her away.
Zick: So Carmela is behind all this. [Bombo rocking two baby Bombos] Bombo, you look after the babies, I'm gonna look for Elena.
Carmela: I'll save you for the trouble, dear. Your girlfriend is right here.
Zick: Elena!
Carmela: Come on, lover boy surrender if you want to see her in one piece.
Elena: [Being hold by Gurgle] Mmm... Don't listen to this crazy woman Mmm...
Bombo: Let go of my friend or I'll- [Being slammed by the door to his face] Ah...

Elena: [Seeing the baby Bombos helping each other to save Carmela] Hey, Bombolo is rescuing her.
Zick: Those are smart monsters. Actually, forget I said that.

The Fall of the Barrymore House[edit]

[After the Barrymore House stops shaking]
Zick: [Gasping] Wow! Bombo you got to teach me how to do that?
Timothy: [Having a lamp shade in his head] Ninja Sumo, Hmph! Bombo didn't do this, something or someone else did?
Zick: Your right Timothy. It sounded like it came from the cellar, come on.

Zick: Wow! This is not good.
[Seeing another cellar beneath the main cellar]
Elena: Hey Zick, what is going on over here? Was their some kind of explosion, cause my house was shaken all over? [Seeing the Sub Cellar] Holy Spit!

Zick: Looks like some kind of room under cellar, and its filled with old Dom boxes, old leaky Dom boxes.
Elena: A cellar beneath the cellar, that is so horror movie cool!

Moog's Revenge[edit]

Emily: It's done. I followed your orders to a tea.
Moog Magister: I'm pleased, Emily. You're destined to do great things.
Emily: Oh, you flatter me, venerable Moog Magister.
Moog Magister: It's just a matter of time now the metamorphic potion only works on Tamers. Soon, Zick will experience how tight and suffocating a Dom Box can be.
Emily: But that's terrible! Oh...
Moog Magister: Once transform into a monster, his friends won't dare let him escape. It's ironic, don't you think?
Emily: Oh, my poor nephew, I almost feel sorry for him.
Moog Magister: Correct. We celebrate my revenge, we will celebrate our revenge so furiously that the whole world will tremble.

Zick: [After being turned into a Bommerbang] Oh no, what's going on here? I'm a monster! Man, why is this happening to me? Augh!

Bram-Bombak: No, no, start at the beginning.
Bombo: Me have said to you, Bram-Bombak, a big, big monster! [Removes Snyakutz Bu's two arms, stretches it to form wings, and place it at his back] Bombo makes this happen eyes like this, wings like that, and mouth make... [Spits out fire on Snyakutz Bu's face]
Bram-Bombak: Ahm, there's no doubt about it, it's a Bommerbang. It's an ancient monster that was thought to be extinct long ago.

Timothy: The Tamers are searching every square inch of Bigburg, but there's still no sign of the monster or of Zick.
Elena: Don't worry, Greta, I'm sure they'll find him.
Greta: Elena, I know you're right, but we can't just stand here. I say, we go out and help them.

Timothy: Listen, if we split up, we'll have a better chance at...
[Elena, Greta, and Timothy are shock to see Zick in a Bommerbang form]
Elena: Look, it's Zick's backpack!
Timothy: Lock yourselves in the house. Hurry! Leave him to me!
Zick: [As a Bommerbang] No, wait, it's me, Zick! [breathes fire at Greta] What is going on here?! [breathes fire at Elena] I'm sorry, I didn't mean to... Why can't I speak?!

Zick: [As a Bommerbang] Timothy, stop, it's me!
Timothy: You think you can test me with those gestures?!

Elena and Greta: Hello, Mrs. Clary!
Mrs. Clary: Ooh, are you having problems with your barbecue?
Zob: [laughs] Who doesn't.
Terrance: Don't worry, we'll take care of it, Mrs. Clary. Good bye.
Mrs. Clary: But... Let go!
Terrance: That's right, nothing to worry about.

Zob: Where is Zick?! Where's my son?!
Zick: [As a Bommerbang] Dad, it's me!

Elena: [Grabbing and holds a baseball bat upside down after seeing Zick in his Bommerbang form] How on earth did you get into my house?! Leave right now or I'll... [Zick shakes his head, grabs the baseball bat and writes his name on the floor] What... about Zick? [Zick points to his mouth] Did you eat Zick? [Zick shakes his head, replying no, and points himself and the name] Ha, Huh... [Looking Zick closely] It's... It's you, right? [Zick nods his head, replying yes] LIAR! FIRST YOU ATTACKED US, AND THEN YOU ALMOST BURNED OUT ZICK'S HOUSE! Give me his backpack! [Trying to get Zick backpack, but Zick refuse to let go] Okay, the Tamers will get it back then!
Harvey: Elena, what are you doing down there? If you're looking for Purrcy, he's here.
Elena: No, Dad, I'm... I'm with... I'm here with Zick. He's helping me with some research.
Harvey: Oh, sorry! I-I'll let you study, then.
Elena: [Seeing Zick smiling happily to her] Holy Spit! Zick! Ha... Hey, wait, I wanna be sure. [Zick rolling his eyes about it] What was the first gift I gave you? [Zick puts on his sunglasses then bounce out, and Elena cries happily] Zick, it's really you! Oh, but who did this to you? [Elena hugging him, Zick shakes his head, replying he doesn't know] Come on, let's go tell your folks. [Zick shakes his head, replying no] Why not? Do you know how worried they are about you? [Zick opens his mouth to show fire] Oh, I see, when you tried to tell them, you almost burned your house down. Does that happen when every time you open your mouth? [Zick nods his head, replying yes] Hmm. Okay, trust me. Just follow me and try not to make any noise.

