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Mune: Guardian of the Moon is a 2014 French animated film by Onyx films and Universal Pictures


  • I'm Guardian of the Moon!
  • Every Guardian has their own style. Mine, well, it's a work-in-progress.
  • It's an honor I never wanted.
  • [to Glim] Just let yourself go. I won't let you down. I promise.
  • I'll get a new Moon from the World of Dreams.
  • [referring to Necross] Let's show him what we're made of.
  • [to Sohone] You take care of the Sun. I have to save the Moon.
  • I wanna fix the damage I did.
  • I promise I'll find a way to make this right.
  • Glim! Don't go any closer!
  • Let's find Sohone.
  • [to Spleen] Are we in the World of Dreams?
  • Enough with the nightmares! Let's have some dreams!


  • And now it's time for fearless Guardians to embark upon their thrilling, cosmic adventures and...
  • Nighttime? At this hour?
  • [to Sohone] The Sun. Somebody stole the Sun.
  • With this wind velocity and this pressure gradient, the Moon should hit the lower troposphere in... (hears the Temple of the Sun rumbling) What was that?
  • I know my stars, Sohone. I'll take the lead from here.
  • The water's too cold for me. I might freeze and break.
  • Mune, thank you, for watching out for me.
  • [to Phospho] As Guardian of the Moon, weren't you supposed to watch over the harmony of the planet?
  • Get lost, marble head!
  • We have a planet to save!
  • The Moon Quarry. I thought that was a legend.
  • The Moon can't shine without the Sun's light. They're connected, like the Guardians, remember?
  • [last words after she melted] It's too late for me. But you can defeat Necross. I've seen your power. sandman.


  • Pulled a fast one on Leeyoon, did you, ya little blue rat?
  • What would you call it? [bumps Krrrack, causing him to break apart] Oopsie. My bad.
  • What have I done? On my first day...
  • This isn't the time.
  • [to Mune] What's wrong with you, kid? It's an honor to be a Guardian.
  • If you run into Necross, are you gonna sing him a lullaby?
  • You're gonna have the shortest career of any Guardian ever!
  • Alright. You can guide me out of the forest. But after that, you're outta the picture. You're not tough enough for what's ahead.
  • What, you thought adventure meant riding unicorns and dancing with elves? Bad news, honey: we're not living in a fairy tale.
  • [to Necross] You disgrace the honor of the Guardians of the Sun! I'm gonna enjoy crushing you.
  • Phospho? Phospho, what are you doing?
  • Thank you, Phospho.
  • I never thought I'd say this, but, Mune, you really are the most powerful Guardian of all time.


  • [to Sohone] You're too late! The Sun is dead. There's nothing you can do to save your planet now.
  • Darkness is spreading all over the planet. (laughs evilly)
  • Well, well. You're mine once again. For years I've been watching you. I've spread your light around the planet. I've spread life. Still, they took it back. They took your light away from me. They plunged me into darkness. Fine, then... (deep breath) ...bring on the darkness.
  • Put the Sun somewhere safe. Where I can watch its heart grow cold and die.
  • Pathetic. Is that really all you got, hero? (laughs)
  • Welcome, Guardians. The Sun and the Moon in the Underworld. What a treat.
  • I've had enough of you! Die, insects!
  • [last words] YOU'RE GONNA PAY!!!


  • My fellow People of the Night, as you all know, tomorrow I shall be named the new Guardian of the Moon. The honor and humility I feel at this historic moment, I cannot even put into words, so I won't.
  • [to Mune] So it's you again, is it? Do you mind? We're conducting a ceremony here.
  • Never fear, good People of the Night. I'm in charge now.
  • It died! I became Guardian and then it died! Everything went wrong! Why me? (sobs)
  • Who do you think you are? Hmm? A god? You can't just create a Moon!
  • Mune, I misjudged you. Forgive me. You really are the Guardian of the Moon.
  • I always knew he'd make it. What?


  • Who you callin' a monster, snot face?
  • [to Sohone] Why didn't you stop him? I thought you were the "Guardian".
  • Some Guardian you are! (laughs)
  • Here we go. The road to the Underworld. Keep moving, it's a long and gloomy journey.
  • [to Glim] Hey! I was just making your wax stronger, that's all! I just saved your life, girl! C'mon, don't I deserve a kiss for that? Won't you indulge the old coot?
  • Every Guardian develops his own gift. Yours, clearly, is screwing everything up.
  • Don't believe everything you read, girl! But if that's what you think of me, I guess you won't be needing my help then.
  • [referring to Mune] Well I'll be. Little guy calmed that Temple right down. Kid's got guts. A darn sight more than I ever had.
  • [last words] I'm going out in style, the way a Guardian should.


