Musho Josho

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Musho Josho (1234 - May 15, 1306) was a Japanese Zen master and poet. He was a disciple of Xutang Zhiyu (1185-1269).


  • When it comes - just so!
    When it goes - just so!
    Both coming and going occur each day.
    The words I am speaking now - just so!

Quotes about Musho Josho

  • More than 90 years after the death of Eisai, Musho Josho (1234 - 1306) was born. He too went over to China and brought back the Zen of the Sung Dynasty, and wrote the Kozen-ki. His book was a protest against the oppression of Zen by the Tendai Sect. Even in the days of Josho, the oppression was continuing. Therefore, Eisai must have met much oppression, and his resolution for the rise of Zen must have been heroic.
    • Philosophical Studies of Japan. Volume 3. 1961. p. 37