Elena: [After covering Zick's mouth] Don't even think about doing it, or you'll burn my house down with one of your sneezes.

Elena: Mom.
[Purrcy jumps to a lamp upon seeing Zick in Boomerbang form]
Julie: Purrcy!
Elena: Um, I'm going upstairs to study. See you later, okay?
Julie: Did you say study? Strange.

Elena: Sit down and don't worry, Zick. There's always a solution in the Tamer's manual. [Reading the Manual] No, this isn't it. Could it be possible that there are no similar cases of transfiguration? No. No, no. Yes, there are! Metamorphic spells, potions, and... Holy Spit! Sure, potions!

[Elena prepares a fire wood, Zick sets up a cauldron to make the cure for him, and Elena getting the recipe]
Elena: Now according to the recipe it takes... Four liters of Orangeade, [Pours it in the cauldron] Two mints, [Tosses them in] One cauliflower, [Drops it in] Dirty socks, [Holds them over the cauldron, and drops them in] and... [Gears up to sneeze] and... and... and... [Sneezes in the cauldron] That.

Emily: I'll bait them at the end of the hook. Shall we destroy them, master? Shall we?
Moog Magister: That's enough, Emily! I will personally destroy them one by one. That is the only way the Anguanes will obtain the revenge they deserve and by reign will forever go unchallenged!

Greta: Zick!
Zick: Mom, Dad! I'm sorry about everything! I didn't mean to almost burn our house down!
Zob: It's okay, Zick. You were only trying to communicate with us. I actually attacked you. I'm the one who should be sorry. You have nothing to feel bad about.
Greta: You're safe now and that's all that matters.
Zick: Yes, thanks to her. [Points to Elena while sleeping]

Zick: Elena, I'm writing you this letter because it's hard for me to tell you how much you mean to me. I know I make you mad sometimes, and I'm sorry about that. The truth is, I don't know what I do without you. You really are the best. I love you, Zick.
[After Zick left with a Flyvan, unknown to him that Bombolo ate the letter]

Pirates of the Unicorn[edit]

Elena: [Pressing the cancel on her cellphone] I don't think so. Yep, Ah some peace at last.
Zick: It takes two to paddle this you know.
Elena: I know, but I like to do some sun bathing first.

Elena: My cellphone. They took it, it's not fair that was brand new.

Zick: But Captain Bristlebread has change, why won't anyone belong me.
Elena: He choose to abandon his ship and his crew, he gave it all up for the love of Olivia, and turn his back on everything else just so he can be with her in the afterlife. Because love is true and...
Zick: [Interrupt her] Blah!
Elena: What do you know about love? You're insensitive and heartless, I bet Bombo can be more romantic.
Bombo: [Showing them a muskie shape of a heart] Bombo have big heart.
Zick: How about a brain?

Zick: [Pulling Bombo from his tail] Come on you big chicken, we won't let Bristlebeard do anything to you.

Pirate: Hey, look where you going girly. [Walking and knocking himself out by to a mast]
Elena: Pirates.

The Snowman[edit]

Elena: Zick, it's a snow day! Hang up!
Zick: [Talking on the phone] Okay, don't worry, Mom. Everything's under control. Bye.
Elena: What's going on?
Zick: Mom's worried 'cause she and Dad are stuck under the Ancient Armory and Timothy can't get back from the upper city all because of the snow.
Elena: Oh, so you're in charge?
Zick: Yeah, I guess that means I'm responsible for setting up the coolest snowball fight Oldmill Village has ever seen!
Elena: I love snow days!

Zick: I have a plan.
Elena: What?
Zick: Bombo brings my Teleskates. I teleport over, hit Bobby and Teddy, then teleport back. They won't even know what...
Bobby: Did someone say Teleskates? [throws a snowball at Zick]

Elena: [Seeing the snow fight between Zick, Teddy, and Bobby] Great, a Tamers-only snowball fight! What a waste of a good snow day! Come on, Bombo! [Sees Bombo is hypnotized] Bombo! Snap out of it! Hey! Huh? [Bombo turns back to normal] Are you okay, Bombo?
Bombo: Bombo okay! Have to get Teleskates to Zick.
Elena: You already did that, Bombo. Come on.

Elena: [Seeing Zick, Teddy, and Bobby tired] You ready? Get back now!

Zick: [After being turned into snow] Huh?
Elena: Huh?
Zick: STOP, BOMBO! Ahew. Huh? Oh, boy. Huh? What's going on?
Elena: Huh?
Zick: Snow! My whole hand is snow!
Elena: Woah! Zick, I think all of you is snow.
Zick: What?! I'm melting! Wha-What's happening to me?!

Elena: [Reading the Tamer's Manual] Miniature people? No. People into monsters, into jellos, into mashed potatoes? No. Zick, there's nothing about people turning into snow.
Zick: There's gotta be something. A think like this doesn't just happen all of a sudden. Now I know how Frosty felt.
Elena: I'll be right back. Don't move a muscle.
Zick: I'm made of snow and trying not to melt. Where am I gonna go?

