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Mr Men and Little Miss in 1983, they produced Little Misses in the Telvision series. There were thirteen episodes in the series. And before, they produced a series of Mr. Men, with the original stories.

Mr. Men[edit]

Mr. Tickle[edit]

  • Mr. Tickle: Ha Ha!
  • Narrator: cried Mr. Tickle, as he spied Little Miss Magic and Mr. Happy.
  • Mr. Tickle: Anyone for tickles?
  • Narrator:as he rushed up to them, as he streched out those ordinary long arms, with those piticulary ticklish fingers on the end of them. Little Miss Magic looked at Mr. Happy.
  • Little Miss Magic: I see what you mean.
  • Narrotor: And winked.

  • Little Miss Magic: Oh, hello Mr. Tickle. Come in. I expect you wanted me to make those arms long again.
  • Mr. Tickle: Oh, yes please.
  • Narrator: Mr. Tickle's face lit up.
  • Little Miss Magic: Very well, only one condition.
  • Mr. Tickle: Oh.
  • Narrator: His face fell.
  • Little Miss Magic: You're only allow one tickle a day.
  • Mr. Tickle: One tickle a day?
  • Little Miss Magic:(pointing to Mr. Tickle) One.
  • Mr. Tickle: Well, that's not much!
  • Little Miss Magic: Promise?
  • Narrator: Mr. Tickle sighed.
  • Mr. Tickle:(groaning) Oh, promise.

  • Narrator: Mr. Small went to see Mr. Tickle.
  • Mr. Small: Hey! "(Mr. Tickle wakes up from sleeping) Do you know what Miss Trouble called you behind your back?
  • Mr. Tickle: No, what, what does Miss Trouble call me behind my back?
  • Narrator: Mr. Small looked at him.
  • Mr. Small: Puddingface!
  • Mr. Tickle (gasps) WHAT?!
  • Mr. Small: Puddingface!

  • Mr. Tickle: I think somebody needs a tickle!
  • Mr. Grumpy: Try it and you'll be kissing my tractor!

  • Mr. Tickle: My arms are too long, but that doesn't stop me from taking.

Mr. Greedy[edit]

  • Narrator: Mr. Greedy had put a turkey in the over for lunch. A rather large turkey.
  • Little Miss Naughty: Oh, look at that fancy turkey, I'm going to "pinch it".(grins, then knocks at the door)
  • Mr. Greedy: Oh, who is that at the door, this time when I'm about to eat my delicios, lunch.(chuckles)

  • Narrator: And then she [Little Miss Plump] opened the letter. It was from Mr. Greedy.
  • Mr. Greedy:(reading note, but Miss Plump is reading it) Dear Miss Plump, Next Wednesday is my birthday. Please come to tea at 4 o'clock.
  • Narrator: And it was signed Mr. Greedy.
  • Little Miss Plump: Oh, that will be lovely. I should look forward to that!

Mr. Happy[edit]

  • Wonderful!

  • Mr. Happy: You know, Jack, there's more to Christmas then getting presents.
  • Jack: Yeah. I guess

  • Mr. Happy: (listening to the radio) I love a good polka
  • Mr. Grumpy: You would!

Mr. Nosey[edit]

  • I wonder what's going on here?

  • Just looking

  • Mr. Nosey: (falling out of the shark) Ooh, hello. (chuckles)
  • Little Miss Late: Good heavens, Mr. Nosey!
  • Little Miss Sunshine: Where did you spring from?
  • Mr. Happy: How long have you been in there?
  • Mr. Strong: How did you get there to start with?
  • Mr. Nosey: Oh, questions, questions! Goodness me! Why do you have to be so nosey?

Mr. Sneeze[edit]

  • Atishoo!

  • Mr. Clever: No, please, Mr. Sneeze, you musn't sneeze now. Not when Mr. Tickle is about to complete the tallest house of cards ever built in Misterland.
  • Mr. Sneeze: Ahh. It's all right, Mr. Clever. I'm not going to sneeze after all.

Mr. Bump[edit]

  • Poopity Poop!
  • Miss Whoops!

