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Munawwar Rana (born 26 November 1952) is an Urdu poet from India.


  • Owaisi and Bharatiya Janata Party are the two sides of the same coin. The BJP and Owaisi indulge in shadow boxing to mislead the people. The fact remains that they both polarize the voters and then reap electoral dividends and the major share goes to the BJP.
    If Yogi becomes the chief minister again, then I will assume that the state is no longer fit for Muslims to live and I will have to migrate to some other place.
    The way Muslim youth are being implicated in false cases of terror with pressure cookers to be associated with Al-Qaeda, I am afraid that the ATS may pick me up tomorrow and brand me as a terrorist. I also keep going to Pakistan to participate in mushairas.
    Muslims have eight children so that even if the police pick up two children as terrorists and two children die of coronavirus, then four children would be present in their house to take care of the parents and later perform their last rites in the graveyard.

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