Zick: [Seeing Elena has the Crystalizator] What did you find?
Elena: A Crystalizator. It's mainly used for freeze monsters, course that's when there's no Dom Boxes available. [zaps the food] At low power, it should keep you from melting.
Zick: Uh, I hope that wasn't low power.
Elena: Oops, I guess that was a maximum. So, if I turn this all the way back... [Zaps Zick] It worked!
Zick: Great, I stopped melting! But, we still need to change me back.

Elena: [After Bombo drops all the food] I'm not cleaning that up.

Hector: I will have my revenge, or my name isn't Sinistro!

The Island Rebels[edit]

Timothy: Zick, Elena I want you to meet Lali Bergingigonz.
[Elena is going to shake hands with her, but Lali touches her forehead]
Lali: Elena, is it? Eh! Oh dear, I'm seeing a personal tragedy in your future, I think is? Yes. you're definitely going to be the victim of a theft.
Zick: What is she doing?
Timothy: Lali believe she is clairvoyant.
Zick: Huh?
Elena: Ah, thanks for the predictions but I don't believe in that kind of stuff. [Noticing her backpack is gone] Hey, my backpack is missing?
Lali: [Looking inside Elena's bag] Nothing worth wild in here.
Elena: Some clairvoyant?! [Taking her backpack back] You distracted me, so you could steal my backpack.
Lali: You should stop denying your feelings, and tell that boy you like him.
[Seeing Zick yawning about the comment]
Paruto: [Knocking the door] What kind of dump did they sentence me in too?
Timothy: Paruto Porro. As a convict, you are lucky to be assign to one of the nicest Detention Oasis in the district.
Paruto: Really? And how are you, the butler?
Timothy: [Angrily] Whats that?! I am the Tutor of this Oasis, and you will listen to me!
Paruto: I think not.
Timothy: Oh, you will.

Paruto: We gotta hurry. I know a way to get these bracelets off.
Lali: Oh, but I like mine!
Paruto: The trick is not to tweak it. [Removes his radio-worm carefully with feet and catches it] There, simple! But then again, what isn't simple for a clever some Zamurrian like me? [Throws his radio worm at a cactus] Most monsters are too clumsy to pull this out. [Removes Lali's radio-worm]
Lali: Too bad, I thought it was so pretty!
Paruto: Now, let's get out of this dump.

Timothy: Bombo, did you eat the balloon basket?
[Seeing Bombo shape like a balloon basket]
Bombo: Mmm... No.
Zick and Elena: Bombo!
Bombo: Me no eat basket, me eat giant shoe.
[Zick and Elena pulling the rope to get the balloon basket]
Timothy: You two deal with that, I need to keep an eye on our two detainees.

[Seeing Zick, Elena, and Timothy heading to the cellar]
Bombo: Oh boy. Bombo want to race too. [Following them and trip down the stairs at top of them with a hole] Yeah, me win!
Zick: Yeah, we noticed.

[Reading the coordinates of the radio-worm]
Timothy: Lali's signal is coming form the lagoon area. I'm going to have to go after them.
Zick: Wait Timothy, you need to stay here and watch after the other monsters. Elena and I can finish fixing the hot air balloon, and we can go find them for you.
Elena: We'll bring back the two escape monsters, Timothy. I promise.
Bombo: Oh me want to fly in Balloon please, please, please.
Zick: I'm sorry Bombo, because of the balloon we have to travel really light. You understand right?
Bombo: [Nodding] No.
Timothy: For goodness sakes Bombo, you're too heavy.
Elena: Where should we start looking, Timothy?
Timothy: I have a pretty good hunch that they are hiding out at Foggy Island, so you better get a move on.
Bombo: [Seeing Zick and Elena leaving, and crying] Bombo want to go in balloon.
Timothy: Don't feel bad. Okay, go eat some shoes.
Bombo: [Excited and leaves the cellar] Yippee!
Timothy: Hmm...

Elena: Now all we have to do is to figure out a way to get in.
Riz: I may be of some assistance?
Zick: And just who are you?
Riz: Riz Brandak, at your service. I am the king, emperor, grand vizier, call me what you will. I lead, they follow. [A Gorka covers Zick's mouth with tape] I also happen to be quite clever. You won't be using your Dom voice on us.

Riz: Welcome to our little island. It's a community made of escapees, rebels, and outlaw monsters. Some are home away from Tutors and Tamers.

Riz: Now tell me, what are you doing in this island, hmm?
Paruto: They was looking for us. They're from the Detention Oasis in Oldmill Village, but how did you find us here?
Elena: We tracked you with your radio-worm!
Paruto: But we removed our radio-worms! [Realizes that Lali has one and grabs her purse, getting the radio-worm] Ha! There, you vain Gingi! You could have gotten us caught.
Lali: But it looks so good on me! I couldn't throw it away.
Riz: You could have got us all captured!
Elena: You're still locked up. At least at Detention Oasis no one is waiting outside to eat you.
Riz: That gives me a great idea, girl. Throw them to the Purpidoch!
Elena: Wait, no, stop, that's not what I meant!

