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Mr. Wrong is a 1996 romantic comedy film starring Ellen DeGeneres and Bill Pullman. A year after this film, DeGeneres came out of the closet. DeGeneres still mentions this film occasionally in her talk show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Jack Tramonte[edit]

  • Okay, Whitman's records. Lived with his mother until about six months ago. Had one serious relationship with an Inga... Gunther who once tried to assassinate the rock temptress... STEVIE NICKS!


Inga: Bob, cut the couch!
Martha: Don't cut the couch, HEY...

Inga: [about to open a jar of ants] Prepare to be consumed, Martha Alston! PREPARE TO BE... oh, God! They're dead. Bob?
Bob: They are?
Inga: Yes, didn't you feed them?
Bob: I thought you said you wanted them hungry?
Inga: HUNGRY, Bob! Not DEAD! Now what are we going to do?
Martha: We could re-schedule, like, you know, next Tuesday is good for me.
Inga: Dream on, little beauty!


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