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Mr Men and Little Miss in 1983, they produced Little Misses in the television series. There were thirteen episodes in the series. And before, they produced a series of Mr. Men, with the original stories.

Mr. Men[edit]

Mr. Tickle[edit]

  • Mr. Tickle: Ha Ha!
  • Narrator: cried Mr. Tickle, as he spied Little Miss Magic and Mr. Happy.
  • Mr. Tickle: Anyone for tickles?
  • Narrator:as he rushed up to them, as he streched out those ordinary long arms, with those piticulary ticklish fingers on the end of them. Little Miss Magic looked at Mr. Happy.
  • Little Miss Magic: I see what you mean.
  • Narrotor: And winked.

  • Little Miss Magic: Oh, hello Mr. Tickle. Come in. I expect you wanted me to make those arms long again.
  • Mr. Tickle: Oh, yes please.
  • Narrator: Mr. Tickle's face lit up.
  • Little Miss Magic: Very well, only one condition.
  • Mr. Tickle: Oh.
  • Narrator: His face fell.
  • Little Miss Magic: You're only allow one tickle a day.
  • Mr. Tickle: One tickle a day?
  • Little Miss Magic:(pointing to Mr. Tickle) One.
  • Mr. Tickle: Well, that's not much!
  • Little Miss Magic: Promise?
  • Narrator: Mr. Tickle sighed.
  • Mr. Tickle:(groaning) Oh, promise.

  • Narrator: Mr. Small went to see Mr. Tickle.
  • Mr. Small: Hey! (Mr. Tickle wakes up from sleeping) Do you know what Miss Trouble called you behind your back?
  • Mr. Tickle: No, what, what does Miss Trouble call me behind my back?
  • Narrator: Mr. Small looked at him.
  • Mr. Small: Puddingface!
  • Mr. Tickle (gasps) WHAT?!
  • Mr. Small: Puddingface!

  • Mr. Tickle: I think somebody needs a tickle!
  • Mr. Grumpy: Try it and you'll be kissing my tractor!

  • Mr. Tickle: My arms are too long, but that doesn't stop me from taking.

Mr. Greedy[edit]

  • Narrator: Mr. Greedy had put a turkey in the over for lunch. A rather large turkey.
  • Little Miss Naughty: Oh, look at that fancy turkey, I'm going to "pinch it".(grins, then knocks at the door)
  • Mr. Greedy: Oh, who is that at the door, this time when I'm about to eat my delicios, lunch.(chuckles)

  • Narrator: And then she [Little Miss Plump] opened the letter. It was from Mr. Greedy.
  • Mr. Greedy:(reading note, but Miss Plump is reading it) Dear Miss Plump, Next Wednesday is my birthday. Please come to tea at 4 o'clock.
  • Narrator: And it was signed Mr. Greedy.
  • Little Miss Plump: Oh, that will be lovely. I should look forward to that!

Mr. Happy[edit]

  • Wonderful!

  • Jack: (crying) And if Santa doesn't get my letter, how's he gonna know what I want for Christmas?
  • Mr. Happy: You know, Jack, there's more to Christmas then getting presents.
  • Jack: Yeah. I guess

  • Mr. Happy: (listening to the radio) I love a good polka.
  • Mr. Grumpy: You would!

Mr. Nosey[edit]

  • I wonder what's going on here?

  • Just looking

  • Mr. Nosey: (falling out of the shark) Ooh, hello. (chuckles)
  • Little Miss Late: Good heavens, Mr. Nosey!
  • Little Miss Sunshine: Where did you spring from?
  • Mr. Happy: How long have you been in there?
  • Mr. Strong: How did you get there to start with?
  • Mr. Nosey: Oh, questions, questions! Goodness me! Why do you have to be so nosey?

Mr. Sneeze[edit]

  • Atishoo!

  • Mr. Clever: No, please, Mr. Sneeze, you musn't sneeze now. Not when Mr. Tickle is about to complete the tallest house of cards ever built in Misterland.
  • Mr. Sneeze: Ahh. It's all right, Mr. Clever. I'm not going to sneeze after all.

  • Mr. Sneeze: I wonder why I'm not sneezing?
  • Wizard: You're not sneezing because you haven't got a cold.

Mr. Bump[edit]

  • Boompaly Boomp!

  • Mr. Bump: I owe you might life, Mr. Grumble. (spits out water while Mr. Grumble hits him on the back)
  • Mr. Grumble: You owed me a pair of roller skates. Thanks to you, mine are at the bottom of the sea.
  • Mr. Bump: Well, I'll buy you a new pair and we'll go skating together. I feel much so safer with you.
  • Mr. Grumble: Huh! That's all I need!

