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Monstrosity is a 1963 film about a rich old woman who plots with a scientist to have her brain implanted in the skull of a young woman.

Directed by Joseph V. Mascelli. Written by Sue Bradford, Dean Dillman Jr., Jack Pollexfen, and Vy Russell.
Chained... to the Devil's Love Lab!  (taglines)


  • As with the other bodies stolen from cemeteries, the nerve endings of the brain were too far gone to receive a proper transplant. The experiment failed to produce anything more than a walking, breathing zombie-like creature. But the doctor permitted her to wander about the laboratory - she was harmless and at times even amusing.
  • Oh, how she made them sweat. Especially this old fool, companion and gigolo. How many years she's kept him dangling on promises. Well, sometimes it's convenient to have a man, especially when he comes cheaper than servants.
  • Three new bodies. Fresh, live, young bodies. No families or friends within thousands of miles, no one to ask embarrassing questions when they disappear. Victor wondered which one Mrs. March would pick. The little Mexican, the girl from Vienna, or the buxom blonde? Victor knew his pick, but he still felt uneasy, making love to an 80 year old woman in the body of a 20 year old girl; it's insanity!


  • the Devil's Love Lab!
  • WANTED: Youth and Beauty. Will Pay Millions. Only Beautiful and Shapely Girls Need Apply. No References Required. Appointments After Dark Only.


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