Elena: Forgive me guys, I was just trying to show him that they haven't so great here. [Seeing all of them tied up outside] Not giving him any ideas.
Bombo: [Crying] Bombo forgive, but Bombo want to go home with Zick and Elena!
The Monsters: [Chanting] Da da Purpidoch we summon you from your lagoon to feast before the restful moon. [Repeat]
Elena: You have to admit, it's kinda catchy.
Bombo: What happening to water?
Elena: Huh? [Seeing the Purpidoch emerging from the water] Holy Spit!
Bombo: Okay, Bombo faint now.

Bombo: [Seeing the Purpidoch on front of him] AH! Bombo faint again.

Paruto: Come on Lali, here our chance to escape. [Getting caught by the Purpidoch's web] Hmm...
Elena: Some monsters just don't know when to quit.
Bombo: [Interrupt Elena] Bombo don't know when to quit, me have no watch.

Elena: [Seeing the Purpidoch] Why is he coming this way? He's caught all the monsters their are?
Zick: Not quite. There's one more. [Pointing at Bombo]
Bombo: [Being scared] Where? What monster?
Zick and Elena: ITS YOU!

Timothy: [Looking outside the window a binocular, and seeing the air balloon] Ah good, here they come with those two escapees. Huh? [Seeing more captured monsters] Ah, two, four, six... Ha! How many monsters are there? [Suddenly fainted]

Milk and Biscuits[edit]

Zay: [Taking the potion when the boys are fighting over it] That's it. I knew this is a bad idea.
Zick, Bobby and Teddy: Oh, that's not fair. You have to give it to us, you can't just take it away.
Zay: [Putting the potion to a shelf, and locking it] Oh yes I can, and I do. Now shew all of ya.
[Zick, Bobby and Teddy leaving the infirmary sadly]

Elena: [Knocking at the door] Zick, it me Elena.
Zick: [Looking at his pimples with a mirror] Not now Elena, I got a problem.
Elena: You got a problem?
Zick: [Covering his pimples with his hair, answering the door, and seeing Bombolo cover in pimples] What happen to him?
Elena: Well, I might have fed him milk and cookies after sunset.
Zick: And this is what happen?
Elena: It's all in the book. [Showing Zick the Manual and the page of Bombolo's condition]
Zick: Did you read what happens next?
Elena: That's why I'm here. [Seeing one of Bombolo's pimple is about to erupt] What do we do?
Zick: I don't know? Get out of the way.
[The pimple erupts, and produce a pimples clone]
Pimple Clone: Food!
Elena: [Annoyed] Well, that's a nice greeting.
Zick: Do you really expect a pimple clone to have manners.

Elena: How do we stop them, huh?
Zick: I need to find the leader.
Elena: Is their a leader?
Zick: Their always a leader.

Zick: [After listing the leaders' plan] This is way more serious than I taught.
Elena: Why? What are they planning?
Zick: Oh nothing, just of take over the world.

Elena: [Seeing the pimple clones split up into two groups] Now what do we do?
Zick: Follow the leader.
Elena: Which one is that?
Zick: Beats me, pick one.

Elena: Zick, are you alright?
Zick: Just a little bruised and battered. I manage to can a couple of them, their just too many.
Bombo: [Gasping for air, and exhausted] Bombo no want to play anymore, Bombo want to sleep. [Suddenly fainted]

Elena: [Pulling Bombo] Come on Bombo, we have to get to the milk factory.
Bombo: [Feeling tired] Me rather go to mattress factory.

Bobby: [Zick grabbing the pimples potion] Hey?
Zick: [Giving the pimples potion to Elena] There. She has no pimple, so she has no reason to use it.
Teddy: You better not give that to your boyfriend.
Elena: HE'S NOT MY BOYFRIEND! And we have to hurry, cause they're already inside!

Sinistro's Circus[edit]

Elena: [Seeing the living room a mess, and monster got tired from dancing] Huh? Holy Spit! What happen here?

Elena: [Seeing the caravan] Someone is getting out.
Zick: Who is he? Can you see him?
Elena: [Using a binocular] No, no I can only see his back. [Seeing his two left hands] Huh!? Holy Spit, it can't be it's him, he's back.
Zick: [Elena giving the binocular to him] Who?
Elena: Look at his hand.
Zick: So, what's wrong with him? The left hand seems fine to me and... another left?! Of course, why did it figure it out. The Bobak told us he was a Dark Tamer, [Seeing the man turn around] Hector Sinistro.

The Tamers' Tournament[edit]

Bombo: Bombo want to drink from big cup.
Elena: There is nothing to drink from the armory cup, it's a price.
Bombo: No drink, empty cup not very good price.

Elena: Ugh, what do they all see at Lay Mamery? She's not that great.
Bombo: She's beautiful.
Elena: Ah, BOMBO!

Jeremy: Teddy Thaur, empty your pockets!
Teddy: What for?! Jeez, why don't they have to empty their pockets, huh?!

Zick: Come on Elena, let's go to the control room.
Elena: [Teasing Zick] Would you rather take Lay?
Zick: Stop acting jealous, this is serious.
Elena: Jealous? Me? Don't flatter yourself.

Zick: [Trying to move the controls] It's no use, I can't budge the controls
Elena: Looks like an intruder has broken in the armory.
Zick: If someone broke in, the alarm should have gone off.
Elena: Who could have done this?
Zick: I don't know, but we got to find out. Let's start in the crypt, maybe Teddy saw something.

