Musa Mamut

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Musa Mamut

Musa Mamut (20 February 1931 – 28 June 1978) was a Crimean Tatar exile who committed self-immolation in protest of the government's refusal to allow right of return. He posthumously became an icon of the Crimean Tatar civil rights movement and is seen as a martyr for the cause.


  • "What I did will not be left without a response." —Said on 23 June 1978, the day he committed self-immolation. Source: Musa Mamut. Jan Palach, Living Torches.
  • "Someone had to do this" —Said on his deathbed. Source: Babenyshev, A. (1982). On Sakharov. Alfred A. Knopf. p. 250

Quotes about Mamut[edit]


But it was the tragedy of Musa Mamut that clearly showed what tremendous restraint the [Crimean Tatar] people showed in their struggle.


Но именно трагедия Мусы Мамута наглядно показала, какую огромную выдержку проявил народ в своей борьбе

  — Vladimir Polyakov Source: Polyakov, Vladimir (1998). Крым. Судьбы народов и людей. p. 62.

For the Crimean Tatars, his name is sacred, in the pantheon of martyrs and heroes, he occupies a special place.


Для крымских татар его имя священно, в пантеоне мучеников и героев он занимает особое место.

  — Natalya Dzyubenko-Meys Source: Dzyubenko-Meys, Natalya (20 June 2014). "Повернення Фенікса - Подвиг Муси Мамута".

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