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Mrs Henderson Presents is a 2005 film based upon the story of the Windmill Theatre in London. The film chronicles the fiesty relationship between theatre owner, Laura Henderson and the director she appoints, autocratic Vivian Van Damm during the period of The Blitz in London.

Directed by Stephen Frears. Written by Martin Sherman, Kathy Rose and David Rose.
The show must go on, but the clothes must come off. taglines

Laura Henderson

  • (After seeing him naked) Why Mr Van Damm, you are Jewish!
  • You men certainly do get yourselves into such a state over the "midlands"!
  • My husband put me on top of the cupboard once. You have so much in common.
  • Are you American? Strange people, lovely manners.
  • And if we cause too many people to congregate in the street, who gives a fiddler's fuck?
  • But I've told all my friends, that I'm helping to build a home for future bastards!
  • You needn't worry. Our lighting will be so subtle, the disputed area [the female genitalia] will be barely visible. And anyway, we'll have a barber!
  • Tomorrow, we have auditions! Isn't that exciting? People come in to entertain us, and we say either stick around or buzz off!
  • My dear, you must never interrupt a perfectly good argument!
  • Showbusiness is full of Jewish people. One must make do!
  • As you know, these are difficult times. So many of our delightful variety performers have been forced onto the milkline.




  • "The show must go on, but the clothes must come off."
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