[Looking for the secret exit in a room]
Lay: Whatever monster was in here, had to have help for someone else.
Bobby: What do you trying to say?
Lay: That theirs a traitor among us.
Elena: Ha?!
Zick: Huh?!
Bobby: The only one capable of that is Teddy, Hmph!
Teddy: All right Clash, I had about off enough of you!
Bobby: Oh Really, I suppose that you didn't cheat in the tournament. That Densifier got fell into your pocket, you could easily knock Jeremy out and pretended you were attack.
Elena: That's not fair, Bobby.
Bobby: Hmm?
Elena: We all saw that monster in the crypt.
Zick: Stop it now. Calm down, arguing isn't gonna help us. Right now we gotta get out of here.
Bobby: Well all I got to say is don't trust anyone.

The Invisible Enemy[edit]

Zick: I'm ready to fight.
Trengingigan: [Packing his stuff] Calm down. Instinct and rage don't help to defeat an enemy, they only get you into more trouble.

Zick: [Looking below of the void] Speaking of which, how do you guys manage to save yourselves?
Elena: You can't see it, but their is a stone spurge shorts way down, we hid there.
Teddy: That's was my idea. [Seeing Lay and Bobby getting angry, Zick and Elena being annoyed about his comment] Ah okay, it wasn't.

Elena: [Seeing Dan Tulasech fighting against a Big Bonz Eater] Magnacat is forcing them to fight for his own amusement. What a jerk!

Magnacat: [Seeing Zick taking out the Universal Dombox] Don't make laugh. Your Universal Dombox can't hold me.
Zick: [Throwing his Universal Dombox at his face] Take that!

Teddy: [Using his Universal Dombox] Got one here.
Bobby: [Using his Universal Dombox] And I got two.
Lay: [Using her Universal Dombox] Hi guys, I got five already.


Zick: The Square? It's like were babysitting a bunch of tourist or something.
Elena: Well I'm excited. For the first time, Jeremy has included me in his plans.
Mr. Uzka: [Running toward them] Zick, Elena. I did it, it wasn't easy but I finally found were the mayor hid the fireworks.
Elena: Yeah! Wow, Uzka that was really good timing.
Bombo: [Nodding] Dark guardians make Bombo worried.
Mr. Uzka: The fireworks are on the roof of the Metropolitan building. I'm source that the darkness guardians were headed. I have to tell Jeremy so he can sent the tamers there right away.
Elena: [Chasing and grabbing Uzka's hand] Wait, Uzka.
Mr. Uzka: Huh?
Elena: Jeremy has already sent the tamers out to search the city.
Mr. Uzka: Then I'm afraid that I got here too late.
Zick: Elena and I will take care of this.
Mr. Uzka: [Repeatedly shaking Zick's hand] Thanks Zick I knew I can count on you.
[Elena laughs]

Zick: [The elevator arrives] Come on, Bombo.
[Seeing Bombo a shape of a vending machine]
Zick and Elena: Huh?
Bombo: Bombo had no coins.

[The Gingi slips after Elena hits her with a bucket of water]
Gingi: Gimbo and me.
Elena: There are only two of you.
Gingi: Gimbo, blacks out power station. When rockets go off, tamers won't know what to deal with first.
Zick: I know just what to deal with first.
[Zick used his Universal Dombox to capture her]

Elena: [When the Elevator their riding suddenly stops] A blackout. That means Zick couldn't beat the darkness guardians. [Talking to Bombo] Don't-
Bombo: [Panicking and hitting the elevator door] Let Bombo out! Let Bombo out!
Elena: Relax Bombo, everything will be okay. We'll find a way out of this.
Bombo: [Feeling sad] Bombo not okay.
Elena: What's the matter with you? Huh? Bombo, where did you put those fireworks? [Bombo open his mouth, showing all the fireworks and remote is blinking] What that?! Those are set to go off at midnight!
Bombo: Bombo know [Hiccups]

Elena: [Seeing the damage elevator] Looks like we're taking the stairs now. Lots of lots of stairs
[Bombo eating a vending machine]
Elena and Zick: Hmm?
Bombo: [Seeing him a shape of a vending machine again] Bombo like the stairs, Bombo had enough of elevates.
[Bombo taking down the stairs but falls down and crashed, Elena and Zick laughed]

The Great Champion[edit]

Zick: Did you see Bombo?
Brim-Bombak: Luckily not, but don't worry, if he shows up, I will sound the alarm right away.
Zick: Good, Brim-Bombak. [Looking around] Just be on a lookout. Bombo is on a strict diet regiment, and this is the last place I wanna see him.
Brim-Bombak: Don't worry, Zick, I... [Seeing his soup shaking] I'm much smarter than Bombo. [Seeing Bombo sucks up the soup in his sauce-pot] Hmm, Bombo!

Brim-Bombak: [Seeing Bombo still stuck in the sauce-pot] Get out of there right now, or I will get you out myself!


Timothy: Your uncontrollable appetite is causing nothing but disaster, and the list is endless: frig assault, fence post swallowing, chocolate overdose, etc. Obviously, this can't go on.
Terrence: Yeah, we have enough of his catastrophic cravings.
Dan: The Armory is not long a safe place since his been here.
Zob: He's the same way at home, there's no holding him back.
Bombo: Me understand, nobody love Bombo.
Zob: Come on Bombo, stop playing the victim.
Bombo: Bombo upset, me runaway. [Starting to leave and cries]
Zick: Bombo, not one is mad at you. It's for you own good.
Bombo: Me know the truth, Bombo go to Bibbur-Si. Bye-bye.
Timothy: What a drama queen.
Zick: Huh?
[Bombo sadly leaving and crying]

Zick: [Taking to a Bombo monster] He's very very fat, and his mouth is at least this big, and [Showing him Elena's shoe] he's got a terrible habit of eating shoes, my shoes.
[Seeing different kinds of Bombo monsters]
Bombo monster: My boy, we have many monsters like your friend here.

