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Moshe Safdie (2004)

Moshe Safdie (born July 14, 1938) is an Israeli-Canadian architect.


  • When I got my first commission after Habitat, for a few weeks I couldn't draw."
    • CBC television interview, used for many years in CBC Montreal's sign-on montage
  • Architecture is not about building the impossible, which we can do if we have enough money and enough tools and enough computers, it is about building what is appropriate and about attaining beauty through such an approach. I describe this premise as "inherent buildability and I believe it is central to what I do.
    • from lecture Megascale, Order and Complexity held in Emmertal, Germany on July 27, 2008

Form and Purpose (1982):[edit]

He who seeks Truth
Shall find Beauty

He who seeks Beauty
Shall find Vanity

He who seeks Order
Shall find Gratification

He who seeks Gratification
Shall be Disappointed

He who considers himself as the servant of his fellow being
Shall find the joy of Self-Expression

He who seeks Self-Expression
Shall fall into the pit of Arrogance

Arrogance is incompatible with nature
Thru the nature of the universe
and the nature of man
we shall seek Truth

If we seek truth we shall find Beauty

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