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afrotastic, Muma Gee in 2013

Gift Iyumame Eke (born 18 November 1978), better known by her stage name Muma Gee, is a Nigerian singer-songwriter, actress, businesswoman, fashion designer, and television personality.


  • People mistake it for a guy's name or a nick name. Gift is my real name and that is where I got the G in Muma Gee, forget the fact that I added double ‘e’ to it, just as it sounds Gee but the G is just the G in Gift. For the Muma, the Jamaicans will call mother Muma and papa Pupa. The Muma in my name means 'do good' in my language.
  • [It] is all about the African woman, her beauty and how she makes herself beautiful. An African woman is therefore not to be messed up with or looked down upon because she’s feminine. Even though she’s beautiful, she’s strong and has a sense of pride.
  • One needs to take one’s time because good work takes time. But it must be worth the wait in the end.
  • "keep moving on and you will get there someday."
    • In "[1] Muma Gee giving detailed information on the word "Kade" it is a courageous word that gives hope. After which she state that she believe so much in empowerment.


  • I get that skillashy, effizzy, I'm sexy, afrotastic
    that skillashy, effizzy, I'm sexy and afrotastic
    African Woman
    my body no be for sale oh
    I no dey sell oh
    I be African woman ooo

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