Elena: Hi Zick, so any news on Bombo?
Zick: Nothing yet. It's been two weeks and we haven't heard a thing from him.
Elena: That's weird? It's not like him to stay away for so long, I hope nothings happen to him.
Zick: That's what I'm afraid off.
Elena: Well if that's the case, then I think we should go find him. He move to Bibbur-Si right, okay so let's go check on him.

Zick: [Seeing the Almighty King move] A face scrambling chew-up, that's gotta be him.
Ford: Is that what he called that super awesome move?
Soup: Hey, cool Zick! You do know wrestling.

Zick: Aren't you a little old to play puppets? [Elena taking the puppet Bombo, and throw it to Zick]
Hector: You can be a real pain, Zick.
Elena: Zick and Elena actually.

Zick: [Talking to Hector] I feel sorry for you, Sinistro. Looks like I beat you again. [Talking to Elena] Come on, let's go see Bombo.

Pandora's Box[edit]

Zick: Ha, I just don't get them. We should act now, dad is talking this way too easy.
Elena: Um, what about a replacement?
Zick: Are you kidding?! We're talking about my dad here.
Elena: I was talking about the vase.
[Zick realize what Elena was saying and nervously laughed]

Elena: It not may be the best replica in the world. [When they head toward the museum] But at night and a bit of luck, it can be taken from the original.

Zick: Good job. [He shocked Bombo that he throw the vase in the air] Watch out Bombo! [He and Bombo grabbed the vase] Man, this is vase is dangerous.
Kostas: I agree. [Showing himself to them] That's why it shouldn't handle by children. Now I'm asking you give it to me without making a fuss.
Zick: Whoa, wait a minute! I know you, your that man from the museum.
Kostas: You're very observant. [Using his staff to shove Zick off]
Elena: Holy Spit, Zick! You let a old man beat you up.
Zick: Well, I'm always taught to respect my elders. Er! [Firing his Energy Dom to him by dodge it and Kostas returns fire and he dodge it too] So your...
Kostas: That's right I'm a Tamer exactly like you. My name is Kostas Daniel La Bun and that vase is mine. Carpentry don't find it under the sea, that crock stole from the cellar where I keep my ancestors Domboxes. That fool doesn't realize how dangerous that vase is.
Elena: Then Carpentry just a thief.
Kostas: Yes, but now he had his hands on something too big for him it threaten all of mankind. [Seeing a light of a car] Somebody is coming, we should not be seen here. Quickly!

Elena: [After Bombo tripping from a rope, accidentally dropping the vase and opening the lid] He's unbeatable in getting into trouble.

Kostas: Did you see that, it suck out their vital energy.
Elena: And now it's coming for us.

Elena: [Seeing the Rooge following the balls of light] Yes, yeah! I think it's leaving! [The Rooge turn around after hearing her voice] Uh oh. [The Rooge coming closer to her] Help, Holy Spit!
Zick: [Seeing the Rooge sucking her vital energy] LEAVE HER ALONE!

Zick: [Using the Universal Dombox] End of the line, my friend.

The Potion of Fear[edit]

[After escaping Emily mansion, Bombo jumps to a fountain due to his tail being on fire, and then spits out Zick and Elena being covered in slime]
Elena: Next time warn us before you're gonna save our lives, I taught you're gonna eat us up.
Zick: You scared us to death.
Bombo: Bombo say sorry.
Zick: That's okay, you're a real hero today.

[Elena and Zick are laughing after seeing Bombo's Clumsiness]
Zick: Hey, hey. Hmm... Hey, Elena.
Elena: Yes, Zick?
Zick: That terrible fear, it's gone.
Elena: Holy Spit, it's true. the anxiety and terror are all gone.
Zick: Incredible, we had the antidote all along we just don't know what it was.
Elena: Yes, thanks to Bombo. All we have to do is laugh and the fear would go away.
Bombo: [Getting his eyes back to its sockets] I find two eyes. [Laughs]

Bombo: [After sneezing all his cold to the Anguanes] Elena, Zick, Bombo breath now. Yahoo! Clear nose [Stepping a pumping that contains the fear formula] Uh oh.
Zick: Uh No! Bombo!
Bombo: Ah... [After inhaling the fear formula] Ah, Zick?
[Seeing a scary version of Elena and Zick]
Elena: Don't worry, Bombo.
Zick: Now will take care of you.
[Seeing Bombo running away and scared]

The Rebellion of the Shadows[edit]

Elena: See, that's not Bombolo's shadow.
Zick: It looks like a shadow of a Gingi.
Elena: Then where did Bombolo shadow go?
Zick: Elena, look at that. [Seeing other people with different shadows] Whatever is happening to Bombolo seems spreading to the rest of the neighborhood, we better look in to it.