  • You never learn!

Mr. Messy[edit]

  • Shazam!

  • This is what I'm talking about!

  • Mr. Parrot: Good morning, Mr. Messy. Good morning, Mr. Messy.
  • Mr. Messy: Hello, Mr. Parrot. Would you like a sweet?
  • Mr. Fussy: He doesn't like sweets.

Mr. Small[edit]

  • Good tidings!

  • Great McGullicuty!

  • They didn't hear me. Didn't even know I'm here.

Mr. Noisy[edit]

  • I can't hear you!

  • SUPER!

  • Come on down to Mr. Noisy's Shoe-A-Torium, the only store where you're guaranteed to find a noisy shoe that's right for you!

Mr. Lazy[edit]

  • This is way too much work.

  • Whoa!

  • This is exhausting.

Mr. Funny[edit]

  • Mr. Funny: Hello there. Morning, Miss Trouble.
  • Little Miss Trouble: Morning, Mr. Funny.
  • Mr. Funny: (laughing) That's a very funny shade of blue you've gone.
  • Little Miss Trouble: I've had enough of this!

  • Honk! Honk!

  • Little Miss Tiny: Thanks for the ride, Mr. Funny.
  • Mr. Funny: My pleasure, Miss Tiny. Say hello to Santa Claus for me. Have a good trip! (trips over a pebble) Oh, ha! Have a good trip! Ha, ha, ha! I like that. That's very funny. Have a good trip!

Mr. Fussy[edit]

  • How Revolting!

  • Mr. Messy!

  • Sweet Henrietta! (US)

  • Sweet Apple Strudel! (UK)

  • This is the worst (insert noun here) I've ever seen!

Mr. Bounce[edit]

  • Hello! Goodbye!

  • Whee!

Mr. Dizzy[edit]

  • Peek-a-boo! It's me!

  • Oh, Mr. Moon, please don't go away!

Mr. Impossible[edit]

  • Narrator: Mr. Impossible spent all day at the school. He showed the teacher how he could read a book upside down.
  • Children: But that's impossible!
  • Narrator: Said the children who were watching.
  • Mr. Impossible: Yes, sir!
  • Narrator: Said Mr. Impossible.

Mr. Strong[edit]

  • Good thing I just came along!

  • Aw, pickles!

Mr. Grumpy[edit]

  • I'm fed up with all these happy idiots!

  • Crooked Cucumbers!

  • Why me?

Mr. Quiet[edit]

  • Not so loud!

  • If I get home, I'll send another note in a bottle.

Mr. Tall[edit]

  • Hello, down there!

  • Aw, man!

Mr. Clever[edit]

  • What's needed here is one of my very clever plans.

  • Mr. Clever: (door knocks) Hello. Anybody home? (opens door and looks around) Ah, there you are. Hello. I'm Mr. Clever.
  • Mr. Tickle: And I'm Mr. Tickle. (tickles Mr. Clever)
  • Mr. Clever: This is the story about the day the Mr. Men and Little Misses went on an exciting bus trip. You might say it was a hunting trip. An alphabet hunting trip. Because we were searching with something beginning with 'a', something beginning with 'b' and with 'c'. We were looking for something for every letter in the alphabet. And every time we found one, I wrote the word in my alphabet book. Where's my book? (Mr Tickle passes the alphabet book) Thank you. And I wrote it all down in my alphabet book.

Mr. Cheerful[edit]

  • Three steps forward, three steps back. Then two steps forward. And bow.

Mr. Rude[edit]

  • Mr. Rude: I'll give you (insert a noun or adjective here) (farts)
  • Other Mr. Men and Little Misses: MR. RUDE!

Little Miss[edit]

Little Miss Sunshine[edit]

  • Good morning, Dillydale!

  • I love (insert noun here)! Love 'em, love 'em, love 'em!

Little Miss Helpful[edit]

  • Just trying to be helpful.

Little Miss Chatterbox[edit]

  • I love chocolate cake! I love pencil erasers too! (US) pencil rubbers (UK)

  • Little Miss Chatterbox: Well, it doesn't sound like it. And the wolf, he should have a date for this. Ha, ha, ha! Oh goody, lunch!
  • Mr. Nosey: Are you saying I speak from my nose?

Little Miss Wise[edit]

  • Is that wise?

Little Miss Whoops[edit]

  • Whoops!

  • I'm a trained professional!

  • That wasn't supposed to happen!

  • Pancakes? But I don't like flat food....

  • Hello? Hobby World? I need a new hobby.

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