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Mortal Kombat X is a fighting game that is a sequel to Mortal Kombat (2011). It was released by NetherRealm Studios, also known for creating the Injustice franchise.


Fight Intros[edit]

Kung Lao: Sonya Blade.
Sonya Blade: Remember we're friends, Kung Lao.
Kung Lao: This is just friendly sparring.
Cassie Cage: Jumbo, fun size.
Ferra: Stomp and Smash, Torr!
Cassie Cage: Guess the fun's over.
Sub-Zero: Kotal Kahn...
Kotal Kahn: Sub-Zero...
Sub-Zero: Your death is required.
Johnny Cage: Ice to see ya!
Sub-Zero: Must everything be a joke?!
Johnny Cage: Yeah, It does...
Jax: Step off, Raiden.
Raiden: Ever the model of restraint.
Jax: Comments like that don't help.
Sub-Zero: Again we meet.
Scorpion: Again, and always...
Sub-Zero: Again you will suffer.
Shinnok: Jacqueline Briggs.
Jacqui Briggs: Gonna break your pasty face.
Shinnok: You are welcome to try.
Kuai Liang: How many souls do you harbor?
Ermac: We wield the might of thousands.
Kuai Liang: Yet you have no heart...
Raiden: Where have you been, Kung Lao?
Kung Lao: Training in seclusion.
Raiden: Show me what you have learned.
Sub-Zero: Kung Jin.
Kung Jin: Ready to throw down?
Sub-Zero: Yes, I believe I am.
Kotal Kahn: What is the meaning of this?
Kano: Time to die, Emperor.
Kotal Kahn: You strike no fear in me.
Ermac: Jackson Briggs.
Jax: What do you want, freak?
Ermac: Your death.
Reptile: You dare approach me!?
Johnny Cage: Despite the smell.
Reptile: You will be my latest victim!
Raiden: You were a son to me.
Liu Kang: A son must choose his own path.
Raiden: So be it.
Takeda: A chance to fight the idiot twins.
Ferra: We not twins!
Takeda: Exactly!
Kung Jin: You trying to kill me?
Erron Black: It's just money, nothing personal.
Kung Jin: It's about to get very personal!
Triborg 1: Who are you?
Triborg 2: Teku, founder of the Tekunin Klan.
Triborg 2: You are clearly defective.
Johnny Cage: Oh, look! A robot!
Triborg: Earthrrealm's clown.
Johnny Cage: Clowns are scarier than robots. Certified fact.
Cassie Cage: [to Alien] Whoa-ho! You're begging for a baton in the taint!
Johnny Cage: [to Alien] It's game over, man!
Goro: [to Jason] You challenge me?
Goro: [to Alien] Die, parasite!
Bo' Rai Cho: [to Predator] You are one ugly motherfucker!
Bo' Rai Cho: [to Jason] Jason Vorhees?!
Scorpion: [to Alien] You will taste fire, Alien!
Sub-Zero: [to Alien] The cold is your enemy.
Scorpion: [to Alien] A scorpion strikes faster.
Sub-Zero: [to Alien] I'll freeze your acid blood.
Scorpion: [to Leatherface] Fire will melt that mask!
Sub-Zero: [to Leatherface] The Sawyer clan will fall.
Triborg: [to Jason] Mental defective.
Triborg: [to Leatherface] A simple weapon for a simple man.
Bo' Rai Cho: [to Alien] You are not of this world.
Ermac 1: We are many.
Ermac 2: We are many more.
Ermac 1: [rapidly] We are many more plus infinity times infinity, no paybacks.
Kenshi: The friendless wanderer.
Erron Black: At least I don't take orders from a woman.
Kenshi: What century are you from?
Cassie Cage: Triborg, huh? What, are you Swedish?
Triborg: My human origins are unimportant.
Cassie Cage: [Mocking] Oh, you like da tasty fish, ja, for sure.

Story Mode[edit]

Refugee: Why is it taking so long?
[An S-F soldier sat at a table is taking everyone's names]
Soldier: Name?
Refugee #2: Re'em Adu Kaire.
Soldier: Thanks. All right, second line on your left.
[Li Mei, Sonya and Kenshi are overseeing all of the refugees being screened]
Li Mei: (To Sonya) You seem to know this "Kano" intimately.
Sonya Blade: Not the word I'd use, but yes. I chased him for years until he escaped to Outworld after Shinnok's invasion.
Kenshi: Why would he return now?
Sonya Blade: All that matters is he's...
[She trails off as she spots the same Outworld woman who was in the bodybag earlier, now not sporting Kano's "necktie". A brief flickure onthe holographic face confirms her suspicions; it's Kano in a high-tech disguise]
Sonya Blade: ...caught. Gotcha.
[She discreetly thumbs over to Kenshi, who moves off to the side. Sonya walks directly toward the disguised Kano. Seeing her coming, he cuts awayfrom the line he's in, but is intercepted by Kenshi]
Kenshi: Are you lost?
[He turns around, but Sonya bars his way. Seeing that there's nowhere to run, Kano disengages his disguise and reveals himself, causing several refugees to backpedal in shock]
Kano: 'Ello, love! Been a while!
Sonya Blade: Not long enough.
[She opens up a call on her communicator]
Sonya Blade: This is General Blade. I need MPs to my location immediately.
Kano: Aww, let's keep this between friends. A trade! Info for freedom.
[She gets into a fighting stance]
Sonya Blade: I don't negotiate with scumbags.
Kano: Well then, if mother won't play nice, maybe daughter will.
Sonya Blade: If you ever...
Kano: Back off, and all's well. Piss me off, and Cassie's gonna meet Uncle Kano.
Sonya Blade: I swear to God I'll kill you!

Raiden: (last lines) Too long have I allowed Earthrealm to endure the horrors of war. Time and again we've defeated our enemies. But we've exacted no retribution. Demanded no remuneration. What have we gained for our mercy? More intrigue. More senseless violence. As new rulers of the Neatherrealm, heed me. No longer will I simply defend Earthrealm. I will seek out and destroy all who threaten it. No mercy will be shown. No quarter given. Shinnok was an Elder God. Impossible to kill. There are fates worse than death.

Voice cast[edit]

  • Patrick Seitz as Scorpion
  • Steve Blum as Sub-Zero, Reptile, Bo' Rai Cho
  • Richard Epcar as Raiden
  • Andrew Bowen as Johnny Cage, Rain, Smoke
  • Ronald M. Banks as Quan Chi
  • Michael McConnohie as Kano
  • Phil LaMarr as Kotal Kahn
  • Jamieson Price as Ermac, Announcer
  • Troy Baker as Erron Black, Shinnok, Fujin
  • Vic Chao as Kenshi Takahashi, Sektor, Goro and Triborg
  • Tara Strong as Ferra, Li Mei
  • Tom Choi as Liu Kang
  • Karen Strassman as Kitana, Mileena
  • Grey DeLisle as Kitana (grunting voice), Mileena (grunting voice), Additional Voices
  • Tricia Helfer as Sonya Blade
  • Will Yun Lee as Kung Lao
  • Ashly Burch as Cassie Cage
  • Danielle Nicolet as Jacqui Briggs, Sareena
  • Parry Shen as Takeda Takahashi
  • Johnny Yong Bosch as Kung Jin
  • Greg Eagles as Jax, Baraka
  • Jennifer Hale as Tanya
  • Kelly Hu as D'Vorah, Sindel, Frost
  • Fred Tatasciore as Tremor and Torr
  • Carl Weathers as Jax Commando skin
  • Nathan Hosner as Narrator

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