[After being tied up by the shadows]
Zick: Uh oh... I know those two left hands anyway, Hector Sinistro!
Elena: The Dark Tamer.
Hector: We meet again, Zick and Elena. Ha, it's a pleasure for me.

Elena: Are you alright?
Zick: Um, I don't know? What am I doing out here?
Elena: We followed Bombolo's shadow to this place, and we ran into Hector Sinistro. Don't you remember?
Zick: No, I don't but maybe there is one more thing you can answer, who am I? Hmm.
Elena: [Realizing that he really lost his memory] Hmm, Ha!?...

Elena: There must be something I can do to help Zick?
Tessa: Without his shadow, he'll never have his memory back.
Elena: Ha?! [Seeing Theo and Tessa leaves] I don't care what they say, I bet if I work hard with Zick I'll be able to jawed his memory.

Elena: Zick, you are a monsters tamer. You're five Dom powers make you unique. Let's start with the Sight Dom. Concentrate don't sleep, now tell me what you see?
Zick: [Seeing the monster of the Barrymore House, and just scared] Ha! Monster! [The monsters suddenly panic, and running into each other]
Elena: [Shakes her head] Hmm...

Elena: The Energy Dom ray are very useful against enemies and obstacles. The position is good, now shoot. [Zick loosing his control, ended up hitting her] Ha... At the target!

Elena: Next power, the Enviro Dom. You can create a defense field around you.
Zick: [Holding a cake] Why the cappuccino cake?
Elena: [Seeing the monster running toward him] Because of them! The monster of Barrymore house love cappuccino cake. Create the shield, hurry! [Zick tries, but got tackled by the monster and Bombo takes the cake, and monsters left him] Hmm...

Elena: [Getting annoyed] The Voice Dom. Try to prevent Bombo from eating your shoes. [Seeing Zick just lying down] Hmm, get over here! [Pulling Zick to Bombo] You can command monsters to do whatever you want them to. [Seeing Bombo starting to eat the shoes, and Zick yawns] Wake up Zick! [Bombo have eaten all the shoes] Try to develop your command with the Gesture Dom! [Zick tries, but failed as Bombo approaching them. She shakes her head] Hmm, Spit them out, Bombo. [Bombo spiting out all the shoe on top of them]

The Ghosts of the Forest[edit]

Elena: [Eating Breakfast] Isn't sleeping the great outdoors is exhilarating?
Zick: Who could sleep when Bombo whining all night about being hungry.

[Seeing Bombo leaves to do his exercise]
Elena: I don't get it? He seems to be doing his exercises, but he's just getting fatter and fatter?
Zick: I get the feeling that we should be following him.
Elena: But that would make it seems like we don't trust him.
Zick: [Raising his eyebrow since they know Bombo] Hmm...
Elena: Oh yeah, I guess you're right.
[They decide to follow Bombo]

The Bottomless Pit[edit]

Patty: Are you ready, Mattie?
Mattie: For the test?
Annie: Ms. Swift will be here any minute.
[Every students in the class are hiding]
Soup: [Seeing Ford nervous] Calm down Ford, you're making me nervous.

[Seeing The principal coming to their class]
The Principal: May I have your attention please. I regret to inform you that today's class has been canceled.
[Every students in the class celebrated and quickly leaves the classroom]
Bombo: No need backpack no more. [Eating Zick's backpack]
Annie: [Talking to the Principal] Do you know why Ms. Swift didn't come in today? She never misses school.
The Principal: I've just been inform by the police that the subway train she was riding is missing along all its passengers.
[Zick and Elena are shock about the news]

Elena: Subway train just don't go missing.
Zick: No, something must have taken it.
Elena: Well that something might be awfully big.
Bombo: [Excited] Bombo help?
Elena: Only you could find the missing subway train.
Bombo: Yeah! Help find train. [Looking and digging in a trash bin] No train here. [Looking in a mailbox and under a car] No train here either, I don't get it? How big is train Zick?

[Inside the Megarock]
Elena: What? We been eaten?!
Bombo: Bombo like eating, not being eaten.

Elena: Zick if we could barely fit through here, how could a subway train?
Zick: I don't know, but there it is.
Elena: Huh?
[Seeing the subway along with the passengers inside]
Bombo: [Excited and Giggling] Bombo find train.

Elena: [Getting out the mouth of the Megarock] Yuck! Swallowed by a monster twice in one day.

Bombo: [After the puppies dug a hole to sink and stuck him] Worm cheat Zick.
Zick: That's it! Sinistro plans to use the Megarock to attack the armory from underneath.
Bombo: [Trying to get out] Zick, help Bombo.
Zick: That way, he can get inside before any of the tamers even knew he was coming.
Bombo: Bombo still stuck here.
Elena: [Interrupt Zick from helping Bombo] How do we stop him? He still controls the Megarock.
Zick: No, he use to control it by threatening it babies. There free now.
Elena: And so as the Megarock.
Zick: Exactly. We just have to him that his puppies are free.
Bombo: [Still trying to get out] Bombo not free.
Zick: Oh, sorry Bombo. [He and Elena helps Bombo out] Now let's go find Sinistro.

Zick: Oh no you don't.
Hector: [Seeing Zick] Ha? Of all the Tamer I have known, you are definitely the most annoying.
Zick: [Dodging Sinstro's Energy Dom] Didn't anyone told you that you talk too much. [Tackle Sinistro off his chariot]
Hector: You impudent brat!

