Mr. Moto's Gamble

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Mr. Moto's Gamble is a 1938 film about a heavyweight contender who is mysteriously poisoned during a bout.

Directed by James Tinling. Written by Charles S. Belden and Jerry Cady.

Mr. Moto[edit]

  • There is no situation that science and skill cannot master.
  • To recognize one's faults requires intelligence; to admit them requires courage.
  • Much information can be obtained from tongues loosened in anger.
  • [examining the dead body] This is not suicide Mr. Riggs. It's most unusual to shoot oneself in the back and without a gun.

Lieutenant Riggs[edit]

  • [frustrated] Medium height, medium build, medium complexion - I'd have to be a medium to find Howard from the description like that Detroit tailor gives me!

Penny Kendall[edit]

  • Oh, Scotty, if you'll turn me loose on this, I'll have this town so deep in tears that they'll be using canoes for taxicabs.


Lee Chan: [arriving late and in a hurry] We want two good seats down front!
Ticket Seller: Sorry, we're sold out.
Horace 'Knock-Out' Wellington: He's sold out? [to the ticket taker] Do you know who we are?
Ticket Seller: [as he closes down the ticket window] Sure, a couple of guys that ain't gonna see the fight.

Lee Chan: Gosh, that's a pretty girl sitting with your friend!
Lieutenant Riggs: That's his daughter Linda. She's got her nose so high in the air, she'd drown in a rainstorm.

Nick Crowder: Clipper, you'd suspect your own grandmother!
Clipper McCoy: Yeah, but you're not my grandmother.
Nick Crowder: Don't bet on it!

Lee Chan: Oh, Mr. Moto?
Mr. Moto: Yes, Lee?
Lee Chan: I though you would like to know I got a letter from Pop yesterday.
Mr. Moto: Oh, you did?
Lee Chan: Mm-hmm. He sent his best to you.
Mr. Moto: Thank you. And, uh, how is your honorable father enjoying his homelife in beautiful Honolulu?
Lee Chan: He seems fine, but he kind of worries about me. Y'see, I'm really supposed to be studying art here at the university... but gosh, I want to be a detective!
Mr. Moto: [chuckles] I understand. My parents wanted me to be an acrobat.

Lieutenant Riggs: A sock in the eye ain't homicide. Maybe his ticker went bad on him. Who knows?
Mr. Moto: No one... except the coroner.


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