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Abdul Rahman Mosque in Afghanistan

A mosque (m|ɒ|s|k from المسجد Al-masjid) is a place of worship for followers of Islam.


  • The idolaters have no right to maintain the mosques of Allah, while bearing witness to disbelief against themselves. These it is whose works are vain; and in the Hell will they abide. Only he can maintain the mosques of Allah who believes in Allah and the Last Day, and keeps up prayer and pays the poor-rate and fears none but Allah. So these it is who may be of the guided ones. Do you hold the giving of drink to the pilgrims and the maintenance of the Sacred Mosque equal to (the service of) one who believes in Allah and the Last Day and strives hard in Allah's way? They are not equal in the sight of Allah. And Allah guides not the iniquitous people. Those who believed and fled (their homes), and strove hard in Allah's way with their wealth and their lives, are much higher in rank with Allah. And it is these that shall triumph.
  • A simple unpartitioned room,—
    Surmounted by an ample dome,
    Or, in some lands that favoured lie,
    With centre open to the sky,
    But roofed with archéd cloisters round,
    That mark the consecrated bound,
    And shade the niche to Mekkeh turned,
    By which two massive lights are burned;
    With pulpit whence the sacred word
    Expounded on great days is heard;
    With fountain fresh, where, ere they pray,
    Men wash the soil of earth away;
    With shining minaret, thin and high,
    From whose fine-trellised balcony
    Announcement of the hours of prayer
    Is uttered to the silent air;
    Such is the Mosque,—the holy place,
    Where faithful men of every race,
    Meet at their ease, and face to face.
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