[Seeing Zick and Hector Sinistro fighting]
Bombo: How we help Zick.
Elena: I don't know we can Bombo, I think this battle is between Tamers.

Hector: [Trap in a cave with fallen stalactite] You won this round young tamer, but trust me we will meet again and Sinistro will be victorious!

Show Must Go On[edit]

Elena: Holy Spit, Zick. What do we do now?
Zick: For now, we just have to keep an eye on them and see what they'll do. The first chance I get, I'll send those two back down to the basement.

Elena: [Looking at the audience] Ha... There are tons of people, you're silly evil pranks have drawn a lot of nosy people.
Chumba: Just a minute, girly. We have nothing to do with any of this.
Chumbamba: Believe us, this time we're not acting.
[Elena and Zick giving a distrust look]
Elena: We're on, let's cross our fingers.

Zob: [Seeing some problems while doing the play] Now I understand why they have to rehearse so much.

Brother Vampire[edit]

Patty: It's a horrible monsters with huge bat wings, Ha.
Annie: And how you know?
Patty: They said so on TV.
Mattie: He flies at night up the city for some blood.
Patty: Hey Annie got a cold, why are wearing a wool scarf?
Mattie: It's not that cold.
Annie: Oh, well it's to.... Um, it's helps prevent vampire bites.
Patty: You just to be kidding me, you should do what we're doing. [Showing the Garlic necklace] Vampires are allergic to garlic, everyone knows that. [Mattie nods]

[Telling the story to her classmates]
Elena: He stuck his long sharp fangs right in to the meat. [Seeing the classmates at getting scared] He devours the whole thing, every last bit of it.
David: Wow, Really?
Elena: Sure, my dad told me.
David: Boy, the next time I go shopping at your supermarket I'm taking this. [Showing some wooden stack] Just in case, the only thing that can stop a vampire for good.

Elena: [Looking around inside the school] Huh?
Zick: Elena!
Elena: [Screams] AH! Ha, Zick you scared me.
Zick: There's no one here, I check everywhere.
Elena: Except for the basement.

Back Home[edit]

Zick: Man, what a lousy day! What's next? [Starting to rain] Hmm... [Waiting in a bus stop] That Teddy and Elena is taking his side. After everything we been through. [Suddenly a car passes by that splashes water to him] Hey, watch where you going! That's just perfect, could this day get any worst?

Zick: I can't believe I was complaining about one bad day, this is a hundred times worst.

Moog Magister: Not much of an attack, young Tamer.
Zick: Try this one! Ha!

[Zick fires his energy Dom to destroy the door handle]
Moog Magister: Clever, but I'm still more powerful than you.
Zick: Then why are you such a hurry getting away from me?

Zick: Elena I owe you an apology, you were right. What happen today and Teddy was my fault.
Elena That was hours ago.
Zick: Hello? I just made a big really sincere apology.
Elena: And that's good. Tomorrow you should apologize to Teddy.
Zick: Uh, is there anything you two maybe what to say to Teddy?
Elena: Now that you mention it. There is something I wanted to tell Teddy for a long time, and that wherever you mumble he should just ask you to repeat what you said, okay.
Zick: That's good. Just don't marry him.
Elena: There, you just mumble again. I couldn't make out a word you said. Come on, tell me what you said?
Zick: It wasn't important.

The House in the Swamp[edit]

[Elena and Lay goes to Jeremy]
Elena: But Jeremy, your a tutor. Why do you approve such a dangerous demonstration of courage?
Jeremy: Shh... [Whispers to Lay and Elena] Quiet, come over here and listen to me. Those three need to be taught a good lesson, but I need your help.
[Lay and Elena smiling about his plan]

Elena: [Seeing Zick and Bobby trap in a sinkhole by looking with a Binocular] Jeremy, I think those three need a hand?
Jeremy: Rubbish, a little trouble will bring them back in line.

Bombo: [Pointing at the chair] Dark phantom back there, he want to gabble Bombo.
Jeremy: Rubbish, there is no phantoms here.
Lay: [Talking to Bombo] It's a miracle that those three didn't see you, you nearly ruin everything you realize that.
Bombo: Yeah, but... [Didn't continue and feeling sad]
Elena: Wait, Bombo is not a lair and look. [Seeing Bombo scared] He's really terrified.
Lay: But they are no phantoms around.
Elena: Then you scared him disguise as a phantom, admit it.
Lay: Are you blaming me now?! Why do you believe Bombo and not me?
Elena: Because Bombo never lies.
Lay: Are you sure that he's telling the truth?
Lay and Elena: Grr...

Bobby: Guys relax, this gonna be a piece of cake for a pro like me to get rid of her.
[Seeing the second Polypolipo approaching fast to them that Jeremy, Elena, Lay, and Bombo quickly runs away]
Zick: You're gonna get rid her? I'm not so sure if you up to that Bobby?
Teddy: I'm the one should do it, I do everything else.
Bobby: That's the problem right there, someone with real experience should do it.
Zick: And I'm the only one who has the real experience.
Teddy: Zick, you're so full of yourself.

The Hundred and First Door[edit]

Narrator: And so the Armory in ruin, it's a beginning of a new life for the Tamers and monsters. But even if there far away from the armory, Zick and his friend will always be ready to answer the call for help. If their are evil monsters threaten the world, the Tamer will be forever be there to fight them.