  • Spleen, move your butt, front and center.
  • Well, nature doesn't love you back. Get used to it.
  • No, from the diaphragm! The diaphragm, you idiot!
  • [to Mune] You're mine, sucker! And right now, your girlfriend is in the clutches of my evil accomplice.
  • Hot plate coming through!
  • It's chaos time!
  • I'm bloomed. (sobbing)


  • Oh, Mox, chill out. All this negative energy is getting me down.
  • Oh! Yes! Oh! Corrupt me! Make me evil! (laughs then realizes he wasn't corrupted) Oh, well. Worth a try.
  • (gasps) I love nature.(burns flower then moans)
  • Alright. Here we go. Evil laugh. (laughs weakly)
  • (chokes) Mox! I saw him! He was carving a new Moon!
  • I think I'm gonna like it here.


  • It was an honor serving you, Master Xolal. (sniffs)
  • Master Sohone, this much heat could damage the crops. It's time to raise the Sun.
  • [about Xolal] Like all his predecessors, he's transformed into a majestic statue.
  • Master Sohone, where are you going?
  • But you can't leave the temple! It's your duty as Guardian to... (interrupted by Sohone)


Leeyoon: (clears throat) I've come to pay my respects to the new Guardian of the Sun. By the way, congratulations, old friend.
Sohone: Oh, Leeyoon. Thanks. Look, I'm sorry about what happened to you, but, as you can see, I've got a situation here, with the Night, and... (interrupted by Leeyoon)
Leeyoon: Yes, I can see that. Huge mistake giving that creature the job.
Sohone: Lucky for us, I got Day under control.
Leeyoon: Yes, but for how long? That's the question, Sohone. He's threatening the harmony of our whole planet. And you will have to deal with the consequences of his failings.
Sohone: Oh, that is not cool.
Leeyoon: Of course, we could set things right. With you and me as Guardians.

Yule: The big one is as arrogant as you were.
Xolal: The small one is as naïve as you were.
Yule: It was an honor to serve as Guardian with you.
Xolal: Come here, old chap!

Glim's Father: Glim, I know what you're up to and I forbid you to even think about it! You're not going to that ridiculous show.
Glim: Anything you say, Dad.
Glim's Father: It's none of our business and it's too dangerous.
Glim: Uh-huh.
Glim's Father: I've told you a million times, but no, no, no, no, no! Why should you listen to an old candle, huh? Well, young lady, because this old candle knows better!
Glim: (sighs) Yadda, yadda, yadda.
Glim's Father: You know you can't go out in the Sun. Last time you stuck out, your arms melted down to your feet.
Glim: Yep.
Glim's Father: I am not gonna spend my life rescuplting you!
Glim: Of course.
Glim's Father: You wanna end up like your mother? She also wanted to see the world. (picks up a candle) Oh, Ursula, my poor precious darling. Why did you have to go out and pick carrots in the terrible heat wave in 3 in the afternoon? I told you the fields weren't safe! (gasps) Nightfall. (to Glim) Quick, get to bed and find something else to dream about. If I catch you tryna go tomorrow, you're...
Both: ...gonna be in big trouble, young lady.
Glim's Father: Oh, you're making me boil and the melting's giving me wrinkles. (as he freezes) End!
Glim laughs then freezes as a smiling statue of frozen wax.

Sohone: (admiring the statue of the first Guardian of the Sun) This dude was cool. Can you imagine? That guy harpooned the Sun and brought it to our planet. So let's get down to business. Where are the harpoons, huh?
Krrrack: We hardly ever use them. Being Guardian of the Sun has become more complex since the discovery of astronomy, astrophysics, quantum physics and... (interrupted by Sohone)
Sohone: But harpooning is what I trained for!
Krrrack: Well, there are other skills you'll need to learn other than harpooning stuff. (Sohone accidently breaks Xolal's statue) Uh, season calibration, photosynthesis, proper solstice management... (notices Sohone) Oh. You're paying tribute to Master Xolal. Like all his predecessors, he's transformed into a majestic statue.
Sohone: Ew.
Krrrack: It was an honor serving you, Master Xolal. (sniffs)

