Muhammad Alauddin Siddiqui

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Muhammad Alauddin Siddiqui (January 1936 – 3 February 2017) was an Islamic Sufi scholar and social personality. He appeared in islamic educational programmes on ARY Q TV and on NOOR TV. He established madrassas for religious and non religious education, as well as mosques in Pakistan and England.


  • If from a person's mouth comes a downpour of thorns, from yours should come the petals of a rose.
    • Shaykh Muhammad Allauddin Siddiqui
  • Is there any shortage in Allah's Court? Ask Allah, ask over and over again, Allah is pleased by this!
    • Shaykh Muhammad Allauddin Siddiqui
  • If a sin is committed here, the burden is felt in Madinah; because do you not know that the Master is grieved by your wrongdoing?
    • Shaykh Muhammad Allauddin Siddiqui

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