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Moon Jae-in in 2017

Moon Jae-in (born 24 January 1953) is the 12th President of South Korea, and a former human rights attorney.


  • One of the biggest problems with this THAAD deployment decision was that it lacked democratic procedure, and it has resulted in a wide division of the nation and aggravated foreign relations. If the South Korean government were to push this issue further, it would only make matters worse, and it would be more difficult to find a solution to this problem. I hope the U.S. government will fully consider these issues.
  • The successful return to daily routines lies down a path never taken. We may encounter unexpected difficulties at any time. However, we will not make the same mistakes again. We will turn this brief pause into an opportune time to move forward.
  • It is very fortunate that our economy has managed to catch two rabbits in two senses: growth and distribution as well as innovation and inclusion. It is a national achievement made by the Government, the people and businesses pulling together. My Administration will do all it can to further develop what has been achieved to date and make up for any shortcomings until the end of my term.
  • Democracy did not stop at fighting authoritarianism. It enabled humanity to prosper with the power of freedom and creativity. Democracy is, even now, expanding in a manner that helps people live life to the fullest as humans.
  • Korea is an exemplary testament to the value of democracy. Although having lived through colonial rule and a war, we have grown while complying with international free trade norms and become the first developing country to ascend to the ranks of advanced economies in tandem with progress in democracy. Every time authoritarianism suppressed the Korean people, they protected democracy and moved it forward through peaceful civil revolutions. Korea will build on this experience and contribute to global democracy.
  • The most ardent dream of the global community is creating a life that is peaceful and secure. The birth of the UN has transformed the paradigm of international relations based on competition and conflict into the one of coexistence and shared prosperity. The UN has endeavored to replace the incomplete peace maintained by the balance of power with sustainable peace grounded in cooperation, thereby promoting freedom for entire humanity.
  • Wherever they are around the world, Koreans are shining stars in their chosen fields. We have fostered hopes and built our strength to recover while trusting, relying on and longing to be with each other. I extend my profound respect and gratitude to our overseas Koreans, the delegation of Korean community leaders and those who rendered distinguished service to Koreans abroad for uniting as one and shining all the more brightly even amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • When you face difficulties and hardships, your homeland is always by your side. The Government will work more meticulously to make it possible for you to take pride in your homeland.

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