Phospho: Who ya callin' a monster, snot face?
Sohone: Hey! I'm the Guardian of the Sun. Show some respect.
Phospho: Yeah? Well, I'm Phospho! (coughs)
Mune: Are you the Guardian of the Underworld?
Phospho: No, but I was Guardian of the Moon once, but that was way before your time. Alright, give the girl back, Spikey. (giant squid returns Glim) Good boy. Kinda pretty, ain't she. But you don't say much. (laughs)
Sohone: We need to get to the Underworld. Necross has stolen the Sun.
Phospho: Why didn't you stop him? I thought you were the "Guardian".
Sohone: He-He's a sneaky devil.
Phospho: Is that right? Well, that's different, then. You know, you really are pathetic. (laughs)
Sohone: No,'s his fault.
Phospho: Some Guardian you are! (laughs briefly)
Mune: Master Phospho! I was picked by accident but you-you were a real Guardian. We need your help.
Phospho: Hmm. I haven't heard that in a while. One question: why do you want the Sun back, kid?
Sohone: Um, because I'm a Guardian? (chuckles)
Phospho: (starts to laugh) Well, at least you're honest. (laughs) C'mon, then. You'll need all the help you can get.

Yule: You know where the Moon comes from, don't you?
Mune: No.
Yule: Well, it comes from the World of Dreams. The first Guardian carved the Moon and brought it into our world through this trap door. And now, it's your turn to watch over it.
Mune: But I don't know what I'm supposed to do.
Yule: The role of Guardian of the Moon is, mmm, astral complexity. And always made us extremely careful, you should never put DIRE CONSEQUENCES... (inhales) Au revoir.

Evil Corruptors: Obviously, the Moon was meant for you.
Leeyoon: Right. Me.
Evil Corruptors: Precisely. No one else.
Leeyoon: Well, certainly not that...
Evil Corruptors: Ridiculous little blue rat. That thing, a Guardian?
Leeyoon: Exactly. Give me a break.
Evil Corruptors: Clearly, the old Guardians made an absurd choice. Necross agrees with you.
Leeyoon: He does?
Evil Corruptors: Mune stole your place.
Leeyoon: Stole it, eh? What does Necross suggest I do about it?
Evil Corruptors: Take back what's rightfully yours.
Leeyoon: Meaning...?
Evil Corruptors: The Sun for him, the Moon for you. Come on, Leeyoon. You know you deserve the Moon.
Leeyoon: Yes. I certainly do.
Evli Corruptors engulf Leeyoon

Glim: You're an idiot!
Mune: But it's not my fault. I...
Glim: No? That wasn't you riding the Temple of the Moon like a wild goroon? The Temple of the Moon!
Mune: Every Guardian has their own style. Mine, well, it's a work-in-progress.
Glim: (scoffs) A work-in-progress? Oh boy. You obviously never studied the ancient books or any celestial laws. And you claim to be a Guardian? (her torch dies) Ah, seriously? (freezes)
Mune: You're right. I'm just a regular kid from the forest. All I'm good at is calming down babies who have nightmares. But Yule put in charge, right? It must be for a good reason. So I made one small mistake but... (interrupted by Sohone)
Sohone: You! I'm gonna... (Mune escapes) Hey! Stand still so I can hit you. Thanks to you, someone stole the Sun! You're so gonna pay for this. (Mune dodges) First the Moon, now the Sun? And I'm the one who has to clean up after your mess!
Mune: But...
Sohone: You're gonna have the shortest career of any Guardian ever!
Glim: Woah! (notices Mune) Hey, hands off!

Glim: (as she's about to die) I saved the Sun.
Mune: (his voice breaking) Yeah. You did.
Glim: You have to help Sohone.
Mune: No. No, I need to save you.
Glim: It's too late for me. But you can defeat Necross. I've seen your power. sandman.
Mune watches Glim die, then cries


  • Joshua J Ballard as Mune
  • Nicole Provost as Glim
  • Trevor Devall as Sohone
    • Rob Lowe as Sohone since 2017
  • Michael Dobson as Leeyoon
    • Christian Slater as Leeyoon since 2017
  • Davey Grant as Necross
  • Samuel Vincent as Mox
    • Patton Oswalt as Mox since 2017
  • Brian Drummond as Spleen
    • Ed Helms as Spleen since 2017
  • Davey Grant as Phospho
    • Jeff Dunham as Phospho since 2017
  • Michael Dobson as Xolal
  • Paul Dobson as Yule and the Evil Corruptors
  • Jonathan Love as Mune and Glim's Father
  • Rob Shields as Krrrack
  • Trevor Devall as Zucchini
  • Alexandre Heboyan as the Spiders

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