Mother Riley Meets the Vampire

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Mother Riley Meets the Vampire (also known as Vampire Over London or My Son the Vampire) is a 1952 film about a scientist known as the vampire who gets mixed up with an old woman.

Directed by John Gilling. Written by Val Valentine.


Hitchcock: I'm curious to know why you always sleep in your evening clothes.
Von Housen: Really?
Hitchcock: Yes, Master.
Von Housen: I was buried in them.

Von Housen: When I came in, I saw you looking at that painting. Do you like bats?
Mrs. Riley: No, I hate them. They give me cold shivers up and down me brisket.
Von Housen: That's a great pity. That happens to be my brother.

P. C. Freddie: Sleeps in a coffin? Don't be dark.
Tilly: I tell you he does. I've seen it.
P. C. Freddie: Where?
Tilly: In his bedroom. He hasn't got a bed in there. He's only got a coffin.
P. C. Freddie: Listen, my old aunt Agatha likes sleeping in a rocking chair. There's nothing usual about that. The old boy prefers a coffin, well that's his funeral.