  • Mr. Bump: I owe you might life, Mr. Grumble. (spits out water while Mr. Grumble hits him on the back)
  • Mr. Grumble: You owed me a pair of roller skates. Thanks to you, mine are at the bottom of the sea.
  • Mr. Bump: Well, I'll buy you a new pair and we'll go skating together. I feel much so safer with you.
  • Mr. Grumble: Huh! That's all I need!

Mr. Messy[edit]

  • Shazam!

  • This is what I'm talking about!

  • Mr. Parrot: Good morning, Mr. Messy. Good morning, Mr. Messy.
  • Mr. Messy: Hello, Mr. Parrot. Would you like a sweet?
  • Mr. Fussy: He doesn't like sweets.

Mr. Small[edit]

  • Good tidings!

  • Great McGullicuty!

  • They didn't hear me. Didn't even know I'm here.

Mr. Noisy[edit]

  • I can't hear you!

  • SUPER!

  • Mr. Noisy: Mr. Quiet's got a treehouse! Say yeah!

Little Miss Chatterbox and Little Miss Helpful: Yeah! Mr. Noisy: Mr. Quiet's got a treehouse! Say yeah, yeah! Little Miss Chatterbox and Little Miss Helpful: Yeah, yeah!

Mr. Lazy[edit]

  • This is way too much work.

  • Whoa!

  • This is exhausting.

Mr. Funny[edit]

  • Mr. Funny: Hello there. Morning, Miss Trouble.
  • Little Miss Trouble: Morning, Mr. Funny.
  • Mr. Funny: (laughing) That's a very funny shade of blue you've gone.
  • Little Miss Trouble: I've had enough of this!

  • Honk! Honk!

  • Little Miss Tiny: Thanks for the ride, Mr. Funny.
  • Mr. Funny: My pleasure, Miss Tiny. Say hello to Santa Claus for me. Have a good trip! (trips over a pebble) Oh, ha! Have a good trip! Ha, ha, ha! I like that. That's very funny. Have a good trip!

Mr. Fussy[edit]

  • How Revolting!

  • Mr. Messy!

  • Sweet Henrietta! (US)

  • Sweet Apple Strudel! (UK)

  • This is the worst (insert noun here) I've ever seen!

Mr. Bounce[edit]

  • Hello! Goodbye!

  • Whee!

Mr. Dizzy[edit]

  • Peek-a-boo! It's me!

  • Oh, Mr. Moon, please don't go away!

Mr. Impossible[edit]

  • Narrator: Mr. Impossible spent all day at the school. He showed the teacher how he could read a book upside down.
  • Children: But that's impossible!
  • Narrator: Said the children who were watching.
  • Mr. Impossible: Yes, sir!
  • Narrator: Said Mr. Impossible.

Mr. Strong[edit]

  • Good thing I just came along!

  • Aw, pickles!

Mr. Grumpy[edit]

  • I'm fed up with all these happy idiots!

  • Crooked Cucumbers!

  • Why me?

Mr. Quiet[edit]

  • Not so loud!

  • If I get home, I'll send another note in a bottle.

Mr. Tall[edit]

  • Hello, down there!

  • Aw, man!

Mr. Clever[edit]

  • What's needed here is one of my very clever plans

Mr. Cheerful[edit]

  • Three steps forward, three steps back. Then two steps forward. And bow.

Mr. Rude[edit]

  • Mr. Rude: I'll give you (insert a noun or adjective here) (farts)
  • Other Mr. Men and Little Misses: MR. RUDE!

Little Miss Sunshine[edit]

  • Good morning, Dillydale!

  • I love (insert noun here). Love 'em, love 'em, love 'em

Little Miss Helpful[edit]

  • Just trying to be helpful.

Little Miss Chatterbox[edit]

  • I love chocolate cake! I love pencil erasers too! (US) pencil rubbers (UK)

  • Little Miss Chatterbox: Well, it doesn't sound like it. And the wolf, he should have a date for this. Ha, ha, ha! Oh goody, lunch!
  • Mr. Nosey: Are you saying I speak from my nose?

Little Miss Wise[edit]

  • Is that wise?

Little Miss Whoops[edit]

  • Whoops!

  • I'm a trained professional!

  • That wasn't supposed to happen!
  • Pancakes? But I don't like flat food....
  • Hello? Hobby World? I need a new hobby.

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